Thursday, 25 May 2017

Luxury Apartments in Colwyn Bay with Coastal Views

We all want a home which matches our lifestyle, but it can be difficult to find the right one in the perfect location.

North Wales is a beautiful place which offers spectacular views, but many of those who desire a chic and contemporary property might feel that there won’t be much opportunity for them in this particular region.

For those who enjoy apartment living, you’ll be very pleased to know that a new development of contemporary apartments in Colwyn Bay is going ahead this year. Situated on dramatic cliff tops overlooking the coast, these apartments are the perfect match for those who have luxury and modern living in mind for their new home.

The location of the apartments situates them very close to the North Wales express-way, making your visits to cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Chester an absolute breeze.

These gorgeous apartments have been designed and developed by the prestigious and award-winning Blue Bay Homes. The two-phase development, known as ‘The View’ also features a collection of beautifully designed townhouses – which gained an incredible amount of interest and were snapped up very quickly.

It seems that the main ethos of Blue Bay Homes is to create stunning homes which always offer a coastal view – with their previous development of apartments in Deganwy known as the Bay View also receiving a great deal of positive attention.

It’s expected that The View apartments will garner just as much interest as the townhouses did, thanks to their contemporary design and their panoramic views of the nearby coast. Those who are lucky enough to own one of the apartments from The View can experience picturesque sea views from their living room and bedroom, as well as their own balcony, every day.

The surrounding location offers plenty for its new residents to do, including opportunities for fine dining, sailing and a variety of outdoor sports. The nearby towns of Conwy and Llandudno are excellent places to visit for food and drink and of course, a spot of sightseeing if you’re new to the North Wales area.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Redesigning your Home with an Architectural Designer

We can all get a little tired of the way our home looks. Sometimes it just takes a coat of paint or a new rug to make the place look refreshed once again, but often a bigger project needs to be undertaken to make us appreciate it once again.

If you’re currently a bit fed up with the way your home has been looking as of late, and have already decided that it’s going to take more than a quick visit to your local DIY store to fix the issue, you may want to be looking for architects in Cheshire.

You might even be tempted to pick up some tools and begin working on the home yourself, but this can leave a lot of room for error (even if you’re fairly confident after spending a few hours reading up on it all online…).

Allowing a skilled architectural designer to plan and take care of your new renovation is a wise investment - and it’s very likely they’ll bring forth attractive house design ideas that haven’t even crossed your mind before.

Deciding to have an architect redesign part of your home is a big decision. You’ll want one which not only has creative ideas, but also incorporates the vision you have for your home and makes sure that you’re in the know every step of the way.

That’s why if you’ve been looking for architects in Chester, that BR Architecture is a superb choice. You’ll be included throughout the renovation process, from the initial sketches right through to when the work actually takes place.

Quality craftsmanship is in the forefront of BR Architecture’s values, and it’s very evident in their impressive and extensive portfolio of home extensions and developments. Creative and contemporary, their designs are truly stunning and unique to them.

Having an extension designed and completed by an experienced architect can help to add a great deal of value to your home. If you’ve become so tired of your home that you’ve recently been considering moving to pastures new, having a house extension or renovation can be a much cheaper and less stressful option – and can often make you appreciate your house once again.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Underbed Lighting – The Best Idea of 2017

Tech blogs have collectively started to follow varying amazon sellers recently, and create content focused around a single idea – which has turned out to be an absolute hit due to the fact that it’s a rather good one, and provides an inexpensive way to have something truly special for your home. With the application of LED Rope Lighting and LED Strip Lighting, you can have an underbed LED Lighting system which will cast a beautiful warm glow out when you step out of your bed.

The application of these things is unquestionable. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with something you’ve forgotten? Perhaps you want to make sure that you locked the front door or you’re worried that you forgot to close a window. That, or you really need to use the bathroom. The first step out of bed is always the worst – it's dark, it’s more than likely cold, and you’ll have to stumble along blindly until you can reach the light… and pray that you don’t step on something pointy along the way.

With LED Underlighting, you’ll get a beautiful warm glow coming from under the bed as you put your first foot down. The length of the lighting can be configured by you – and you don’t have to worry that you’ll wake up your partner. The glow itself can be configured by you too, and the fact that it is under your bed means that more than likely, your partner won’t even notice it – which will allow you to get up and do what you have to do – and only worry about keeping quiet enough to not disturb them. So much better than stumbling along and hitting a light!

Unfortunately, reports have shown that the LED Underlighting suppliers on Amazon are now officially sold out of their product, but never fear. Check out The LED Choice Guide’s tutorial on how to create your own LED Underlighting in less than 5 minutes, and for cheaper than the listed prices on Amazon or beyond.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Finding The Best Stove Deal on the Internet

Many of us are turning to investing in a wood burning stove to stave away the chills of winter (and in some cases, spring and summer as well!)  as well as lots of purposes, such as supplementing existing central heating systems, and of course everyone wants quality stoves from reputable manufacturers at bargain prices. It’s a competitive market – all you have to do is do a quick google search to find a slew of stoves from many different brands.

It seems that stove suppliers and distributors are aware of this as well, the variations in price are incremental at best. That, and there may be a few hidden terms and conditions which might push the price up far beyond any competitor. What may seem like a fantastic deal just by the virtue of  being cheaper may have varying surcharges and added extras which stand to put the price up far beyond what you may have thought.

That, and the same adage for internet shopping still applies – even in the world of stoves. If something seems far too good to be true, it more than likely is. There are numerous stories of people getting bargain stoves from big name manufacturers and them… not quite being as intended, instead crafted in the style of well known manufacturers, with a far lesser standard of work than what is acceptable.

For finding the perfect stove at the most upfront price possible, there’s an excellent site out there called FiresOnline which will give you a bottom line when it comes to your stove. FiresOnline provide figures which are inclusive of VAT and delivery, and can guarantee their quality. All of their stoves are from reputable manufacturers, and are guaranteed genuine articles.

Whether you’re after a Charnwood Wood Burning Stove, a Stovax Wood burning Stove or even brands which are not British, such as Franco Belge, Esse or Dovre, you’ll be well served with FiresOnline, and their helpful staff are just a phone call away at all times.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Many of us don’t seem to make major changes to our homes exterior appearance. It seems that the interior is often considered more important when in reality, they should be considered at around about the same level. Sure enough you could say that placing a few exterior decorations makes a difference at this period, but we want to talk about long term difference. While planting a few new flowers in the spring time brightens the exterior up we believe that there are better ways to make your exterior more attractive. Here decorators in North Wales offer their advice on how exactly you can spruce up your outside.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your exterior more of a personality is to decorate your front door and refresh your exterior paint. Here we have entailed a couple of ideas on how to pick a great exterior feature for the front door and achieve a successful paint job.


Many will think that door pieces are only for those trying to employ somewhat of a traditional vibe. However, there are numerous styles and sizes available. You are able to buy a pre-made wreath in any superstore, though the real fun and personalisation will come following the making of the wreath yourself.

When making a wreath, the best and easiest way is to use grapevine bases. These are great as they already look pretty. As they have natural spaces between their vines, it is easy to insert your own plants, flower stems, greenery, ribbon and other decorations – all without added adhesives. You’ll be able to decide yourself if you want decorations all around, or simply on a certain area. Once completed, hang it for all to see your crafty creation.

Whether its seasonal or longer term, this is a great way to add character to your exterior.

Paint Job

Applying a new exterior paint job will make a huge difference. Most people don’t repaint their exteriors for years or even decades. Over time, the paint job will have taken a battering from the weather, thus consequently your exterior will be much duller and worn in parts. When applying a brand new layer of paint – or changing the colour completely, you offer a complete new lease of life to your property. 

While exterior painting such as touching up certain areas can be done by yourself or by a local handyman, there are decorating contractors North Wales that are on hand to help those in the area.

An article entailing tips for achieving a great interior paint job can be found here with ProPaint. These decorating contractors North Wales can offer advice and exterior painting for buildings.

Just a few changes by adding a wreath or refreshing you paint can go a long way. There are countless advocates of refreshing your exterior paint job on an annual basis, ensuring your home or commercial property is looking clean, fresh and attractive.

Wreath image by Tony Alter / License
Painted Garage image by Yankee Barn / License

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Benefit of LEDs in 2017

In recent days, many of us have started to invest in LED products for the home and for the garden. Whether this is proverbially dipping your feet into LED products, such as investing in LED light bulbs for your home, treating your garden with a series of LED based products which are both beautiful and energy efficient, or even rehauling the home entirely with LED products, the savings which can be made by investing in LED Lighting are absolutely gigantic.

But what sort of benefit can LED lighting such as LED rope Lighting and LED strip lighting bring to the workplace? Lots, actually.

There’s very many articles that cite the effectiveness of LED lighting on the agricultural industry, the benefits of human-centric LED Lighting, or even articles which suggest that LED Lighting is starting to be used in grand ways on the lighting of the world around us – in the form of attractions and destinations, even down to the fact that certain councils in the UK (and states in America!) are starting to invest heavily in LED street lighting which allows far greater visibility at night, and far less cost and C02 output.

This benefits both you and me, the organisations paying for the technology, and even the planet at large. The benefits to LED Lighting are absolutely huge, and it’s little wonder that the world in itself has embraced this technology for a little while now.

Even the smallest shop can reap the benefits of LED Lighting – finding a good supplier and having access to a variety of LED products can turn even the drabbest, smallest shop into something absolutely amazing which will wow customers with an amazing array of designs which are only limited by your own creativity.

LED Lighting is so versatile indeed that a series of attractive shades and hues can be formed to provide absolutely any design possible. Take North Wales based Galeri Caernarfon Cyf, for example. This small bar and café benefited from the application of LED ribbons and controllers from local, North Wales based companies in order to make something truly special indeed.

It’s never been easier to go LED – whether you’re a large or a small business.

What is Civil Engineering and why is it ever so important?

Civil engineering is considered among the oldest engineering disciplines, with our immediate environments such as our homes and towns being the direct result of this type of work. 

If we recognise that thousands of years ago, putting a tree across a river, or creating a type of home that provides a roof over heads are early, prime examples of early civil engineering.

Civil engineers past and present have worked to create what many of us would define as modern civilisation. The most obvious constructions include the likes of buildings and bridges, which are of course, essential to the modern age way of living.

Roads, railroads, subway systems and airports are all designed by these civil engineers – and roads, railroads, subway systems, airports and factories are all major creations that have benefited from the development of the industry. 

While these are obvious signs of excellent civil engineering, the work undertaken by workers within this industry are not limited to these examples. It could be anything that is has simple as opening a tap and expecting the water to come out. Even this was created and is manipulated to fit different set-ups and environments through civil engineering techniques.

Civil engineers do a lot more than just designing and creating buildings and bridges. Think of any major industry. Be it automation or aerospace, civil engineers are essential to creating the features within these industries that could be anywhere from designing highly effective, resistant and high performing wings for an aeroplane, to ensuring that your car is safely built with the latest technologies.

Civil engineers work across the world and have one thing in common; the desire to advance infrastructure, push boundaries and help man kind to live and enjoy life to a more efficient, happier and energy efficient way. Alwyn Jones building contractors and civil engineers in North Wales are a prime example of a company that works with its utmost motivation and desire to deliver what is expected by both clients and the people that will be subject to new construction and facilities.

Image by 'Life-Of-Pix' / Licence