Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Finding the Conveyancing Service That’s Right For You

Help on finding, buying and selling a home seems to be everywhere. It’s easy to think that with so many businesses and companies offering help with conveyancing in Bangor, the North Wales area and even North West England areas such as Cheshire, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. But conveyancing is a rather essential service, requiring a large amount of good faith and most importantly, trust.  

Did you know that a good solicitor is the only truly independent sources of advice and assistance in the field of conveyancing? Other providers such as banks tend to look after their own bottom lines, and when it’s a matter as important as your home or other property, you would be best served with a truly independent conveyancing service which doesn’t have an agenda or affiliations to any other sector.

A solicitor is an excellent choice, as by their nature, they’re entirely unbiased.

Look for a solicitor that states that it is truly independent, and one that offers advisory services from the moment you get them involved to well after completion has taken place. After all – buying and selling homes and property is one of the most stressful things anyone can do. Having a firm with an excellent reputation for sticking around is so important during this stressful time.

Some solicitors can offer to take a glance at your mortgage deal to ensure that there is nothing within that might surprise you later. A solicitor, unlike a bank, is there to act in your best financial interests. While indeed banks are generally reputable, they (of course) will always see that the bank in itself is sitting pretty at the end of the deal. A good solicitor will also, at your request, refer you to a completely impartial and independent financial advisor. Swayne Johnson – a well established and reputable solicitor within the North Wales area for example have an independent financial advisor for complex matters which is only used by professional firms, and certainly isn’t stationed in a high street.

Conveyancing in residential property should be as swift and as efficient as possible, and the services of an excellent solicitor can certainly help with that.

Clearing Out Before the Big Move

There’s no doubt about it, moving house is draining stuff. Although it is one of the most exciting times in your life it can also be one of the most exhausting- needing to pack away all your worldly possessions and move them all into your new home as efficiently as you can. Before you move is the ideal time to get organised and declutter your home before your hire your removals, Bangor. You’ll have less to pack and you’ll feel so much better for it. What’s more, researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have found that by decluttering your environment, you’ll have improved ability to focus (McMains, S., & Kastner, S. 2011) which is great news during this chaotic time. Take a look at some of the best ways to declutter at this time.  

Make a list – It’s easy to forget about the hidden away items you don’t need until packing day comes and you’re left with no choice but to bring it along with you. Site down and begin by listing the bigger bulkier things that you absolutely don’t need. Then work room by room, thinking about the smaller things that could do with clearing out. Once you’ve put a completed list together, highlight the items that can be sold on and red-mark the items that need to be thrown out. This will now be your guide telling you exactly what needs action. Anything else you decide to clear out, not on the list is a bonus.

Clutter Clearing Method – Work from one side of the room to the other, clearing one small area at a time. Working systematically is the key, making sure you cover every area of the room. If you prefer to pile your items, stick to no more than two (things you need and things you don’t need).

Have a Car Boot Sale- At least once a month; you’ll be able to find a jumble or car boot sale around your area. Anyone who has been to one of these events, will know that they can be a great day out and all that extra cash you can make can be put directly towards decorating your new home. Don’t forget that there’s plenty of free to use ‘for sale’ apps around to help you get rid of those bigger pieces of furniture. Simply take a few pictures, create a listing and sell your item for pick up!

Collect boxes early – Once you have gotten rid of all the bits you don’t need, you can start packing away all the things you do but won’t miss in the next couple of months. Living minimally will be the best thing you can do until you move – there’s less to think about and less action required later. Place heavier items in smaller boxes and remember to mark each box on at least two sides before it’s sealed.
McMains, S., & Kastner, S. (2011). Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex. The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(2), 587-597.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Choosing the Right Colours for Your New Kitchen

Making the right colour choice for your kitchen can be a difficult task, especially when you’re going to all the work of having a new kitchen fitted. If only it was easy as choosing a colour you like. In reality, some colours can make you’re your kitchen look bigger whilst others can it look boxed up and gloomy. Take a look at what kitchen designers, Anglesey recommend in getting that balanced colour palette:

Make your staple pieces timeless
Think about making your surfaces as timeless as possible, so that come the day you fancy a change, it's easily done and fitting with any colour scheme you use. Wood or tiles that have been have been around for some time are great examples that you should consider looking at. Bold colours are great for making a statement but it’s good to bear in mind that they often date quickly. One way around this is if you’re a lover of dramatic colour, is to use it on your cupboard doors which can easily be changed to your current taste.

Your accessories make all the difference
When you’re picking out your kitchen, it’s easy to forget about all the accessories you’ll use and need which make the world of difference to the overall finish. Using show stopper pieces sparingly can dramatically liven up the colour palette. Of course, if you’ve already used your bold colours on the fixtures and fittings, adding big, bright backsplashes  and additional bold pieces can sometimes be unforgiving.

Don’t keep using the same colour
A rule that kitchen designers, Anglesey use is applying three key colours from a similar palette for your ‘fixed items’. One colour should be used for your fixtures and fittings (work surface not included), one to highlight a centrepiece wall and an undertone colour for your remaining walls. Any other colours used in your accessories should only be used to complement or highlight your three fixed colours.

Think about the size and shape of your room
Bigger rooms can take on larger amounts of bolder colour as they can often make a room feel more defined. However, using them in smaller rooms can make them feel much more boxed up. So, if you’re keen to use darker colours in a smaller room, think about using it on a smaller wall or as part of your kitchen accessories. You want the wall which receives the most natural light to reflect light across the room – so always use your lightest colour here. Or in contrast, if you don’t get enough light in your kitchen, painting your ‘reflective wall’ a lighter shade is a clever way to make your room feel much brighter than it actually is.  

Monday, 1 August 2016

What Do You Look For In A Home?

What do you look for in a home? Is it ultra-modern fixtures and fittings? Is it scenic, panoramic views? Is it a relaxed and enjoyable environment? What about close proximity to amenities like schools which are rated well and have conveniences at hand such as supermarkets, busy town centres and the shopping opportunities those afford? The Bay View development of apartments in Deganwy might be right up your street.

The View is a special type of development by high-end property developers Blue Bay, known throughout the North Wales area for only selecting sites that have spectacular views. That’s not all you get with this developer either -- Blue Bay Homes are synonymous with excellent quality builds which have a very firm set of standards – enabling the development in general to be very special. When you move into your apartment or house, it comes fully fitted with a choice of fixtures, suites and tiles for bathroom and kitchen. But again, that’s not all.

The View at Deganwy comes with some truly attractive oak veneered doors with handles made of stainless steel for each room. With Blue Bay Homes, quality is built in. Well, that and efficiency comes in spades. All of the central heating systems in Bay View are built for quality and efficiency; and we find that’s one of the most attractive things about new builds, as opposed to sinking hundreds—and even thousands—of pounds each year on older houses which may have some very serious issues with heat loss which will cost an absolute fortune to correct.

There’s ample electrical sockets as well, switches are fitted together with satellite TV, and every detail’s been thought of. There are existing phone ports in the lounge and master bedroom, meaning that there are no surprise installation charges in store for buyers. All apartments are also pre-wired for Sky Plus TV, and coverage is served by the apartment block’s satellite dish.  Furthermore, each apartment comes with allocated car parking, which can also be monitored through your television set!

Deganwy is a stunning place, and Blue Bay’s Bay View shows that excellent quality, inside and out, is a real winner. The Bay View has already sold 50% of their available apartments and it’s very easy to see why.  

Thursday, 28 July 2016

For When The Worst Happens – Possession Proceedings

Being a landlord today can be pretty precarious. While of course the number of landlords in the UK has risen in recent years, due to steep housing costs meaning that many under 30s still find it extremely difficult to apply for mortgages, the number of collective landlords in the UK is slightly below demand for property. As such- it is problematic in more than a few ways to keep a tenant around in the face of rent arrears, unacceptable behaviour or even damage to the property as direct result of occupation. However, getting your property back isn't easy. Thankfully, there are a number of solicitors in North Wales which are here to help and can ensure that you, as a landlord, don’t end up in hot water as result of doing what you think is right.

A landlord may recover possession of a tenancy using varying methods, outlined by the type of tenancy a problem tenant might possess. If your tenant has an assured, or assured shorthold tenancy (most tenants do, if they have entered a private sector tenancy after 28th of February 1997—though a good solicitor will be able to find out) then they are under the protection of the Housing Act 1988 which includes the statutory continuation of the tenancy, as well as provides limitations concerning the grounds and methods on which you can lawfully terminate and recover possession of a property.

Should a tenant continue to occupy the property beyond the fixed term, then their tenancy will not terminate. Your tenant will be legally entitled to live in the property as normal from month to month- with only the “assured” part of their tenancy missing.

Hypothetically, if your tenant is in arrears with rent and normally pays on the 1st of the month—as long as they continue to make the month’s rent on the 1st from then on, by making them leave you would be committing an offence that will lead to a penalty at best, with up to two years in prison at the very worst.

So how are you supposed to recover possession of your property from problem tenants? The Housing Act 1988 states that a landlord may terminate an assured tenancy by serving a notice under Section 8 of the Act.

This notice is known as a Section 8 Notice or a Notice Seeking Possession. It is recommended, before any landlord looks into serving tenants with such a notice, that they have a broad grasp of the law through the services of a specialist solicitor – as the Notice is less of a letter of intent, and must contain a variety of information for the tenant to be considered legitimate.

Furthermore, it might not be that easy. Should the tenancy have clauses in the agreement, it can put a real spanner in the works and scupper the start of the process of retaking possession of your property.

A good solicitor with a wealth of experience in property matters is worth their weight in gold when it comes to dealing with a very tricky situation.   

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sustainability in construction

Sustainability is a very broad term, that describes activities being carried out without depleting the Earth’s resources or having harmful impacts on the environment. The Brundtland Commission quite rightly called sustainability “meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” When you’re looking for civil engineering in North Wales, it stands to sense to go for a company with a vast portfolio, proven experience of delivering high-quality results, on schedule and to budget, but also one that takes sustainability to heart.

Why? A company that actively works to ensure sustainability is high on their list of priorities is one that puts thought and consideration into the construction process. When you consider that wastage is the number one cost when it comes to projects, a company that actively monitors their materials orders and usage is one that’ll cost you far less in the long run. Sustainable Construction also means accountability, and a team with accountability is one that will provide results with far less waste of materials – and your project’s money.

But how do you know that a company is accountable when it comes to wastage? There are a number of assessment tools and standards available to help assess environmental performance. The most well-known of which is BREEAM. The world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. BREEAM has an edge over other assessment tools by the fact that it addresses a number of lifecycle stages, such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use. That, and it’s a well-respected, well-used tool for any discerning company. Globally, there are more than 547,900 BREEAM certified developments, and almost 2,247,300 buildings have been registered to the BREEAM assessment since it was established, moderately recently in 1990.

BREEAM assessment processes evaluate the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development against targets that are based on ever-changing performance benchmarks. Assessments are undertaken by independent assessors, and developments rated and certified with easy to understand grades.

When it comes to hiring contractors, project management firms or construction in general, look for firms that work to BREEAM standard, strive to use renewable or recycled materials, develop carbon neutral operations and reduce or eliminate waste. It’s for the environment, for future generations, and it’s also for your project’s financial viability.  

The 1bn Electrified Rail Vision For North Wales

North Wales is a wonderful place to live and work, with beautiful surroundings, excellent schools, and a peacefulness that’s hard to replicate. For many that are thinking of moving to the region, nothing is better than The View – a series of New Build Houses in Rhos On Sea. The View by Blue Bay Homes is the very epitome of what the company stands for; great value, tastefully constructed, luxuriously decorated, and the very best of quality, from top to bottom.  

North Wales isn’t half the trek to the cities as most think it is. The region links via the A55 to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester in less than 2 hours. The region offers a relaxing place that’s a little out of the way in order to enjoy life away from the cities, and not far away enough to feel like you’re spending more of your workday commuting to work, rather than being free to get on.

But what about those of us that would prefer not to drive? While it’s true that petrol prices have reached an all-time low, it might not be this way forever. That, and whether your other half needs the car for a few days a week or you just want to spend your commute to yourself with a book or otherwise, North Wales has something in the works which may enable even the most conservative and careful of people to make the jump to a better life and a better home in beautiful North Wales.

The £1bn rail vision for North Wales has recently been backed by senior figures from Manchester and Liverpool, including Manchester City Council leader Sir Richard Leese, and Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson.

Other figures of note backing the electrified line which is said to link North Wales to the planned HS2 Line between London and the North of England are Chris Ogleby, chairman of Manchester Science Partnerships and the chair of Merseytravel, Cllr Liam Robinson.

With such powerful figures, and 79 other business leaders standing firmly behind Growth Track 360 to secure these rail improvements, we’re certain it stands an extremely high chance of succeeding. The time to move to North Wales has never been better, so come and see if you can leave the rat race behind at the office, and find your family’s ideal coastal home.