Monday, 23 December 2013

The Most Expensive Houses in the World

We all dream of a luxury home but some people can actually afford to build theirs from scratch to snap up the elite. Clearly they haven’t invested in concrete pumping in North Wales services as they would have saved themselves a little bit of money!

So, what are the priciest pads in the whole world? There are plenty of contenders so here is a compilation of the top 3 who would have had estate agents rubbing their hands with glee:

3. The Penthouse

Minus points for originality in the naming but that’s one of the only drawbacks to be sniffed at when you take a walk around this decadent flat in Hyde Park, London.

Central London is right in front of you as you gaze out of the picturesque panoramic windows and is quite the sight to behold. Well, that’s kind of to be expected when you fork out $100 million on an apartment.

With its own independent squash room and wine tasting room, this is definitely one for the rich and famous who can also keep away the pesky paparazzi with state of the art security features.

2. Villa Leopolda

The price of The Penthouse looks like spare change when you compare it to how much it would cost you to snap up this mansion in the French Riviera. $506 million, to be exact.

If you have a big family then the nineteen bedrooms at this grand estate should be adequate to house them all. Do you have green fingers? Then try and get a shear in if you can as there are fifty gardeners on hand at all times to help maintain your spacious backyard.

The most expensive mansion in all of Europe is at the top of many property mogul's wishlists.

1.  Antilia

Costing more than Villa Leopolda and The Penthouse combined, this manmade wonder in Mumbai will set you back a cool $1billion.

Strange in shape compared to Western design, this structure almost resembles a tower with many floors dedicated to individual purposes and activities. The original architect harnessed the mantra of “Vastu Shastra” to bring a calming gateway of positivity to the property.

If you’re not feeling some tranquillity then you can unleash in the ballroom, health floor or take the party to the four-story garden.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Gifts Shopping Online

If you don’t have time for a trip to the high street for Christmas gifts this December then your best option may be to shop online. Amidst the myriad of different deals and special offers on the web, there’s one place where you can find all the presents that a DIY enthusiast could ever need.

Billed as a “dazzling display of gifts this Christmas, the reduced range from Richard Williams definitely lives up to its tagline at as there are so many fantastic gift ideas at amazing rates. From the lightweight to the heavyweight, there’s a fine array of tools and trinkets to choose from.

Every amateur interior designer needs the best equipment to do the best job and the ranges available from Richard Williams certainly fit the bill.

With only the premier in home improvement products available, you are assured of the finest goods to get for that special someone during this season to be jolly. If their equipment is becoming a little worn then there’s no better time to upgrade to the newest from respected brands such as DeWalt and Irwin.

Reductions are available everywhere you look with as much as £100 taken off the price of some products – superb value if your wallet’s already taken a good bashing this year! Half price gifts are always welcome and there are one or two fantastic savings available from Richard Williams either online or in-store.

This well-established and much respected company has been around for many years and have always been at the top of their game. If you’d like some background information on your purchase before you buy then the experts at their sites in either Ruthin or Llandudno Junction will be more than happy to help.

Either as a little stocking filler or the big present to unwrap on the 25th, Richard Williams seasonal savings are a must browse for any Christmas shoppers this December.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Markit Boost for Concrete Pumping North Wales

An uneven few years for the construction sector looks like finally curtailing as news earlier this month suggested that the output is soaring to its highest figures in several years. Subsidiary companies, such as concrete pumping North Wales, can all look forward to a bright future.

Although not a massive rise on paper, statistics released by Markit’s PMI has sown a healthy rise of 3 points based on October and November’s output. October saw a figure of 59.4 whilst November managed an impressive 62.6: the highest since 2007. The rule of thumb is that anything exceeding 50 on the PMI indicates consistent growth.

There are many things to consider when you take into account this sudden surge; although anyone who’d been studying the situation will know it’s been altogether not sudden. A patient and vested few years have seen austerity creep in. meaning growth has been slow. 

The main factor for the gradual change of fortunes is possibly governemtn schemes of late but in fact, analysts point towards mortgages being easier to attain therefore giving any first time buyers the incentive they needed to take the plunge. Now, as quite possibly evidenced by these statistics, the Bank of England has withdrawn its funding so that the sector can once again stand on its own two feet.

With consistent schemes being implemented by the Conservative Party in Briatin, it will be interesting to see if this heralds a new dawn for the construction business and the estate market as a whole.

David Tinsley of BNP Paribas had this to say on the emerging pattern of success: "These survey indicators are suggesting something like a 1% rise in GDP [gross domestic product] in Q4.

"If this sort of pace can be continued into 2014, then the level of UK output will have risen above its pre-crisis peak by next summer."

Monday, 2 December 2013


Eco Joist
Eco Joists from Aber Roof Truss is an alternative to the more traditional solid joist. The Eco Joist consist of top and bottom timber flanges, joined together with galvanised 'V' shape steel webbing. They can either span between the wall construction or block work. The fact that they are made from galvanised steel instead of a wooden design allows for it to be less likely to ruin or loosen over time on account of servicing or alterations made to the truss. Instead the webbing can be easily worked around alter the set up without risking serious damage.

A few reasons to choose an Eco-Joist include:
The open webs gives easy access for servicing, electrical wiring, water pipes and even sewer pipes can run straight through quite easily. This eliminates need for drilling etc which can loosen joists over time.
Many tradesmen can work simultaneously in this type of Roof Truss.
They are light, robust and easy to install.
Once site dimensions are given these Eco-Joists are measured to size.
They are a lot stronger than the traditional Trusses which means less call out for cracked ceilings etc.

Eco-Joists are a great option for a long lasting truss that is easy to work upon efficiently. Maybe prefer them due to their strength but there are many factors in play when choosing thr right truss for your building. Aesthetics, materials, strength, ease. Aber Roof Trusses have worked with many different kinds of truss and so can give expert advice if you are unsure which is best for your property.

Aber Roof Truss now able to manufacture Eco-Joists at incredibly competitive prices for any project no matter the size. Pricing is an important factor for many when choosing a roof truss so be sure to check which kinds of truss are the best value for money.

For more information about Eco-Joists contact Aber Roof Truss Ltd.