Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Benefits of a Roof Truss & Some Interesting Info!

Roof trusses are prefabricated, measured and fitted wooden support beams which support the roofing structure of a traditional style building.  Roof trusses allow flexibility in design and are also very visually appealing in a rustic/ornate way.

Cost effectiveness
Roof trusses are considered a cost effective method of securing roof installation. Long clear spans can be achieved at an economic rate. This way trusses can span 10-15 metres without any need for internal support. Open plan homes suit this method exceptionally.

Eases the process.
Piece of mind for building authorities and certifying engineers
With development, it alleviates the need for any designers or engineers to prepare detailed specifications concerning roof, floor and wall parts.  Conventional roof building today leaves an awful lot up to chance and the builder’s opinion. In terms of the roof’s strength. However, a trussed roof system is designed beforehand by engineers; this accommodates a specified roof design and meets all building codes. This ensures a uniform size and roof pitch, less can go wrong.

Aesthecally pleasing
Roof Trusses are more and more considered to be very handsome when left exposed in a natural fashion, and can even be a wonderful decorative piece.

Built offsite
Trusses are delivered the site, all ready to install which minimises complications on the day. Unlike other materials which re supplied on site for stick built construction, trusses are specially designed for each and every job. Materials are much less likely to be subjected to thievery.  Production of trusses takes place off site which means that it will not be subjected to site conditions. (Weather conditions, space etc.)

Roof trusses and their systems allow for almost any kind of custom roof design and shape imaginable; this allows features such as cross gables and cathedral ceilings, all without being prohibitively expensive.

Friday, 26 June 2015

K Rend Suppliers

K Rend
When you are choosing K Rend for the exterior render of your property you have a great choice in colour range, texture and design so how do you know what will work best?

​One of the K Rend textures available is the Silicone Thin Coat. It has a fine texture to its finish and is available in two sub textures: TC15 and TC30. These codes refer to the maximum particle size within the mix.

Another option is the Silicone Scraped Texture. The scraped texture offers a dynamic finish which is obtained by floating the mix to a level surface then scraping over the render while it is still not set hard. The objective is to remove 2mm to deliver a uniformity to the overall textured result.

There is actually a choice of four products within this texture range alone.

• Silicone FT
• Silicone Spray E Grade
• New Silicone K1
• K1 Spray

If you are unsure which product will deliver which texture head to your local K Rend suppliers like Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants in North Wales, their friendly staff will explain the difference and best methods of application.

If you desire that traditional pebble stone dash appearance try the Silicone Dash Receiver range. Its pebble dash appearance is achieved by applying the receiver and then throwing the aggregate onto the surface while the receiver is still wet.

Once again K Rend provides a wealth of choice even within texture ranges. There are 3 products within this range:

• Silicone Dash
• Overcoating Silicone Dash
• Silicone Spray Dash

Another option is Silicone Roughcast. It is very similar to the pebble dash finish but offers a more painted pebble dash result.

​If you love a brick finish K Rend even has a solution for that with the Brick Rend texture. The method is to apply two different coloured coats, wet on wet. The top coat is then cut through to expose the mortar layer. The mortar joints create a brick effect finish.

Once you have chosen your texture there is a wide colour range of 20 different shades to choose from as well as different design features available from K Rend to make your property finish extra special. To find out more about the different options with K Rend design contact your local supplier Richard Williams K Rend Suppliers in North Wales for advice or pop to either of their branches in Llandudno Junction or Ruthin for a chat.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Plan Your Move Abroad with Coastline Removals

Overseas Removal Companies
Moving home is a stressful and strenuous task, which is stretched over a long period and that applies even to those moving within a short radius of their existing property. If on the other hand you have decided to move to abroad, there is a whole array of other things to consider and it can seem more stressful than ever.

Searching for one of the best overseas removal companies is one of the first tasks to get started with. Moving down the road, to the other side of town or to another county can be simple enough with the right company or good friends and family to help out, but moving overseas involves a lot more planning.

Coastline is a removals company who have extensive experience in helping people move abroad in a smooth, efficient and successful manner. They are very familiar with all of the procedures when it comes to ports and moving goods into other countries, assuring you are getting the best service possible. With this expertise on your side, you can make sure that the move goes in the smoothest way possible.

When it comes to packing up your items, you probably have a lot of things that need transporting a long way. Some people make moves across the other side of the world to countries like Australia, and this requires precision planning and organisation. You need to make sure that you stay organised from an early date. This means as soon as you know you are going to move you should think about how you can best organise the entirety of the move and choose your pick from a selection of overseas removal companies like Coastline.

If you’re moving permanently abroad, then you probably want to move all of your items in several stages across to your new home. However, if you are moving temporarily abroad then you may want to put some of your things into storage.

Coastline Removals can help you organise local, secure and clean storage facilities where all of your personal items can stay and be cared for whilst you are abroad temporarily. They have storage in Llandudno, North Wales which is a great option for those who have lots of furniture and items but simply do not know what to do with them.

They make the thought of a stressful move simple, with their trained team of staff guiding you every step of the way. They have a packing service specifically designed for international removals, a range of transit options to suit your needs, international storage options at a secure warehouse at your destination and a comprehensive range of insurance options.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Invest in Healthy Eating Appliances

Sous Vide
There’s a selection of showrooms featuring fantastic fitted kitchens in North Wales and across the UK, many of which host a number of quality kitchen appliances to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re considering opting for the lifestyle of healthy eating, but don’t want to be tempted by the convenience of placing pizza and chips in the oven, then there’s a few appliances you should introduce yourself to.

Steam and Sous Vide cookery is the way forward for domestic cookery applications. You can create perfectly bakes, roasts and scrumptious slow cooks every time with the use of these units.

Why is this good for your food? Well, steam penetrates food and transfers heat evenly and efficiently. The highly saturated atmosphere also stops food from drying out, whilst still giving you that perfect colour on your roast potatoes and meats. Great for the ideal Sunday Lunch, wouldn't you agree?

The efficient conduction reduces cooking time, which keeps the vibrant colour in your vegetables, stops food from getting a mushy texture and also prevents breakdown of essential vitamins.

If you love the finish you get on your meat from slow-cooking, then Sous Vide ovens are what you need. You can cook your steaks to perfection over three hours, with precise 1 degree Celsius increments of temperature.

If you are a Sous Vide enthusiast, then you may have come across vacuum packing, which is available at industry grade for your home. You can waste less and eat fresh more often, simply by storing your perishables in an oxygen free and sterile environment.

Lastly, steam ovens by AEG which are supplied by Greentree Kitchens offer a dehydration function. Dehydration is a powerful, yet underused tool when cooking in a household. Ways of preserving food in a healthy way is a topical subject. You can preserve your own supplies, make healthy snacks and reduce your household waste with the use of food dehydration.

There’s no need to worry about losing flavours, as you can dry mushrooms, stocks and vegetables for intense flavouring and quick to hand ingredients. There are so many benefits to utilising the correct tools in the kitchen, to ensure you are eating healthy, reducing household waste and increasing sustainability.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

British Coastlines & Communities: How Can Sea Defence Help?

There is an array of British coastlines across the nation, which are collapsing through worsening erosion. There’s a variety of the country’s favourite coastal beauty spots that have already suffered from flooded beaches and further damage to buildings in the local area. However, more is expected to come under threat over the decades from rising seas. 

Defence contractors in the UK are there to complete sea defence projects with quality rock armour, in order for local communities close by to these affected coastlines to stay safe. A number of Wales’ most loved places which are currently under threat, include Llanrhidian Marsh in Gower, Cwm ivy in Swansea, Stockpile and Abereiddi. 

Failing sea defences have been removed from the latter to allow a beach area to realign 30 metres inland, but defence contractors are set to save the beloved locations from further damages. 

Approximately 1,100 miles of English coast alone, which is estimated to be a total of 2,800 miles, is currently at risk of coastal erosion. The Environment Agency has estimated that around 700 properties could be lost to coastal erosion over the next 20 years, with as many as 2,000 over the next 50 years. 

Flood and Sea defence is an extremely important sector to consider, in order to prevent further damage being caused across the nation. Fortunately, the UK Government has invested £2.3 billion into helping many areas across the UK with funding for over 1,500 projects. 

The National trust has many miles of coastline under its control, but 60% of their own is already severely damaged by erosion. They have estimated that as a result to this devastation, a tenth of its coastline could retreat naturally by up to 200 metres inland over the next 100 years. However, 5% of this is likely to move back by an even greater distance. 

The new national database SurgeWatch that was announced earlier on this year, is another solution researchers have come up with to help prevent traumatic changes over the upcoming years. You can find out more about this useful tool, by reading the article: SurgeWatch: A New Database to Help PreventCoastal Flooding.