Monday, 21 July 2014

Designer Paving Slabs and Concrete Pavers

Paving Products
When designing a home or commercial building’s outdoor spaces, you need to choose the perfect concrete paving slabs or concrete pavers for driveways, patios, paths and other paved areas, that matches the style, design and atmosphere of the structure.

Paved areas are important as they often lead up to entrances or surround the structure in question. Outdoor spaces make a huge first impression and help set the tone for the building so you need to choose a style that matches and conveys the right ideas.

Paving slabs and concrete pavers can create a clean neat finish but every style of concrete paver is quite different. Nowadays with the attention to detail on designer homes and commercial buildings, it is vital that you give due thought to the pavers you select. With so many different designs and styles now available on the market, how do you decide?

Monaprecast Concrete Paving Manufacturers are experts in the manufacture of precast concrete for a variety of applications including creating paving products. They specialise in developing a wide range of pavers for various situations and designer use.

With a long history of experience in the industry, this Anglesey based company now supplies concrete paving product nationwide and their products are used in major construction projects such as the construction of the new Welsh National Assembly Building.

Monaprecast have created a number of their own specialist concrete pavers and paving slab ranges including the Britannia Pavers, the Carreg Coble, Carreg Mon, Monapave, Monakerb, Monapave Hexagon, Monapave slab, Monapave permeable block pavers and the Penmon concrete pavers.

The Britannia pavers have a deliberately distressed and timeworn appearance to fit in with authentic buildings and are perfect for use in repairing older, historic structures while retaining their look.

Carreg Cobble copies the look of a traditional cobble stone path making them an elegant addition to traditional or contemporary homes.

Carreg Mon elegantly balances a superior appearance while still being perfect for use in rustic properties.
Monapave is a specially developed selection of concrete pavers from Monaprecast for use in different environments. All are excellent pavers for improving the facade of either traditional or modern buildings.

Monakerb is designed to be ideal for all edging paving solutions.

Monapave Hexagons offer a different style and shape in a wide range of colours and sizes. These charming bright pavers are perfect for all exterior locations.  

Monapave Permeable block pavers allow easy water runoff.

Monapave Slabs come in three beautiful finishes: smooth, contemporary Conwy and riven.

Penmon pavers have received special weather treatment so that they offer the beautiful effect of natural stone. They possess a shimmering quality and are a top favourite from Monaprecast.

Do not forget that you can mix and match different concrete pavers from Monaprecast for use in your architectural projects.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

LED Lighting Tech is the Future

LED Ribbon Tape

LED lighting technology is one of the most interesting, evolving forms of tech because of its broad applications, diverse usage and the fact that it is advancing all the time.

It is often the LED lights that seem the most simple that are proving the most popular. Your everyday LED Ribbon Tape is one of the most widely sold and used products within the LED industry. It is not the most advanced but it is one of the most adaptable.

LED ribbon tape and other LED products such as lamps and rope lights had humble beginnings in widespread use. Although they were always cutting edge and are now used in big displays, computer screens and many televisions they had trouble breaking into the world of useful everyday residential lighting. LED ribbon tape made this possible because it ushered in a whole new fashion in the lighting industry.

Previously, lighting in your home was a slave to its fixture. Lighting meant a bulb plain and simple and a bulb meant a lighting fixture; lamps, overhead lighting, chandeliers and various other fixtures for holding the bulbs. A whole interior design fashion accessory evolved from the need to have a fixture to hold and hide the bulb. This is because frankly the bulb, the source of the light was not necessarily attractive in its own right. LED ribbon tape and other similar products mean you can just see the visible light and there is no need for a fixture. They are easy to install and can be put almost anywhere.

Without the necessity of a fixture specialist accent lighting is now possible. Light can come in various shades, moods, tones, colours and intensity and be placed anywhere in your home even in draws and under shelves. They are great for creating an atmosphere or helping you find things without a torch in dark cupboards and corners. It is the development of this side of LED technology that has allowed LEDs to recently break into the residential lighting industry.
LED Illuminations are a fantastic LED lighting distributor who can supply LED lighting globally for both domestic and large commercial applications and even give in-depth industry knowledge as to which product will work best for your application.

In other aspects of the LED lighting industry technology is steaming ahead and recently Apple has invested in micro LED lighting technology companies. In Wales, a local LED company has received a £1.9m boost backed by Finance Wales so it is clear governments and corporate giants see the huge potential of LEDs beyond residential lighting. 

The Widest Range of Stylish Concrete Paviours

Concrete Paviours
Mona Precast are one of the best precast concrete specialists around. They produce a vast range of concrete materials that you will need for a major construction project. They are experts in producing a variety of concrete building blocks such as split faced textured blocks, split faced textured quions, coursing bricks, fair finish blocks, lightweight blocks, foundation blocks and fibotherm blocks. The company also produce their own range of concrete mega blocks, ideal for semi permanent buildings.

One of their product ranges that sells particularly well, nationwide over the summer months is their highly extensive range of concrete paviours. Concrete paviours or pavers as they are often known are the perfect addition to your patios, driveways and garden paths this summer. The paved area looks neat and clean and adds great landscaping to your garden by separating lawn areas. Creating different areas to your garden allows you to have different atmospheres and plants. A paved area is perfect for potted plants. Paved areas are especially popular as it is thought to create an exotic feel to your outdoor spaces and can better utilise the space of smaller gardens. Driveways can also be improved vastly by a fresh paving job.

In the past natural stone has been most popular for paving in homes. Commercial buildings would normally choose concrete paving for its ease but the beautiful and varied effects of imported, foreign natural stone were most prized in homes. This gave a wide variety of choice in the look, texture, marbling and colouring of the stones chosen, however more recent technologies have allowed concrete slabs and paviours to mimic this look very accurately.  Concrete paviours are cheaper than natural stone but looks just like it thanks to new techniques in its manufacturing. It is easier to maintain, cheaper and looks just as good as the natural stone and is less easily eroded by the elements.

Mona Precast have a great range of paviours and slabs to choose from in a wide range of colours and textures, whether you are looking for a contemporary feel or a rustic atmosphere.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

High Quality Grab Hire Services in North Wales

Skip Truck
If you are working on a construction site or any location where you require bulk waste disposal then grab hire is the best option for moving large amounts of rubble and other waste materials quickly and easily.

During property development and construction, you must remember to arrange proper waste disposal. When it comes to property it is easy to remember all the services and industries you require for the creation, purchase or sale of property but there are many regulations concerning waste disposal that must be adhered to including on-site premises. Building work can produce large amounts of waste debris which must be disposed of in the correct manner for all materials.

City Skips Grab Hire in North Wales Services are ideal for anyone in the region looking for a fast and effective way to shift large amounts of waste. City Skips offer a wide range of skip hire and waste disposal services including various sized skips, site clearance, plant hire and grab hire.

On construction sites, grab hire can often be a much cheaper and more convenient option compared to regular skip hire because you are able to stack the waste in an easily accessible area then the grab lorries can simple enter and take it all away for you.

Grab cranes can work quickly to load up and remove your waste and are ideal for builder’s waste, green waste or mixed waste. With City Skips you can also be assured that the waste will be disposed of in the appropriate manner with all materials being sorted for you and recycled if possible. They make sure to use the most environmentally friendly waste disposal methods to avoid expanding tip sites and negative impact on the environment.

Grab hire lorries come in various sizes appropriate for the job so simply call up and explain what you need so the relevant lorry can be sent to your location. Choosing grab hire in North Wales from a reliable, local company cuts out a great deal of work for your builder’s on construction sites and helps with efficiency of the build so be sure you have made the right arrangements before you begin your work. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Building Contractors in North Wales to Benefit from New School

building contractors in North Wales

Recent news has indicated that plans to move ahead with a shakeup of schools in Anglesey are being cemented, making it a great opportunity for building contractors in North Wales.

Progression for plans to close a total of three schools in Anglesey and create a larger area school has been circulating around lately after recommendations from council officers that the changes take place.

As a primary school, it is touted that Ysgol Llanfachreath will make way for the new build with Ysgol Cylch y Garn in Llanrhuddlad and Ysgol Ffrwd Win in Llanfaethlu also being closed after a decision was made back in February 2013. The main reason behind the project is allegedly that there are too many open spaces at the present schools meaning it would make sense to consolidate them all into one. This is backed up by Ysgol Llanddeusant being forced to close in 2011 after a decline in students.

This would present a great chance for building firms all over North Wales to aid with the closing of the three schools but to also build the new one which is still waiting approval which is looking highly likely that it will.

It follows news that the council will have less responsibility when it comes to education and that it may be sourced to an outside consortium according to a recent report: “The national model is based on a vision of regional school improvement consortia working on behalf of local authorities to lead, orchestrate and co-ordinate the improvement in the performance of schools and education of young people.
“Local authorities retain the statutory responsibility for schools and school improvement.”

Also announced, there is the possibility that construction workers for the new Wylfa B project on Anglesey could be housed in vacated schools.

As there will be quite the workforce all descending on the region to aid with the build, they will need accommodation as outlined in plan drafter up by Anglesey council: “The role and size of these centres is such that they are likely to be better able to support construction worker accommodation, whilst minimising the risk of adverse social and environmental impacts.”

In addition, the report states that renovations to Holyhead port and the roads on the Isle of Anglesey may also be necessary for the future but there is no indication of this touted plan being put into action just yet.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Concrete Pumping in Chester: The Guidelines

Are you undertaking a heavy duty construction process and need a quick and reliable way of transferring your concrete for the big build? Concrete pumps and concrete placing booms are two of the tools which are always advised to those who want streamlined processes in their construction based concrete pumping in Chester and beyond.

Over the years, concrete pumps have become fundamentals in their field and continue to be deployed in many practical areas across the globe. They allow the material to be pumped great distances in pipelines, allowing for a far easier and more straightforward action. However, it could be worth noting that the excess pressure to a pipe has led to some health and safety concerns from those in the industry but if you consider purchasing only the best in supporting apparatus, such as concrete placing booms, you can be assured that you’re following the guidelines.

In any work area, it’s hugely important that senior employees undertake relatively regular checks on equipment to ensure health and safety for all employees. This goes doubly for those in an industrial area, such as one which is using concrete pumping. They need to evaluate the placement of the pump and boom, how well they are maintained, if they are in need of maintenance and if beyond repair, how best to proceed with replacement.

As well being a senior responsibility, it should be noted that all employees have an obligation to take stock of their operations and to remain vigilant in case of potential accidents. If you suspect that your equipment may be at a state of disrepair, consult your supervisor. If you notice a colleague acting inappropriately or flaunting guidelines, consult your supervisor. If the pump and boom is incorrectly placed for the particular operation, consult your supervisor.

If you think your current concrete pumping set-up may be insufficient or that you may simple want correspondence with premier name in the industry, consult a knowledgeable supplier who will be able to assist you with all the information that you and your business may need.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Glossary of Architectural Terms

Aisle – situated along the body of a building, this is separated by columns among others.

Arch – a weight support that is curved by design: commonly used for gates.

Arris – the adjoining point of two sharp edges at an angle.

Attic – located below the roof in some houses, an attic is an enclosed storey.

Basement – a feature of a house which lies on the lowest storey; typically for storage.

Bay window – a large window that enables you to look out at the exterior of a house

Bond – usually used in terms of brickwork, this is when two or more bricks are joined in an overlapping way.

Cantilever – an overhead that is an unsupported, acts as a lever.

Chimney – used for ventilation, typically located in the living/front room of a house.

Column – a structure which can take the wight of other floors of a building

Fanlight – a window which has glazing bars that radiate out, much like a fan

Gambrel – referring to a roof that is two sided and equilateral on both sides

Gazebo – a pavilion which can be easily set up and then easily dismantled, usually found in gardens and public parks

Keystone – an important facet of joining the crown of an arch and acts as a “lock” for all parts

Latticework – a criss-cross design of framework, often found on garden fences

Mansard roof – a form of hip roof which originates from France

Mullion – this divides two windows and is usually a vertical bar of wood

Niche – a small space (see: nook)

Parapet – provides protection from falling from a rooftop

Pavilion – a freestanding structure and one that is commonplace in many public places

Pelmet – located above a window; a type of framework

Pier – Found across many seaside resorts, this is the support for a superstructure

Portico – a covered walkway at the front of a building

Quoin – walls use these as cornerstones

Rotunda – typically giant in size, these are usually the most grandiose places in a building and are supported by a dome

Spandrel – a space in the middle of arches

Truss – triangular units that support a structure; used in the home but commonly implemented for bridges and larger builds

Ventilation shaft – a modern twist on the chimney that does not appear as visible as a tool for airflow

If you’d like to know some more of the essential terms when it comes to architecture, be sure to consult BR Architecture. As one of the most established and respected architects Cheshire has to offer, you can be assured that they’ll be able to assist you with any additional queries

Friday, 31 January 2014

Kilwaughter K Rend North Wales

Kilwaughter K Rend North Wales
Richard Williams Builder’s Plumber’s and Timber Merchants are the leading stockists of Kilwaughter K Rend North Wales. They are also the leading suppliers of Kilwaughter K Rend in the North West of England.

Kilwaughter are global industry leading manufacturers of K Rend, Kilwaughter Lime and K Landscapes. K Rend is their personal brand and one of the most well-known products of its kind. Kilwaughter has been manufacturing K Rend for over 20 years and they are among the first render manufacturers to have achieved the Kitemark licence. This assures you of their products, safety, high quality and reliability.

Your local builder’s merchants Richard Williams are proud to stock K Rend and be the leading stockists for your region. Richard Williams have two branches in North Wales including our Llandudno Junction and Ruthin branch. The staff are always knowledgeable of our products and on hand to give you advice and assistance.

Richard Williams supply and deliver K rend throughout the North Wales area. 

When applying K Rend, to achieve the desired, most uniform result, it is recommended that you scrape the compete surface evenly with a scraping tool when the render is set but not hard and remove about 2mm. This helps deliver a uniform texture to your exterior render.

K Rend at Richard Williams is available in 20 standard colours. The most popular colours we usually have in stock but we can always order other colours in for you.

Richard Williams have a wide range of products for building and plumbing work. You can also select timber and take advantage of our cutting service in the timber yard. They have a brick matching service to help you achieve the idea effect in your renovation work. From K Rend to Garden Care we have everything you need for a spot of DIY or extensive building projects.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Insurance Tips for Landlords in Liverpool

Landlord's Insurance Liverpool
Landlord’s insurance is a very important and vital part of protecting your business if you rent out your property or properties. When choosing your landlord’s insurance Liverpool you should look for a commercial insurance broker who specialises in a wide range of business insurance including Landlords Insurance.

Another important factor to consider is whether they understand your area or your company. Some larger insurers take a one size fits all approach to cover which sometimes does not suit smaller businesses, therefore it is better to choose a company that actually specialises in small to medium sized businesses in your area. This way they are more convenient if you wish to meet someone face to face to discuss your options and they can get a better idea of how your business works. They will also understand the area you are working in and what possible issues might affect your cover such as warranties etc.

The best way to get a good deal on your cover is to do research so you can understand the kind of cover you need and get a competitive insurance premium. Find insurers who are honest and transparent with their clients. If you do not understand your policy how can you know your legal responsibilities as a landlord and what situations you are covered for? The best business insurance specialists should stand by your company and help your policy grow with your business as well as explaining things like ‘rent guarantee’ and help you cover the cost of tenant eviction under special legal expenses policies.

Make sure the insurers you choose are Chartered Insurance Institute Qualified advisors. That way you know you are getting genuine, professional advice from trained staff.

The best companies will offer face to face meetings and let you talk to a real person rather than a machine.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Different DIY Sealants

Building Supplies North Wales | Sealants
There is a wide choice of building supplies in North Wales available from your plumbers and builders merchants in Denbighshire. They can supply you with everything you need to crack on with all those pesky DIY jobs around the home. Sealants of various kinds are one of the most useful pieces of DIY equipment in your arsenal.

Sealants are used for so many different jobs and tasks. If you need to lay tiling, flooring or connect gutters you will require a sealant. Sealants are used in so many DIY jobs and that means there is a lot of difference between different kinds of sealants.

The variety of sealants available can be confusing if you are new to DIY. When collecting your required building supplies North Wales you can be confounded by all the cryptic sealant labels so before you buy the wrong kind it is good to get to grips with what they are all used for.

Sealants have many uses including internal DIY, such as fixing in windows or even electrical equipment. You will have probably recognised that sealants are frequently used in the bathroom because of all the tiling and particularly with glass door showers. When choosing a sealant for a bathroom DIY job look out for a fungicide in the ingredients. If it contains this then it is highly likely it is a sealant suitable for bathrooms as this is to help guard against the fungal attracting effects of damp commonly found in steamy environment such as your bathroom.

Sealants with a weatherproof seal in them are the best for exterior DIY. If you need to seal an exterior door or for joints in concrete then a sealant containing a weatherproof seal will be the most hardy and durable against the elements. Silicone sealants are ideal for both indoor and outdoor sealing but there many kinds of silicone sealants, including low modulus sealants and high modulus sealants. The former allows more movement are therefore will be better suited to exterior environments.

When you are looking for the right sealant you will find silicone based sealants to be the most commonly used for DIY jobs. In addition to ones suited just for indoor and outdoor sealing you can also acquire specialist silicone sealant. This may be required if the sealant is in use near food such as the sealant on a fridge. In the case of ovens you would require a high temperature resistant sealant and there are also nontoxic, waterproof sealants for fish tanks.

Other kinds of sealants include acrylic sealants. These are paintable and therefore preferred for filing around wood and door frames. They are less flexible than silicone so if the weather is unpleasant it is best not to apply them on exterior surfaces and wait for a drier day. Polymer sealants are considered useful for many applications and polyurethane sealants are the best water resistant sealants.

Rubberised sealants work well for your gutters and polysulphides are great is a watertight seal is necessary.

Understanding the job of the sealant will help you choose the best one for your DIY jobs but when in doubt always ask your local builder’s merchant before beginning a task.