Friday, 21 December 2012

Questions to ask an architect before choosing them

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Every architecture firm brings along its own qualities, skills, expertise and knowledge to your project, but also brings along their weaknesses. You must challenge an architect in various ways to get a better idea of their capabilities and services to be sure they are suitable to undertake your job.
When you go to an architect, you clearly have a relatively significant job that needs completing. This means you should most definitely strive to do it properly and in the most effective and controlled way. Instead of simply choosing a random architect, or just going for the cheapest, you should consider your options, create a shortlist and enquire with each firm.
Here we outline a few questions you should ask your architect before jumping right in and starting them off on your project.
  • What is your design philosophy?
  • What makes you the best choice as opposed to other local architecture firms?
  • Have you undertaken projects similar to my project?
  • Could you show me a portfolio of work similar to my project?
  • Do you have any client references and testimonials I could check out?
  • Who would I be dealing with and who would be undertaking the different elements of the project?
  • Are you interested and passionate towards my project, would it become important/ priority?
  • What challenges could you see during the completion of my project?
  • What important issues and considerations would there be?
  • Could you give me an estimated timescale please?
  • How will you utilize models, drawings and computer design to the most advantageous way regarding my project?
  • What are the design steps? How are they organised?
  • What am I expected to provide during/throughout the process?
  • Will construction be disruptive towards me, the public or environment?
  • What input do you have with construction? Would I deal with you or the contractor directly?
  • Do you incorporate “green” or sustainable design methods?
  • Do you integrate low or no cost “green” strategies into your projects?
  • How do you determine your fees?
  • What is included into your basic service and do you have any additional fees?
  • If the project is changed in anyway throughout the process, will there be additional fees? How will they be justified?
  • What is your record with completing projects to a high standard within the given budget?

Should you ask the above questions ask around for references/reviews and browse their portfolio/website, then you should get a very good idea on whether this architect is suitable for you. Tarmaster Jones are a highly reputable architecture firm that can provide a through portfolio. As Architects Gwynedd, they have undertaken a whole host of project within the area, building a sterling reputation across customers and clients. Qualified and experienced, highly knowledgeable and affordable, you won’t get better value for your projects anywhere else.

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