Thursday, 31 July 2014

3 Landmarks Architects in Anglesey Would Have Loved to Build

In terms of history and wonderful tapestry, the Isle of Anglesey is one of the richest throughout North Wales. With preservation being high on the agenda for the local council, many listing buildings throughout the island are still in top condition and attract plenty of visitors.

Here are 5 of the most eye-catching places and landmarks on the famous island that architects in Anglesey would have loved to get their hands on before they were eventually built.

1. Skerries Lighthouse
This huge construct is unmistakable for sailors making their way to the Anglesey coast with its innovative design standing out. It’ still fully activated though there isn’t anyone currently manning it, all lighting is automated from a base in Holyhead.

After initially being built by William Trench, who tragically lost his son off of nearby rocks, the lighthouse has been through many renovations and restorations over the centuries. With it initially being lit in 1716, it stands as one of the oldest lighthouses throughout Britain.

2. Beaumaris Castle
If you love your history, then Beaumaris Castle is an absolute must. How contemporary architects would relish building a fortress such as this one!

The castle itself has swapped hands more often than a Premier League football club as it was going to and from the English and Welsh for many years during times of civil war. Despite all of this and the amount of battles that have been seen there over the years, it could be a bit of a surprise to know it is actually incomplete.

After funding fell short, its occupants at the time left it as it was and Beaumaris Castle is now a popular attraction for tourists from far and wide.

3. St Bueno’s Church
Steeped in history and gorgeous fixtures, this is a place of worship that, despite its age at almost 900 years old, is still used popularly by the Church of Wales.

Many important people have stepped through its hallowed doors over the years, no doubt lured by its beautiful stain glass windows and fascinating architecture. It’s unusual in composition and is one of the more remarkable churches in Wales, to find out why you’ll just have to go and check it out in person!

Not many churches are built in modern times so architects in Anglesey will no doubt have leapt at the chance to build something like St Bueno’s.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Designer Paving Slabs and Concrete Pavers

Paving Products
When designing a home or commercial building’s outdoor spaces, you need to choose the perfect concrete paving slabs or concrete pavers for driveways, patios, paths and other paved areas, that matches the style, design and atmosphere of the structure.

Paved areas are important as they often lead up to entrances or surround the structure in question. Outdoor spaces make a huge first impression and help set the tone for the building so you need to choose a style that matches and conveys the right ideas.

Paving slabs and concrete pavers can create a clean neat finish but every style of concrete paver is quite different. Nowadays with the attention to detail on designer homes and commercial buildings, it is vital that you give due thought to the pavers you select. With so many different designs and styles now available on the market, how do you decide?

Monaprecast Concrete Paving Manufacturers are experts in the manufacture of precast concrete for a variety of applications including creating paving products. They specialise in developing a wide range of pavers for various situations and designer use.

With a long history of experience in the industry, this Anglesey based company now supplies concrete paving product nationwide and their products are used in major construction projects such as the construction of the new Welsh National Assembly Building.

Monaprecast have created a number of their own specialist concrete pavers and paving slab ranges including the Britannia Pavers, the Carreg Coble, Carreg Mon, Monapave, Monakerb, Monapave Hexagon, Monapave slab, Monapave permeable block pavers and the Penmon concrete pavers.

The Britannia pavers have a deliberately distressed and timeworn appearance to fit in with authentic buildings and are perfect for use in repairing older, historic structures while retaining their look.

Carreg Cobble copies the look of a traditional cobble stone path making them an elegant addition to traditional or contemporary homes.

Carreg Mon elegantly balances a superior appearance while still being perfect for use in rustic properties.
Monapave is a specially developed selection of concrete pavers from Monaprecast for use in different environments. All are excellent pavers for improving the facade of either traditional or modern buildings.

Monakerb is designed to be ideal for all edging paving solutions.

Monapave Hexagons offer a different style and shape in a wide range of colours and sizes. These charming bright pavers are perfect for all exterior locations.  

Monapave Permeable block pavers allow easy water runoff.

Monapave Slabs come in three beautiful finishes: smooth, contemporary Conwy and riven.

Penmon pavers have received special weather treatment so that they offer the beautiful effect of natural stone. They possess a shimmering quality and are a top favourite from Monaprecast.

Do not forget that you can mix and match different concrete pavers from Monaprecast for use in your architectural projects.