Monday, 14 December 2009

Timber Roof Trusses

Timber roof trusses are extremely important when constructing a building that requires a roof. This is so the strong frame can hold your roofing materials plus addition weather weight strongly to support and protect your building. There are three main characteristics that will make up your timber roof truss, for it to be as effective as possible. These are

Strength- A timber roof truss needs to be lightweight but at the same time extremely strong. Due to this timber roof trusses are made from a high graded timber which is kiln dried to add great strength.

Design- the design of a timber roof truss is extremely important as a very minor error could cause a significant amount of structural weakness, and lead to collapse. So when timber roof trusses are made, they are made using precise measurements by extremely accurate machines.

Connection- A timber roof trusses connections also need to be precise. Again a small fault within this will lead to a structural weakness which could lead to a collapse. Any changes that need to be corrected within the connections of a timber roof truss should be done by a structural engineer.

If these things are done properly a timber roof truss is extremely reliable, however there are a few things that should watch out for which may cause failure.

If your roof truss is exposed to damp for a long period of time due to a water leak, this will lead to a decrease in the timber strength. Another damp related problem is when your timber roof truss becomes exposed to rot and insect damage; this is a problem that can be seen in trusses in older buildings where the truss is supported by a stone wall. Connection failure is also common in roof trusses from older buildings. This is because older roof trusses where built using Mortise and Tenon joints instead of today’s bolts screws and metal pegs. These older trusses are more susceptible to being eaten by woodworm leading to decrease connection strength.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

North Wales Demolition

Demolition is the opposite of construction. It’s where people take down buildings and other structures. This is usually done to make room to construct a newer improved building or structure. Demolition can be fairly simple but it can also be a complicated process where certain hazards and factors around the demolition site have to be taken into consideration.

Demolition usually involves an extremely controlled environment. Usually smaller building demolitions are broken down using cranes and also an excavator with demolition grab. Larger products may involve the use of a large wrecking ball which is swung on a crane, and as a last resort large buildings will be destroyed by building implosions. This however is the last resort as can be unpredictable and the building will be completely stripped before very few controlled explosions will be carefully added around the building, to bring it down as controlled as possible.

If you have decided you want a building or structure removed to make way for a new building, it is important to follow the correct steps to demolition. Factors around your building may affect your demolition plans, as things like pipelines, and other structures around your building need to be taken into consideration as to not destroy or disturb anything around your soon to be demolished building, as consequences could be highly expensive.

Alwyn Jones are a North Wales builders who specialise in North Wales demolition projects, and have the professional abilities and experience to help you with your North Wales demolition project. If your project involves careful demolition around other structures or pipelines Alwyn Jones has the equipment and experience in which to do this. They realise that disturbance within a pipeline could lead to water leaks and gas leaks to main utility supplies to the local area. Alwyn Jones specialises in remote working and demolition around pipelines. Alwyn Jones is also specialised in North Wales demolition projects which simply demolish residential properties to make way for a new modern home.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Garden Improvement

Are you looking to invest a bit of money into your garden? It can be very difficult to decide what to buy and what you would really benefit from to improve the quality and feel of your garden.

A garden is a place where you will want to relax, and unwind after a hard day or week. A garden is somewhere where you and your family can enjoy recreational activities and invite friends over for parties and BBQs in the sunshine. Therefore having the right furniture in your garden is a great place to start in transforming your garden. Investing in some Hardwood Garden Furniture is a good idea. This furniture is a high density wood which is very weather proof, meaning that it will last through the UK winters. Another type of furniture that will stand the winter weather is teak garden furniture. This again is hard wearing but it also has naturally high oil content. You can buy this type of furniture in sets which will include tables and chairs, they can also be brought individually as tables, chairs, and arm chairs, and you can usually buy other matching accessories.

Another great garden product to have in your garden is greenhouse staging. This is great to organise all your pots and flowers within your garden or your greenhouse or conservatory. It’s also a great way to improve space within your garden or greenhouse if you have a garden which is small. Greenhouse staging can come in many different sizes and are designed to last. There are two main types of greenhouse staging. Folding greenhouse staging is designed so that it is already assembled and all you will need to do is fold it up. This is generally best used within an indoor area of your garden like a conservatory, greenhouse or just somewhere not too exposed to harsh weather conditions. Heavy duty greenhouse staging is ideal for use outdoors and both indoor. This type of greenhouse staging is designed to withhold any nasty weather and can be left outside all year round.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Reliable Estate Agents

When searching for Estate Agents with a good reputation and high recommendations I came across a reliable scheme. Estate Agents which are approved with the redress scheme are approved by the office of fair trading. This means that they are required to abide by a code of conduct, and if they don not stick to this the customer is entitled to financial compensation. One of these schemes is The Property Ombudsman, and agents registered to this scheme will display the logo.

If you use estate agents which are registered to a scheme you will have customer protection, and these Agents will probably supply a good service, however if they do not, you have the right to make a complaint to the scheme body.

I have also found a list of Estate Agents who are banned from engaging within Estate Agency work on the Office of Fair Trading Website. This list is also for those who have received a formal warning under the Estates Agents Act 1979.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses are frames of kiln-dried, strength-graded timber that are joined together through steal nail plates to produce a structurally supporting strong shape, of a huge strength. Roof Trusses are individually designed to support the weigh of roof coverings, fabrics, ceilings, floors, plus other aspects of roofs such as weather factors.

Timber Roof Trusses can be used on a wide range of building types. Roof Trussing manufacturing is cost efficient, and design flexible compared to other methods of roof construction, and due to this is being chosen more frequently for not only private properties but, commercial and industrial buildings, such as hotels, offices, schools and other large buildings.

Aber Roof Truss can offer Roof Truss Design where others have failed, manufacturing industrial size, conceivable Trusses. The Trusses are designed according with the BS5268 part 3 1985. Their design team will design your Trusses using up to date software. The designs will include detailed calculations, sections and quality arrangement plans, including 3Dimensional views across construction. Once design has been completed all Trusses are manufactured using a computerised Randek SP728 Cut Saws. This ensures that perfection is reached during all possible cuts. Aber Roof Truss can manufacture any possible Truss design up to 17 metres long by 4.5 metres tall.

Aber Roof Truss can also manufacture Oak Roof Trusses. They have years of experience in creating beautiful, hand crafted Trusses, which create a visually stunning feature in any room. Aber Roof Truss offer customers many different timbers to suit their preferences. These include Fresh Green Oak, Air Dried Oak, Douglas Fir, and Pitch Pine, plus more.

Roof Trusses should be encouraged as they have a lot to offer compared to other traditional methods of roof construction. They are ideal for a different range of roof structures and building types. The Trusses will be manufactured and delivered to the building site, saving space, and simplicity. They are more energy efficient, and design flexible, suiting any needs. As well as this Aber Roof Truss also offer cost effectiveness, great client support, Crane off-load upon delivery, a quality end product, a fast turn around, and most importantly uses timbre only from companies that are PEFC certified. An organisation which promotes sustainably managed forests.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009

Property within North Wales

I’ve managed to sell my house and I’m looking for new property within North Wales quickly, as I don’t have much time. There are so many different websites offering properties within the area, many of them presenting the same properties, and not much else. I came across a mini directory site that offers a guide to property, Estate Agents, Solicitors, and Builders in North Wales. This helped my actually search through houses, flats, apartments, investment property, commercial property to buy and rent within the area, but also offering directories for Solicitors, Agents, and Builders.

I would recommend this mini property directory for those looking in this area.