Monday, 23 December 2013

The Most Expensive Houses in the World

We all dream of a luxury home but some people can actually afford to build theirs from scratch to snap up the elite. Clearly they haven’t invested in concrete pumping in North Wales services as they would have saved themselves a little bit of money!

So, what are the priciest pads in the whole world? There are plenty of contenders so here is a compilation of the top 3 who would have had estate agents rubbing their hands with glee:

3. The Penthouse

Minus points for originality in the naming but that’s one of the only drawbacks to be sniffed at when you take a walk around this decadent flat in Hyde Park, London.

Central London is right in front of you as you gaze out of the picturesque panoramic windows and is quite the sight to behold. Well, that’s kind of to be expected when you fork out $100 million on an apartment.

With its own independent squash room and wine tasting room, this is definitely one for the rich and famous who can also keep away the pesky paparazzi with state of the art security features.

2. Villa Leopolda

The price of The Penthouse looks like spare change when you compare it to how much it would cost you to snap up this mansion in the French Riviera. $506 million, to be exact.

If you have a big family then the nineteen bedrooms at this grand estate should be adequate to house them all. Do you have green fingers? Then try and get a shear in if you can as there are fifty gardeners on hand at all times to help maintain your spacious backyard.

The most expensive mansion in all of Europe is at the top of many property mogul's wishlists.

1.  Antilia

Costing more than Villa Leopolda and The Penthouse combined, this manmade wonder in Mumbai will set you back a cool $1billion.

Strange in shape compared to Western design, this structure almost resembles a tower with many floors dedicated to individual purposes and activities. The original architect harnessed the mantra of “Vastu Shastra” to bring a calming gateway of positivity to the property.

If you’re not feeling some tranquillity then you can unleash in the ballroom, health floor or take the party to the four-story garden.

"antilia" by


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Gifts Shopping Online

If you don’t have time for a trip to the high street for Christmas gifts this December then your best option may be to shop online. Amidst the myriad of different deals and special offers on the web, there’s one place where you can find all the presents that a DIY enthusiast could ever need.

Billed as a “dazzling display of gifts this Christmas, the reduced range from Richard Williams definitely lives up to its tagline at as there are so many fantastic gift ideas at amazing rates. From the lightweight to the heavyweight, there’s a fine array of tools and trinkets to choose from.

Every amateur interior designer needs the best equipment to do the best job and the ranges available from Richard Williams certainly fit the bill.

With only the premier in home improvement products available, you are assured of the finest goods to get for that special someone during this season to be jolly. If their equipment is becoming a little worn then there’s no better time to upgrade to the newest from respected brands such as DeWalt and Irwin.

Reductions are available everywhere you look with as much as £100 taken off the price of some products – superb value if your wallet’s already taken a good bashing this year! Half price gifts are always welcome and there are one or two fantastic savings available from Richard Williams either online or in-store.

This well-established and much respected company has been around for many years and have always been at the top of their game. If you’d like some background information on your purchase before you buy then the experts at their sites in either Ruthin or Llandudno Junction will be more than happy to help.

Either as a little stocking filler or the big present to unwrap on the 25th, Richard Williams seasonal savings are a must browse for any Christmas shoppers this December.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Markit Boost for Concrete Pumping North Wales

An uneven few years for the construction sector looks like finally curtailing as news earlier this month suggested that the output is soaring to its highest figures in several years. Subsidiary companies, such as concrete pumping North Wales, can all look forward to a bright future.

Although not a massive rise on paper, statistics released by Markit’s PMI has sown a healthy rise of 3 points based on October and November’s output. October saw a figure of 59.4 whilst November managed an impressive 62.6: the highest since 2007. The rule of thumb is that anything exceeding 50 on the PMI indicates consistent growth.

There are many things to consider when you take into account this sudden surge; although anyone who’d been studying the situation will know it’s been altogether not sudden. A patient and vested few years have seen austerity creep in. meaning growth has been slow. 

The main factor for the gradual change of fortunes is possibly governemtn schemes of late but in fact, analysts point towards mortgages being easier to attain therefore giving any first time buyers the incentive they needed to take the plunge. Now, as quite possibly evidenced by these statistics, the Bank of England has withdrawn its funding so that the sector can once again stand on its own two feet.

With consistent schemes being implemented by the Conservative Party in Briatin, it will be interesting to see if this heralds a new dawn for the construction business and the estate market as a whole.

David Tinsley of BNP Paribas had this to say on the emerging pattern of success: "These survey indicators are suggesting something like a 1% rise in GDP [gross domestic product] in Q4.

"If this sort of pace can be continued into 2014, then the level of UK output will have risen above its pre-crisis peak by next summer."

Monday, 2 December 2013


Eco Joist
Eco Joists from Aber Roof Truss is an alternative to the more traditional solid joist. The Eco Joist consist of top and bottom timber flanges, joined together with galvanised 'V' shape steel webbing. They can either span between the wall construction or block work. The fact that they are made from galvanised steel instead of a wooden design allows for it to be less likely to ruin or loosen over time on account of servicing or alterations made to the truss. Instead the webbing can be easily worked around alter the set up without risking serious damage.

A few reasons to choose an Eco-Joist include:
The open webs gives easy access for servicing, electrical wiring, water pipes and even sewer pipes can run straight through quite easily. This eliminates need for drilling etc which can loosen joists over time.
Many tradesmen can work simultaneously in this type of Roof Truss.
They are light, robust and easy to install.
Once site dimensions are given these Eco-Joists are measured to size.
They are a lot stronger than the traditional Trusses which means less call out for cracked ceilings etc.

Eco-Joists are a great option for a long lasting truss that is easy to work upon efficiently. Maybe prefer them due to their strength but there are many factors in play when choosing thr right truss for your building. Aesthetics, materials, strength, ease. Aber Roof Trusses have worked with many different kinds of truss and so can give expert advice if you are unsure which is best for your property.

Aber Roof Truss now able to manufacture Eco-Joists at incredibly competitive prices for any project no matter the size. Pricing is an important factor for many when choosing a roof truss so be sure to check which kinds of truss are the best value for money.

For more information about Eco-Joists contact Aber Roof Truss Ltd.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Commercial Property Insurance Manchester

Commercial Property Insurance Manchester Commercial property insurance Manchester is specifically for landlords based in the Manchester area

who rent out their properties for commercial use, such as for office space or industrial use.
Commercial property insurance is important if you are the landlord for any building that might be used for commercial purposes. If you are the landlord for this type of property then it is your responsibility to acquire the proper building insurance rather than the companies that rent from you.

When your property is used for commercial purposes, with different businesses using the premise, other kinds of business insurance may be required to cover those company’s specific needs, for example are their tradesmen working on site, it the property a hotel or shop?

The best way to make sure your property is covered and all the businesses get the right kind of cover is to go to a specialist in business insurance including commercial property insurance Manchester. If you go to a business insurance specialist who has a wealth of experience in a variety of insurance policies from fleet insurance to office insurance they will be suited to making sure you have the right kind of insurance for your commercial property they can also talk your through your responsibilities and legal obligations in the event of a claim.

A good commercial insurer should explain the best policies to suit you and then help you tailor the cover policy to your needs. They should also be made aware if there is a change to your property and or business so they can keep the policy up to date for you and make sure you are always covered.

You never know when a claim might arise and landlords of commercial properties may not always be aware of what is taking place at the property so they need to know they have cover for every eventuality. It is better to be prepared.

If your property is in the Manchester area you need to choose commercial property insurance for your Manchester building.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Great Gifts this Christmas

Plumber's Merchants Denbighshire | Christmas Gifts for Men
Your local plumber’s merchants in Denbighshire could be the best place to find great gifts for men this Christmas. It may seem an unusual destination for Christmas shopping in the Denbighshire area but as many know it can be tough to find gifts for men that they really want, in fact it is hard to find gifts for anyone who prefers practical presents to the glitz and glamour that is usually on offer in the shops.
Richard Williams builder’s and plumber’s merchants in Denbighshire and Llandudno Junction have some fantastic gifts suitable for men and women who are DIY experts or novices who want to practice their skills.

There is a wide range of DIY tools and accessories available right now while stocks last in the Richard Williams Christmas Collection. They are top quality drills, saws and much more for the home and garden from trusted brands including DeWalt, Irwin, Bahco and Black and Decker.

Equipment like this can be very expensive in some stores but since it is the time of year for giving you can get amazing offers and buy fantastic DIY gifts for under £10 at Richard Williams!   

If you are struggling to find a gift for your practical and handy partner, friend or family member get them something they can really use this year such as a DeWalt 18v Li-Ion Combi with 1 battery from the Richard Williams Christmas offers range.

If DIY is not your area of expertise and you are unsure of what to buy you can always ask the friendly staff at either the Ruthin branch or the Llandudno Junction branch of Richard Williams . They are always happy to give expert advice. If you are still confused as to which great offer to choose you could always get the perfect gift; a Richard Williams Christmas gift voucher!

Breast Cancer Awareness
As it is the time of year for thinking about others and giving to those in year Richard Williams have been doing a bit of charity in addition to their great Christmas offers. Both branches raised money for Pink Day.

This is to raise awareness for breast cancer and the staff all wore pink t shirts and some even wore pink nails. If you pop buy to get a gift from the Christmas selection you could also buy a little hat and add just a bit more to the funding pot for breast cancer.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

World Architecture Festival 2013

Without doubt, the marquee event for any budding or established architect to attend is the World
Architecture Festival in Singapore which year on year showcases and celebrates the best buildings worldwide and would be the dream destination for architects Llandudno.

This year’s event was a glitzy occasion with some many fine works displayed and lauded. Over dozens of categories from the completed to the unfinished with the types of building ranging from civic and community centres to villas and everything in between; all feats of architecture were on show.

Looking to expand your client base or to gather a few more tips? Then judging by this year’s extravaganza, in 2014 there will be no better venue for you as nowhere in the world can boast having 1750 architects flocking to it.

If you want to network, there’ll be so many respected voices with who you can share insider knowledge to help yourselves get ahead in the game. Keynote speakers will be taking to the stage throughout the event to divulge some of their techniques for getting ahead as well and an opportunity like this cannot be missed.

Just starting out? Raise your profile by coming across heads of some of the world’s biggest architecture firms who can direct you to the media partners of the event: a major asset for the marketing of you and your brand.

As a student, you can enjoy competing against plenty of other burgeoning and exciting talents over a range of categories. This can only lead to a higher-profile for you and your talents and if you’re looking for a bunk-up in the industry then there could be no better way for starting your aspirations.

It’s not all exhibitions and serious business however as you can enjoy one of the many parties that take place during the festival as well. Previous entrants have been glowing their praise of WAF:” It has been amazing to be part of the WAF award winning team.

“When you look across the range and quality of projects put forward for the WAF Awards, to be short listed and then become associated with the overall winner is a momentous achievement.”

With the next event coming up in October 2014, architects Llandudno and across the country will be excited for this fantastic event’s newest incarnation.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Landlord’s Insurance Explained

Landlord's Insurance Liverpool
If you need landlord’s insurance in Liverpool you must realise how essential the right cover is for your business.

There are two kinds of landlord’s insurance available to you. Commercial property insurance and domestic landlord’s insurance provide comprehensive cover to different kinds of properties. You must be certain you are getting the right kind of insurance for your business.

If you are seeking landlord’s insurance in Liverpool to rent out to residents i.e. for individuals, couples or families to live in then you require domestic landlord’s insurance. If you plan to rent your property to other businesses or organisations you need commercial property insurance. The insurance offered by both types of policy differs slightly to make certain you are covered for the possible scenarios you may encounter.

Whether you require single or multiple property landlord’s insurance in Liverpool you must choose a reputable commercial insurance company. All business insurance is vital but landlord’s insurance is particularly important. Liability can be a big issue for landlord’s since they are not always present at the property when a problem occurs. The nature of renting out your property as a business is complex due to the fact it is often unclear who is liable for any damage. Comprehensive landlord’s insurance from a reliable insurer could save you from a serious loss in income in the event of a problem. Issues can occur whether the property serves commercial or domestic renting. A dedicated insurer will guide you through the legal jargon so you know what your responsibility is and what the responsibility of your tenants is.

Naturally every business is different and this goes for landlords too. Your situation is unique so a professional and dedicated commercial insurer should tailor a policy to meet your needs. Your business may also change overtime. When you start your policy you might only have one property but decide to take out multiple properties later. Your insurers will make sure your policy develops with your business so that you are always 100% covered.

Liverpool is a large city with a high proportion of new students every year needing accommodation and there is a thriving business sector so there are plenty of business opportunities for landlords but remember that damage to property is more likely in a densely populated city so be certain you have comprehensive cover and the right policy for your situation.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Carbon Neutral Methods for Construction in North Wales

construction in North Wales
Greener building methods are becoming more important for construction in North Wales.

Construction work is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  It is also impossible not to impact in some way on the aesthetic beauty of the environment during most construction projects since any work on former green sites will destroy a part of the natural environment, unless building work takes place on brown field sites.  There is, however, construction taking place by companies in North Wales who care about the environment and are making it a top priority to reduce any negative impact on the environment caused by their construction work.

Hopefully, as environmental awareness spreads we will see more companies working to develop and employ greener building techniques throughout the country.

Here in North Wales, considerable effort by some companies is going into sustainable building.  Sustainable building means using building methods that draw on sustainable products and are as gentle on the environment as possible, significantly reducing damage and greenhouse gases.

How are some of these pioneering companies developing sustainable building methods?

Reducing and recycling are two key factors in sustainable building for construction in North Wales.  Reduction techniques look to the whole life of the construction project. It is pointless if the construction process aims to have little environmental impact in the building phase but then the building itself is extremely wasteful of energy. Reduction looks at the finished project to be energy efficient for the life of the property. This is achieved by using green building technology, the finished property using renewable energy sources and energy efficient materials.  Passive design using natural ventilation where possible and practical is also an effective reduction method.

Recycling in the construction process is fairly obvious and fortunately more widely taken into account in the modern construction industry. Using timber from sustainable forests, recycled stone and as few raw materials as possible in the building phase goes a long was to making construction more environmentally considerate and ethical.

Apart from reduction and recycling the most important factor in construction is to limit the creation of greenhouse gases.  Developing carbon neutral operations is one the most important investments a construction company can make.  Other ways to reduce the carbon footprint is to use ‘carbon capturing’ methods.  Planting trees is a brilliant way to capture carbon, transforming it into oxygen and returning value to the environment to offset the construction effects.

If you are looking to build but care about environmental impact then use construction companies that employ sustainable building methods.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Architects in Cheshire Set for Big Project

After plenty of exposure in the media of late, the Chester arts centre is finally set to go under construction – fantastic news for architects in Cheshire.

What was once a rather popular attraction in the form of an Oden cinema is set to become the epicentre of all culturally significant events in the Cheshire. There was some concern over the loss of a cinema before a new one had been built but if the artist’s impressions of what the eventual theatre will look like are anything to go by, it’s sure to be worth the wait.

There’s little doubt that this project is the most ambitious in Chester for many years with design plans looking highly promising. Measuring in with an 800-seat theatre, it’s set to become the biggest of its kind by some distance. The company tasked with bringing the dream to life have previously worked on Venue Cymru in Llandudno – the premium place for all your theatre in North Wales.

The most intriguing development to take into consideration is the main hub of the former Oden is to be converted into a city library that is consistent with current culture. There will be access to many exciting features in an attempt to interests youngsters who may have fallen out of love with reading or just never had the right opportunity to do so.

With work expected to be completed by 2015, there are nothing but positives to take from this story with the news that all talent working on the construction will be locally sourced with an abundance of apprenticeships available for those trying to find a path into the sector.

Chester Performs are said to be thrilled with the developments and their director Andrew Bentley had this to say: “The project is really gathering momentum now, and this team is perfectly placed to help us build a wonderful, game changing cultural facility for the city.
“We have achieved so much in terms of quality and audiences even without a building in the last few years and this building will be a worthy home for all that.

“We have so much more to do to further excite audiences and engage communities but this is just the start and Chester Performs are delighted to be working alongside this tremendous team.”

Friday, 20 September 2013

Landlord’s Insurance Liverpool

Landlords Insurance Liverpool
Landlord’s insurance Liverpool will protect your interests in the event of a claim.

Liverpool was the European city of Culture for 2008. It is a hub of business, entertainment and it is home to several Universities and colleges including the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Hope University, Liverpool Community College, Edge Hill and LIPA (Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts). With all the students and young business professionals around in this vibrant city there are plenty of lucrative opportunities for landlords.

Whether you choose to be a landlord of commercial property or domestic you must not forget proper landlord’s insurance Liverpool. 

As a landlord in a busy city such as Liverpool you must never underestimate the importance of landlord’s insurance, especially when renting to students or young people in shared accommodation. Landlords should always be cautious and responsible about their properties but this is particularly important when renting to young people in shared accommodation because many of them are not used to being responsible for their own property before. Having not looked after themselves before or maintained a building’s facilities this can mean that your property is not kept to the standard you are normally accustomed and this can, at times, result in damage to the property. Unfortunately this is always a possibility when renting out a property regardless of who you are renting to.

This is why comprehensive cover is so important when you are a landlord. You need to be certain who is responsible for paying when a claim takes place and that you are covered for this eventuality.
Be sure to have up to date security systems to keep you on low insurance premiums and be familiar with the current law regarding renting properties. The landlord and Tenancy Act 1985 section 11 refers to leases and tenancy agreements. It is a landlord’s responsibility to maintain to exterior of the structure and a property’s installations such as the heating and water systems. 

The best way to make sure you are covered is to choose reputable landlord’s insurance that delivers comprehensive cover and tailor makes the policy to your needs. You want a commercial insurance broker who explains your obligations and entitlements to you clearly and adjusts the policy to grow with your business. Proper landlord’s insurance Liverpool should offer buildings cover, cover for subsequent loss of rent following a claim , employers liability insurance, legal expenses cover and they should also provide cover for unoccupied buildings and buildings undergoing alteration. There may be times when you do not have tenants and need to conduct improvements while the property is empty so this cover is very important to consider. Choose reliable commercial insurance brokers for your landlord’s insurance Liverpool.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Buying and moving into a new house over an old one

A big question that presents itself to many people when it comes to house buying is ‘new or old’?

There are of course advantages to each of these options, along with negatives. Sometimes an older house will have more character, but a new home has less destruction and is a much better environment for easy and healthy living. When debating between old and new, consider the points within this article that may convince you to consider house developers Deganwy.

When buying a new home, you can be pretty sure you’re getting a house in excellent condition

We all hear horror stories where we buy something used, only to find out that it has plenty of hidden problems. This kind of thing doesn't just happen with electronics and cars, but also to houses. You may buy a house and come to find that the plumbing doesn't work properly. Alternatively, you may find that once the cold weather kicks in, you’re house becomes unbearably cold due to poor insulation, heating systems and windows. The best thing about buying new instead of old is that you are pretty much assured of no problems like these.

Things aren't going to break so easily

It’s a fact of life, the older something is, the more likely it is to give up or break. Old homes are renowned for having more problems than new build homes, from every day wear and tear, to the erosion of the roof, leakages and a backyard full of weeds.

Renovations will be minimal

One of the best thing about a brand new house is that there is no need to renovate – at least for a number of years. An older house may be cheaper on the front, but will not necessarily work out cheaper once all of the renovations to bring it up to scratch are completed. Moving house alone is stressful enough, so the last thing you need is to move in and then spend months renovating various sections of it.

Decorating can be done exactly as you like

When you opt to buy a new build home, you can have first dibs on how everything looks. Whether you are after a certain theme throughout the house, or varied design for each room, you can certainly have it your way. A new build home is a lot like a blank canvas, which you can use our creativity and taste to have it your way.

A new house will appreciate

Usually, people don’t spend their whole lives in one house. If you move, you’ll probably upgrade or downgrade for varying reasons – which will mean you will probably have to sell your house. A new house will generally sell a lot easier than an older house – and will even have prospect of increasing in value. An old house however, may well do the opposite, giving you and your bank balance something you will not like!

Beech Developments are house developers Deganwy that offer a range of beautiful new build homes that will set you up for a successful future of living. Whether you’re starting a family, raising a family or fancy a quiet and beautiful home to enjoy yourself, there is a new home for everyone.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

DIY Ideas for your Perfect Bathroom

Plumbing Llandudno
You can achieve a unique, stylish bespoke bathroom with materials all available at RN Williams plumbers and builders mechants Denbighshire

Living in North Wales you do not have to settle for standard or dull bathrooms that are all the same. Getting a new bathroom may seem hard work and expensive so instead you can opt for a few handy DIY ideas and your bathroom could easily become a spa haven.

There are plenty of styles of showers, shower screens, door and cubicles, bathtubs, tiling or why not try a wood bathroom? If you prefer a more unusual bathroom, plumber’s merchants can supply all different kinds of taps, brassware, all the fittings and bathtubs in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the parts separately from a plumber’s merchants makes it easier for you to mix and match and express yourself.

Bathrooms are no longer just a place to wash in they are an escape and a statement of style and beauty. These simple DIY tips can transform your bathroom and home.

Bright, light or dark- You can dramatically change the feel of a room by altering the colour scheme. If you are bored of your bathroom and want a very simple and easy change head to your local builders, timber and plumber’s merchants and pick up a few paints. If you have a big bathroom with lots of natural light opt for pale, neutral colours like white or pale green to accentuate its natural beauty and airy qualities. You could add plants to your bathroom to create the illusion of a garden bathroom.

If your bathroom is smaller light colours can make it appear larger as can the use of mirrors but do not be afraid to try other themes and be unique. Why not be daring with a very bright and vibrant colour scheme? Convert your bathroom to bright yellow and blue for a tropical lemon theme or deep red for a luxurious touch. A few inexpensive accessories added to your new colours will add to the effect.

If you have a small bathroom there is no need to fear dark colours if you go for dark lights too! This may seem an odd concept but club bathrooms are all the rage in trendy bars and restaurants right now! Transform the bathroom into a club spa atmosphere with midnight colours schemes such as dark blue or purple and highlight this with subtle glitter shimmers or silver chrome fixtures. Use low lighting as in a club with toned down LEDs and then add translucent, dark shower curtains to catch the subtle light effects. A little incense and lighting to illuminate the water flow areas such as from the taps or shower will finish this mystical theme in your new chic bathroom.  

Space- Luxury and space go hand in hand. To give your bathroom a new look emphasis the space. Wall mounted furniture creates more floor space and the bathroom appears bigger. You can also try sinks with half pedestals to conceal pipe work which makes the bathroom look neater and more spacious.  

Wet Rooms- Wet rooms are very popular right now but this endeavour may be quite the DIY challenge depending on your bathroom layout if you are not a builder or experienced in DIY. When in doubt head to plumber’s merchants in Llandudno as they offer more than just the materials. They can give you in depth advice on methods, techniques and the easiest way to achieve the desired effect for your bespoke bathroom. To get you started you should know you need a shower tray with a low profile or one that is level with the floor. If you do not have this you will need a wet room drainage system put in place. Anti slip tiles and a power shower are recommended too. The appeal of wet rooms is that you have no shower curtains or doors. There is lots of space and the whole bathroom is part of the shower in a way. It looks particularly stylish with a stone finish to the walls and floor. 

Achieve a bespoke bathroom from plumbers and builders merchants North Wales, and do not be afraid to express your tastes.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Manchester Landlords

Rental Property Insurance Manchester
Rental property insurance Manchester is for landlords in the Manchester area.

Why become a landlord and why is rental property insurance Manchester so important?

Being a landlord is a lot easier if you have proper landlord’s insurance. Becoming a landlord is a good business or it can be a great way to make extra money if you have property you do not live in but worrying about rent and damage to your property can become very stressful.

Tenants can be complicated as they are all individuals and handling them can be a major challenge to some. Many underestimate the time and money that goes into being a successful landlord. Rental property insurance Manchester can make the process much simpler and put your mind at east if something should go wrong.

There are several things you need to consider before making the decision to become a landlord:

•    You need to be aware of your finances, the expenses involved in being a landlord and whether these two match agreeably.
•    You must remember all the costs involved including the often forgotten maintenance of property and its facilities and vacancy periods. Many forget to consider these all important extra costs before entering into agreements with tenants.
•    You should definitely be up to date on the Fair Housing Act, your council’s rules on renting, council tax etc and all laws pertaining to landlords.
•    You must develop good communication with your tenants to ensure both of you are happy.
•    Finally you should get proper rental property insurance Manchester to ensure your financial interests are protected.

Another thing to consider is your area. Manchester is a metropolitan city. A mixture of people live and rent there from business professionals to students and families. There is a wide variety of housing available in different styles to meet different needs. Tenants will apply to accommodation that suits their lifestyle. In a large city like Manchester crime occurs more often than in villages and small towns. This means damage to property can happen and there is also the increased risk of other hazards like fire due to the packed style of buildings. For landlords in Manchester rental property insurance is going to be especially essential.

Remember that renting to students is very different than renting to working people and families. In cities like Manchester there are plenty of universities nearby and this attracts a great many students looking for cheap accommodation. Keep in mind that for many students it is their first time looking after themselves and they may be inexperienced with caring for a property and may not understand complicated tenant contracts.

One of the most significant kinds of cover you need your policy to include is cover for subsequent loss of rental income following a building insurance claim. This is vital cover to ensure you are not losing money but not all insurance brokers will necessarily offer this policy. Choose commercial brokers who advertise this kind of cover within their rental property insurance Manchester policies to make sure you are properly protected.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sustainability with Construction North Wales

building projects
Without construction North Wales we would not have sidewalks or buildings, infrastructure or transport here in North Wales. Civil engineers and builders shape the human world around us even here in rural North Wales.

You might believe construction North Wales plays less of a role in the countryside. You might mistakenly believe builders and civil engineers only create buildings and therefore are not friends of the environment but they play an important part in maintaining natural landscapes, such as coastal defence structures and marine development.

Some construction North Wales companies that provide management and building services take sustainability very seriously. They work with renewable materials and strive to lower carbon methods in building projects.

Construction North Wales plan, create and maintain our environment and our very important to our way of life even if we do not often think of them. When hiring a civil engineering or construction company for your building project you need to choose a company with a wealth of experience in the industry but balance this with choosing a modern, dynamic and forward thinking company. This way you will achieve the best results that are sturdy and reliable and adhere to environment policies. Companies that work to CEEQUAL standards are companies that aim to use sustainable methods and materials in the building process. If you choose construction North Wales companies that work to BREEAM and CEEQUAL standards you can be assured they use sustainability techniques.

It is also important that your construction North Wales company are experts in project management. Organisation and innovation are both key elements in a successful building project. A company that excels at project management will be able to deli ever a high quality result efficiently while keeping you involved in your project. That can explain what is achievable in the environment provided and work with you to achieve the structure you want.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why should you live in Deganwy, North Wales?


Deganwy is a fantastic village nestled on the North Wales coast, sandwiched between Llandudno, Conwy and Llandudno Junction. Considered as a fantastic seaside town, the coastal town has a a real year-round holiday vibe, thanks to its beautiful layout, presence of great places to eat, nice boutiques and spectacular views over the mainland coast an Anglesey and the rest of the magical North Wales coast.

Deganwy has residential areas, a few shops, places to eat, a fantastic and exciting marina development which contains plenty of beautiful boats, view and the Quay Hotel, Restaurant and Spa. The presence of a beautiful beach, wonderful hills and Deganwy castle – as well as the villages close locations to nearby attractive towns makes Deganwy hard to beat when looking for somewhere to live.

Deganwy is complete with a railway station that has frequent trains to local stations, as well as to and from Manchester Piccadilly. The selection of new houses Deganwy available is thanks to Beech Developments. This means that there is plenty to consider when finding the perfect house in the local area. From smaller homes for downsizing, to larger family homes perfect for all of the family, there is something for everyone in this phenomenal location.

During the development of these homes, Beech Development has considered everything you could ever want from new houses Deganwy. Understanding local communities, what a first class home consists of and what the most important aspects of a new home with attention to detail is, you can expect to see some world class homes available for you. Make that dream location become a reality when you choose to live in this area, where the coast meets the countryside, mountains and beautiful towns and villages that will allow you to live life exactly how you want.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What to consider when looking for your second home?

Buying a second home is ultimately something that a lot of people eventually have to do. After you have spent a while in your first home, you may need to find an alternative home for a number of reasons.

Have you outgrown your home? Some of the question you should ask yourself when considering moving home should be the following. If you find yourself answering yes to any of them, moving home may be for the best, so discovering a bit more about it should be in your best interest. New homes developer Conwy firm Beech Developments have a number of new homes perfect for your next house.

Is your family growing?
Are there people moving out?
Do you need to relocate for a new job?
Are you moving to a new location?
Do you want certain amenities or features?

What are the benefits of buying and moving my next home?

Your goals and preferences when looking to land yourself a new home are extremely unique. This means you have to be the one to lead the house hunt, using your requirements and preferences. The potential financial and personal benefits that go along with buying your next home may include:

Gaining additional space – Maybe you have outgrown your home and need more space for family, hobbies or your social life.

A more manageable space – If you wish to downsize or want to simplify your life, you may be looking to get a smaller home.

A quicker commute to a new job opportunity – Career changes may often make it necessary to move to a new area and find a new home.

Enhanced luxuries or home upgrades – Maybe you have the desire for additional amenities and upgrades in your home with additional income.

Estimate the cost of selling your current home

Before you start pricing your home, you should calculate sales costs, including;

Cost of repairs needed to maintain your home’s value.

Repairs to any leaky roofs, electrical or plumbing work

Make cosmetic improvements to increase the appeal of your home. Make your home more appealing by using new paints or landscaping.

The amount you will pay in real estate commission. Estate agents often receive commission when they help you sell your home.

If you are considering selling your home yourself, estimate your time and costs for advertising, showing the house to prospective buyers and handling negotiations.

Is there a prepayment penalty on your mortgage?

Have you planned for moving and some packing costs?

Estimate the sales price for your current home

If your home is priced realistically, you may be able to sell it faster.

Property valuators set a price by comparing a home to recently sold, nearby properties similar in square-footage, room number, age and features of the property. Should you manage to confirm a buyer for your home, you shold have lined up potential homes to move to, thus checking out new homes developer Conwy's offerings is a wise move.

Consider purchasing a home that needs renovation

When you opt for a home that requires renovation, you are often able to get them below their potential market value. This means you may be able to make some renovations and increase the value of the home, making for a positive investment, along with landing yourself a new home.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Role of Sea Defence Contractors UK

Coastal Defence Structures
The United Kingdom has a large amount of coastline and that is why sea defence contractors UK are particularly important in this country. Being an island means high interaction between land and sea. Just think of how many towns and cities in the UK are directly on the coast.

Our coast is very long relative to our county’s size at 12500km. That is one and a half times as long as Italy’s coast line. Costal engineering and sea defence schemes are vital to reduce the risk of flooding and protect homes and businesses on the coast. Sea defence contractors UK do not have a simple job; costal structures also require a large amount of maintenance due to erosion and flooding. It is not a case of simply building them. The long term picture needs to be carefully considered. Controlling erosion is the key to maintaining many costal structures to a safe standard.

Fluvial, Aeolian and Terrestrial sources of erosion are constantly acting on costal zones from the sea. Erosion can cause structures to become unstable and crumble, therefore flooding is not the only danger. Sea defence contractors in the UK need a strong knowledge of costal geology as well as the practice of civil engineering. Costal engineering and sea defence requires scientific understanding of the sea, rock and costal structures underpinning traditional engineering disciplines in the relevant areas. That is why specialist civil engineering contractors are needed and this is why the role of sea defence contractors in UK is so vital to our safety.   

North Wales is bordered by the sea on two sides. Most of its towns are coastal, for example Llandudno Conwy, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Bangor, Rhos on Sea and Conwy County alone has a 73km coastline! North Wales therefore entails intensive sea defence and maintenance. The UK’s tide changes quite a bit compared to the Mediterranean so even though we might think of the sea as a fixed border it most certainly is not. Without intervention by coastal engineering the town borders would be constantly moving. A seawall is a main defence structure used by sea defence contractors in the UK. It is necessary when the sea is impacting directly on land forms. Seawalls are a common and necessary feature in North Wales.

Sea defence plays a big role in preventing coastal flooding and its necessity could not be overlooked in coastal towns in north Wales earlier in the year during the particularly heavy rain and consequential flooding in many areas.

Sea defence contractors and coastal engineers have essential responsibilities to safety but also to not impact on the biodiversity of the coast. It is a difficult balance that requires specialist expertise.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Increase Your Home's Value Inexpensively

Are you trying to think of ways to increase the value of your home? Of course, you can contact an architect Denbigh for some advice on what could be done to your home to add value, or you could try and do a few bits and bobs yourself that do not cost thousands of pounds. If you are thinking long term, an extension, conversion or remodel could be your best bet – but if you’re thinking of some short term and inexpensive ideas, using the advice in this article could be beneficial.

Clean and ‘Declutter’ Your Home

Do a basic clean

Nothing will give you a better return on investment that some elbow grease and hard work. A cleaner house will make it look much more appealing to the estate agents when they come an value your property. This will just take some of your time and literally no money, meaning the time you put in could help increase your home’s value.

Get rid of clutter

Make sure that your house looks spacious by eliminating junk and unnecessary items. Any old furniture, decaying & ugly items, piles of paper and whatever else doesn't look neat and clean. If you don’t have it in you to part from some of your stuff, or the whole job seems too much for now, you should get a storage container until you have sold the house. It is always better to show an empty house than one that is riddled with clutter.

Deep clean

Once you have de-cluttered, you should have more room to work with. You should undertake a thorough housecleaning process, ranging from the typical chores like mopping and dusting, to the rarely-cleaned areas like skirting boards, blinds, heating vents, and furniture. You should steam clean your carpets and wash all your windows and walls. Wipe down all blinds and remove any broken screens. Looking outside, you should pressure-wash the dirt on the outside of your house, on the drive and pavements outside your home.

Eliminate odours

Sometimes people can’t detect odd smells because their noses are so accustomed to it. If you think your homes smells great, ask a friend to come from outside and give their opinion on it. Typical things that can create odours in a house include pets, dirty carpets, furniture, bedding and pets. Ensure all of these are cleaned appropriately to eliminate all smells.

Easy Do-it-yourself Projects

Spruce up the garden

Get rid of all the garden and household waste that could be stored in the garden. Make sure you lawn is kept in good condition – make sure it has been cut nicely. Trim the hedges get rid of weeds and care for the flower beds. If you don’t have much to work with, why not plant some flowers or buy some small shrubs to make your garden look a little bit more attractive. Anything more than that could be considered as a waste of money.

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint

Painting your walls can instantly brighten up your home and make it appear much clean and fresh. First, patch up any holes, no matter how small. Apply a few layers of paint to ensure you have got a great covering, and sand the layers gently, before topping it off with a coat of latex paint.

Put up fresh curtains and blinds

Blinds and curtains are relatively inexpensive and can make a big difference. Over time, the colours fade from the sun, so new ones can make a better impression than older ones.

Install modern light switches and outlet covers

Some modern switches can be installed very easily using the existing wires. Just make sure you turn off the power to the house before doing any work. New covers and switches can modernise a home, making the house look newer than it actually is. Dimmer switches are also desirable, so consider installing these.

Check the square foot of your home

Sometimes your home’s square footage will be higher than what the assessor has recorded. Even a few extra square feet can add a lot of value to your home, so ensure that it is measured accurately.
Add trimmings/ wood trim to your railings, ceiling trims, etc.

Simple ceiling trims and armchair railings are the easiest to do and can be an upgrade that makes everything look fresh, clean and stylish. To make a bold statement, why not paint your walls a neutral, flat colour and paint the trim a high gloss white.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Why should you buy a new build home?

new homes developer conwy
Although purchasing and moving into an older home may look like a good investment, it may not take too long to realise that you may very well have made a poor decision!

In second hand properties, it is common for faults and failures to occur in essential parts of the home, such as old windows, boilers, insulation and more, that can present an unwelcome expense.

When you buy a brand new house, you are usually presented with a much easier and positive experience, leading to a wonderful time in your new property. When buying a second hand home, you may have a hint of doubt that you are forced to deal with and later regret, whilst possible dealing with owners forcing you into paying prices and bidding out of your comfort zone. New homes developer Conwy shed some light on why you should consider a new build over an old property when you buy.

A Fresh Start

A brand new home is a fresh start for absolutely anybody. You can decorate every room exactly how you want. You won’t have to worry about past owners take on the house that you really can’t stand. You’ll have the say on every aspect of the home, from the d├ęcor in each bedrooms, to the important decisions including carpets, curtains, bathrooms and even the kitchen worktops.

As well as having the house looking exactly how you want it, a brand new home can actually be very kind on the pocket as well. Newly built homes are much better insulated that older property, with all new builds coming with state of the art double glazing as standard. This means your heat will be retained much better, saving you money on heating bills.

Help out Mother Nature

If you've been worried about global warming, then you’ll be able to sit back and remember that your new build houses are much kinder on the environment, as efficient boilers, heaters and insulation that mean you don’t have to waste electricity and gas. Most new homes now come with an energy rating certificate, which means that you can be sure that you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint and helping to sustain and save the planet we live on.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If helping the environment alone doesn't give you a great night’s sleep, then the top notch security of a new build will! New homes are extremely safe and much more secure than old properties. Fire safety, is increased hugely through state of the art smoke alarms, fire doors and fire retardant materials used throughout the building of your home. The architectural design of new homes and new extensions must abide by rigorous fire safety standards, which greatly increases your chance of escape should a fire break out.
Most builders will include security locks, burglar alarms and security lighting as part of your standard specification, so you can guarantee you’ll have all the latest safety features.

Getting a Good Deal

Building a new home offers plenty of flexibility, which allows you to open negotiation into the new property. You can negotiate financial incentives, bonuses like wood flooring throughout the property, curtains and carpets fitted special features and specific landscaping when talking to new homes developers.
Some new home developers will even include fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and much more, so bare this in mind when inquiring about a new home and the price.

No Property Chain

When you buy a new build home, you don’t have to wait for the nightmare process of waiting for the current owners to go and find somewhere else, deal with the complications surrounding the hand over and much more. Once you agree on a move in date, nothing should stand in your way, so always go to a solicitor to get advice and help surrounding the acquiring of a new home.

Beech Developments are a new homes developer Conwy that can offer you a beautifully designed new build home suitable for you and your family to have a wonderful fresh start. Become a part of a wonderful new community, with first class locations and highly desirable homes ready for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Why buying and moving into a new home is the way to go! Many New Homes now available in Deganwy North Wales

Moving home can be a big deal. There is a never ending list of things to consider when making your decisions regarding moving home, so ensure that you have considered all of the different options and can comfortably take a risk.

Home maintenance and repairs are a vital part of home ownership. For some, this task can be an annoyance, and they will happily take measures that mean they don’t have to manage the upkeep as often as others. The beauty of a new home is that they only require a fraction of the upkeep that older homes do, with the house/ parts of the house coming under warranty, so should you experience anything wrong, you are able to get help.

New homes also provide a number of opportunities to reflect your personality, tastes and creativity, as when you purchase or build a new home, you are able to customise it with your own homes fixtures, carpet, wall covers, worktops and much more, enabling you to express your personality and make your home comfortable.

Technological advancements also help make buying a new home more appealing. Redesigning an old house with today’s technology can be a bit of a miss match, with new things to consider, such as surround sound, wireless and other technologies. Designing your home with these new technologies in mind will make it much more modern, comfortable and suitable for you and your tastes.

Energy efficiency has gained more and more importance in recent years, with many homes trying to use sustainable energy generation, resources and with efficient solutions. Today’s technology and knowledge allows a new home to have state of the art and efficient solutions that will help reduce energy consumption, costs and utility bills.

Materials found in older homes can be a hazard to your health. From asbestos insulation to lead-based paint, many of the materials found in resale houses can be costly, if not impossible to replace. Any new home within this country must abide by strict building codes and safety requirements, protecting you and your family from potentially hazardous materials and build quality.

While a new home can seem like a pricey investment to make, once you have considered all for the hidden costs and hassle associated with a second hand home, it makes sense why you should go for that brand new one. You may not have thought it, but you may actually spend less than you would overall with a second hand home!

New homes developer Deganwy agents Beech Developments are a company that understand local communities, what a first class home consists of and what are the most important aspects of a new home, with of course, the attention to detail. You can ensure that anyone looking for a new build home in Deganwy can check out Beech Developments, a quality home developer located in North Wales.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Buying vs Renting: What should you do?

The answer to this question is never simple to answer. It always boils down to personal circumstances and current market conditions, so there is no generic answer. Instead there are several reasons why each option can be beneficial and what factors may play a part in your final decision. Here we outline a few things to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent a property.

Advantages of buying a property

Investing in your future

If you secure your own home and have a repayment mortgage rather than an interest only mortgage, you are effectively investing in your future and slowly creating a very valuable asset. Your payments each month are not going to a landlord and you gain a long term advantage through paying off your mortgage. At the end of the term of the mortgage you will hopefully have full ownership of the property.


If you own a home, you are able to do what you like with it (within planning regulations). You can make it a home for your family or simply move in and enjoy the property how you like. You will also control any decisions, problems and other factors regarding the property and won’t have to deal with Landlords or agents.

Discipline and experience

The house buying process can be a scary task. Once you have been through the process once, you will be able to do it again easily should you be purchasing another in the future. It can also be a fantastic way to kick-start financial planning for your future, helping you to create a household budget to manage the costs of running a home.


By purchasing a home you are actually becoming a part of an established community that make up of local amenities, facilities, school, shops, churches and more whilst making lifelong friends.

Advantage of renting a property


By renting a property over buying one, you are able to live pretty much wherever you like. In most cases you can break a rental contract after 6 months, so you can simply move to a new location, or perhaps give a property a test in an area before moving on to purchase a property.

Free from financial responsibility

As a renter you are not going to fall foul of any housing market related conditions. You will of course still pay rent but you aren't tied into monthly repayments then you won’t fall into negative equity at times.

No maintenance costs

A benefit of simply renting a home is that you don’t have the responsibility that an owner has. You are not responsible for decoration, maintenance and upkeep – the landlord usually is.

Cavendish Ikin Estate Agents Cheshire can aid you in buying, selling and renting houses. The Estate Agents are some of the best and most experienced property professionals in the country. Cavenidsh Ikin is Cheshire and North Wales' Number One Estate Agency.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Roof Trusses or Roof Rafters - Which is better?

Building a new home involves a lot of decision making and can leave you pondering over certain decisions. A main point surrounding the construction of a property is the decision over deciding which will be a better fit regarding the roof. Rafters or trusses?

Traditional Rafters 

Traditionally, homes were built with traditional rafters, which are a series of sloped structural beams that extend from the ridge or hip to the wall plate. They are intended to support the roof deck and the loads that come as a part of it. The board at the peak of the rafters tie into the ridge board, with horizontal members running half way down their collar ties. These collar ties work to hold the rafters and roof planes.

Roof Trusses 

The next question is why are traditional rafters not used as much these days? Well, it’s primarily because roof trusses (the alternative) have replaced them as they are less expensive and serve the same purpose. Roof trusses have smaller wooden members that have been engineered to provide similar strength without all of the expensive wood. This basically means that roof trusses area more efficient with both labour and materials. Trusses built in a manufacturing plant provide a controlled environment to give the highest quality possible and in a controlled output manner. As the construction of roof trusses can now be automated, it is easier for trusses to be built rather than the lengthy time of producing and installing rafters. Roof rafters are considered to be pretty ‘big’ jobs to install in comparison to roof trusses. Experienced construction firms can install the roof trusses in a single day, whereas roof rafters can take up to a week to complete.

Open designs

Rafter so have a major benefit that encourages some people to go ahead and use them over trusses. Rafters can create loads of space, allowing an open area within the roof. Although trusses do open a vaulted space, they do not do it as well as rafters. These are also good for creating space for living areas as they open up the space to provide maximum storage and living area. Insulation goes in between rafters and drywalls are applied to each face of each member. Trusses do also do this, but again, not as effectively.

Lead times 

The lead times vary from structure to structure, but it is generally considered that roof trusses may take a little longer due to engineering and drawings. Rafters can get your started up quicker and initially seem to be the better prospect to those hoping to finish within a timescale. Many people believe that waiting for your custom roof trusses are the better option, whereas other disagree. It’s down to personal preference.

Rafters for small projects 

When someone is working on a relatively small job, it often makes sense o use rafters. For example, should you be make a small addition to your home, you may not need to go through the hassle of getting a roof truss design and layout. A new garage is an example of a project where someone may choose to use rafters rather than trusses. Again, it depends on the circumstances and preferences. ‘Out of the way’ projects Some people may have a project that is located remotely, or ‘out of the way’. It could be on an island, up a hill or within a mountain. This can make it difficult and expensive to get roof trusses to the location due to their bulk. Depending on the configuration of the roof, trusses can be long and wide, meaning they cold need a large lorry to transport it.


 Quality between trusses and rafters is pretty much nothing. Unless you are going for an exposed look, the end result will often be the same or very similar no matter which option you choose. Often the decision will come down to cost, which results in trusses being selected. You should be sure to research and price out both options to various contractors and get details of the service and procedure required. This should allow you to select the best option from the information you have gathered. Following this guide will give you a brief overview to roof trusses and rafters. Aber Roof Truss Ltd offer a specialist service to those after a cost effective, excellent quality, quick turnaround and successful project regarding the roof structure of a project. For more information visit their website.