Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Luxury Homes at Incredible Prices

The housing market is a funny place, and lots of us tend to look for something extra-special as a first choice when we’re after a new place to live. For lots of us in varying circumstances, we look at the very best of the best for quite a while as we commence our housing search, and inevitably, we find that what we want is out of reach.

It’s sad – very much so. Most of us then start lowering our standards, lowering our expectations, and peruse thousands of monstrosities via online estate agents. The least atrocious houses are then viewed, and the long process of haggling and waiting for a current owner to find somewhere themselves in order to get out of your home begins.

It’s exhausting, and it’s very, very stressful.

You’ll be pleased to know that there is an alternative. Blue Bay Homes – the creator of the very well received and unabashedly popular Bay View Development (which is argued to have turned Deganwy into a very viable and desirable place to live, when before it was quite simply unthinkable)  have a brand new project nearing completion – The View by Blue Bay. While indeed Bay View was very well appreciated for its fantastic location on the forefront of the Deganwy Quay, The View by Blue Bay Homes is even better.

This luxury development takes pride of place in a highly enviable location on the Cliffside of Colwyn Bay, and the views of the sea are absolutely incredible. The entire development has been built with this in mind, and the properties on the inside are just as wonderful and just as special as those on the outside. Every property boasts UPVC windows, and French doors that lead out onto a gloriously large patio, or a balcony. You’ll be well advised to take breakfast and meals upon these features – as the view of the sea is absolutely magnificent and can easily qualify as one of the very best coastline views within the UK.

Blue Bay appear to have thought of absolutely every one of their customers’ needs with this glorious development of new build houses in Colwyn Bay, as each property has an absolute abundance of electrical sockets, TV and telephone points (if you can bear to tear yourself away from that majestic sea view!) and have pre-wired satellite which is ready and waiting for your Sky Plus box. Furthermore, essentials such as smoke alarms and burglar alarms are taken care of. All are mains fed, and ready to go.

We recommend that anyone looking for somewhere to live checks out what Blue Bay have to offer – this development looks very, very special indeed and we can’t stress going to take a look for yourself enough.

New Homes and the Environment

What’s in a new home? For many, a new home provides many things. You might be coming up to looking for a new home, and there’s so much choice around, you might not know where to turn. New build houses are very viable choices, and environmental friendliness might not have come into your thoughts when searching for a new home. That is, until now.

Did you know that new build houses are built to enhanced environmental standard? Older homes (especially those built before 1990) will not have been built to any sort of specification. Other than being fantastic for the environment, you stand to gain a lot from the purchase of an environmentally friendly home such as a new build property. The benefits are varied and many, but for most people that search for property, but most people have one thing in mind for their new home.

Financial savings are absolutely paramount when it comes to a new home, especially with the cost of living rising yearly within the UK.

New build houses are built to the very latest in environmental standards, so they’re significantly cheaper to run than the home you’re living in now. Energy efficiency is highly important, and new build houses tend to generate a whopping 60% less carbon dioxide than houses built in the 90s. This is an absolutely astounding figure. The 1990s, after all, are only 20 years ago. Houses built before then are even more of an ordeal to pay ongoing utilities for.

It’s estimated that new build homes such as Blue Bay Homes’ fantastic The View Development within Colwyn Bay in North Wales – boasting brand new apartments and new build houses in Colwyn Bay can save you, compared to a home built before 1990 – an incredible £500 off your energy bill every year.

Blue Bay Homes’ The View is a fantastic development in general, featuring easy links to work, a fantastic location within an enviable position on the North Wales coastline, and offers you high specifications, your choice of interiors, and some excellent fittings as standard. There's even new build apartments in Colwyn Bay to boot!

When you look into finding a new home, give a new build a try. You can’t go far wrong with one when it comes to keeping your energy bills under control.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Roof Trusses for Design and Practicality

Roof trusses not only have an important purpose and practical use within the structure of buildings, they can also look quite aesthetic in your home. Oak trusses are often used as feature roof truss, as they’re not only durable, but attractive too.

With over 80% of homes now using roof truss as their roof support, it has taken over the traditional method of using rafters rather well. With such a huge percentage of homes utilising roof truss, there has to be some very good reasons as to why.

One of the reasons roof truss is favoured is because it can create a much larger and airy space. For those who desire an airy and open-plan home, the installation of roof truss is the perfect choice.

In addition, roof trusses are also much cheaper in terms of both production costs and labour costs. Roof truss can be installed onto a building incredibly quickly, which saves valuable time for construction companies and saves money for their clients. This is fantastic for those who need to move into their new home as soon as possible.

There certainly isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to roof truss. The design of trusses can be modified to specifically suit your home before installation. They can easily be modified to allow for skylights and air conditioning units you have (or plan to have) in your home.

It has also been shown that roof trusses are better for the environment. Smaller pieces of lumber are used, which in turn reduces the amount of annual wood waste. Many companies are now opting for more greener and eco-friendly methods of building construction, so the popularity and usage of roof truss for buildings is only set to increase.

Despite roof trusses being made of smaller pieces of lumber than traditional rafters, their strength and stability should not be underestimated. Roof truss lumber is joined together with strong metal connectors, allowing them to span long distances for larger buildings.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Ways to Make a Small House Seem Larger

Oftentimes it can seem that a home forever is a fleeting concept. A property which might have ticked all of the right boxes and seemed perfect in years past might now feel like a prison – and there’s nothing worse than overcrowding. As circumstances change, a house can seem far too small for comfort, especially for those of us with growing families.

What can be done about it? Well, it’s a difficult question. Often, undertaking work to improve your living situation is best, and there are a number of things that can be done with help of a specialist. BR Architecture for example are such a specialist. This fantastic architecture designers in Cheshire has a series of successful projects under their belt, and are with clients from the first steps until well after completion.

House Extensions
House extensions are technically quite simple, and thus can be far, far cheaper than moving home. The space an extra bedroom can provide is really quite staggering, but that’s not all extensions can provide. You’re free to get another room of any type with a house extension, whether it’s a study, a kitchen, family room, or even a complete blowout such as a home cinema room – a specialist such as BR Architecture can offer you a complete design package, from sketches right through to detailed drawings, making your ideas a reality.

Loft Conversions
Technically the same kind of thing as extensions, loft conversions can allow you much needed space for when you really need it to give you the best amount of space for the amount you’re willing to spend. BR Architecture provide an excellent service which will take away the strain of planning and the actual conversion, allowing you peace of mind that soon, you’ll be able to utilise unwanted attic space in a manner far more befitting than just cramming boxes of stuff up there.

New Builds
Quite a drastic option, but for a lot of us, only drastic will do. BR Architecture offer a new build service which, like loft conversions and house extensions, can truly take away all of the strains you’d associate with such a drastic thing. Sometimes, the only way to get something truly right is to start at the beginning, and BR Architecture can make your ideas and your visions come to life by covering the planning processes, building regulations, tenders, site supervision and even assist you with your choice of contractor for the project – or if you’d prefer, their choice of established professionals they can wholeheartedly recommend.

Whatever you decide, there’s options when you make the decision to take the plunge and create more space for yourself to suit your circumstances – and BR Architecture are there to help.

More Than A Layer of Paint

Sometimes your home needs more than just a new layer of paint or a change of furniture to give you the same feeling of enthusiasm you had when you first moved in. If you love where you live but you’re just a bit tired of the way your home has become to look over the years – why not opt for a modern conversion or extension?
It’s likely you’ll want to be at every point of the design process, so it’s essential that you select an architectural designer in Cheshire who involves and guides you through every sketch until the final plan.
BR Architecture come highly recommended from a number of very happy clients – some of which have returned to BR Architecture to design their second home. Not only do they use their own design expertise and ideas into the planning of your future extension or conversion, BR Architecture aim to incorporate every idea you have into it too.
Thanks to their expert guidance and innovative design ideas, the renovation to your home will truly be unique and bespoke to you. BR Architecture will also take the time to explain every part of the drawings until it's all clear, ensuring that you’ll be 100% satisfied with everything once the work is completed.
They’re also incredibly attentive, frequently updating you about every single design plan or change from day one. There won’t be the nuisance of taking time off your week to wait around for work to start or finish. When BR Architecture sets a timescale – it’s final.
BR Architecture is also a family business and understands how difficult it can be to arrange consultations with work and family life often getting in the way. They’re incredibly flexible, and are happy to arrange meetings at times which suit you best. Whether that’s early in the morning or once you’ve settled your children into bed!

With over 20 years of experience within architecture and many satisfied recurring clients, BR Architecture appears an obvious choice for those looking to renovate their home in the Conwy or Cheshire region.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Practical Design Services in Chester and North Wales

How many times have you pondered the flaws of your home or your business? For a few of us, it’s difficult to get around design faults that came with our buildings, and we can often feel like they’re driving us up the wall.

Instead of moving home or premises, have you considered consulting a professional Architect in Cheshire?  Practising in both North Wales and the Cheshire region, BR Architecture have a very strong portfolio of fantastic designs and completed projects under their belts, and they’re proud of the fact that they provide a warm, friendly service which is absolutely transparent about all areas of your renovation or new build.

With glowing reviews across the board, BR Architecture will truly listen to your thoughts, and provide you with the guidance you need when it comes to your designs, as well as turning ideas into sketches, sketches into plans, plans into action, and finally action into the home or the business premises you’ve always wanted.

BR Architecture’s services are absolutely tailor made and highly professional- from start to finish. They’re very qualified and extremely friendly – going above and beyond to make sure that you understand every single detail about the work which is to happen.

Even if the project itself has a demanding timescale- your demands for the highest quality possible throughout your build will be met with absolutely no delays and no hidden extras. Essentially, this company is the absolute package, and if you’re considering a residential or commercial renovation or even a new build entirely, BR Architecture have the skills, the tools, and the knowhow to make your dreams reality.

BR Architecture provide an utterly professional service and pride themselves on making the design process simple, from start to finish. Give them a call today to see what they can do for you.  

Making Your Landed Estate Work for You

Landed Estates are a bit of a strange beast. While most tend to think that owning and managing a Landed Estate is a matter of arranging the odd party every now and again, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s quite a large amount of planning and management that goes into absolutely every aspect of running a Landed Estate, and it can be very daunting for absolutely anyone, regardless of prior experience.

If your Landed Estate is either housing or industrial land and you generate your income in the form of rent or fees for services provided by the facilities on your land, you’ll already be very well aware about the fact that help can come in multiple forms, and also keenly aware that most forms, such as estate agents, can be highly undesirable.

Thankfully, there is a solution to have which will guarantee you all the help and support that you need, to have help and support to hand which will work for you – and only for you. Swayne Johnson Solicitors based within Llandudno, but with branches throughout the whole of North Wales and even a branch in Chester – are a team of wonderfully qualified, suited and booted solicitors in Chester and North Wales which work for you- not for anyone else.

They can provide you with all of the help and assistance you need in matters pertaining to your estate, in a timely and speedy manner with absolute attention to detail and even better, a very genuine understanding of the role of support thanks to their experience in relation to such.

Whether you need assistance with matters such as succession planning, Trusts, property transitions and commercial development, farming arrangement (even including Agricultural tenancies) Charitable status, dispute resolution and litigation (whether your concern is Easements, Boundaries, or even Landlord and Tenant matters) or even employment advice, Swayne Johnson have the experience required to make your life much, much simpler.