Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Property For Sale In Chester

Cavendish Residential Chester
If you are looking for gorgeous property for sale in the city of Chester you need a dedicated estate agents in Chester who understand the location, your needs and offer an outstanding service.

There are a number of estate agents in Chester to choose from so how do you know who will deliver the best service? Cavendish Residential are one of these Chester based estate agents. They are well known for their expertise, in depth local knowledge and highly trained staff. The firm has a long history of experience with offices throughout Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales.

If you are looking to get your property sold they can help with their great understanding of what makes property sell. They have a high attention to detail and know the local and wider property market. They understand what buyers are looking for and what little touches can put them off or make a sale. The firm uses the latest technology and marketing techniques to make sure your property gets the most coverage possible, however they never waste a buyer’s time. Cavendish Estate Agents in Chester offer a friendly, professional customer service but they also always take the time to listen and truly understand what kind of property you are looking for. They always strive to find properties that closely match what you are looking for.

Cavendish know all about the best areas in Chester and where to find high quality property, including some fantastic hidden gems. Whether you are looking at the city centre or the outskirts they will help you find the right property for you.

Whether you are a student, new to the city, moving within Chester, a young family or retiring, Cavendish work to understand your needs and find you the best property out there.

Building, Plumbing and Timber Supplies in Denbighshire

Richard Williams Truck
If you are a builder, construction worker, plumber or on a DIY mission in Denbighshire, North Wales you need to be familiar with your local builder’s merchants.

Richard Williams Builder’s, Plumber’s and Timber Merchants are found in Ruthin and deliver their products throughout the Denbighshire area.

They stock absolutely everything you need for your building project or plumbing project, along with a huge selection of timber supplies. Whether it’s tools, equipment or materials you need Richard Williams can help. Come visit their Ruthin depot with a heavy side yard, light side yard, timber yard and shop.

In addition to their wide ranging stock they offer great in branch services, including a timber cutting service, brick matching service, key cutting service, delivery service and credit account service.

Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you find what you are looking for or to offer advice on the best products for the job. They stock tools, materials and equipment for any building, civil engineering, plumbing, gardening or DIY job you can think of. All their supplies are from the best manufacturers in the industry and they only use trusted brands.

From plumber’s tools and sanitary ware to heating systems and brassware they have everything plumbers need. With their decorators tools, large assortment of paints, tiles, flooring and more they stock everything you could want for decorating and with their exterior render, sand, bricks, blocks, lintels, plastering products, insulation and so much more they have you covered for every possible building project.

Richard Williams is a well-known family business in the Denbighshire area with a very long history in the region, so if you are looking for a trusted builder’s merchant who deliver throughout your area then look no further than Richard Williams.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Houses For Sale Near Llandudno

North Wales housing development
Beautiful homes in stunning locations are in high demand in North Wales. The desire for high end properties has not abated and the summer season continues to see a desire for the more luxurious homes on the spectrum, particularly modern, new build homes and environmentally friendly homes.

Energy efficiency is something that is increasingly taken into consideration in the value of a home. If you are looking for luxury houses for sale near Llandudno that are also environmentally friendly than Gwel-Y-Mynydd may be exactly what you are looking for.

These exquisite houses for sale by Beech Developments incorporate all the most sustainable building methods, including solar panels, energy efficiency, heat retention, sensitive planting to encourage wildlife and much more. These new build homes are also built with a huge attention to detail giving each a wealth of character you just won’t find in other new builds.

Not only are the homes themselves beautiful but they boast an outstanding location in the rolling countryside in Llandudno Junction. The homes are only 5 minutes’ drive from the charming energetic town of Llandudno with all its famous seaside destinations.

What makes these houses for sale special is that the development actually covers a wide range of house types so people with all tastes and from all walks of life can find their dream home here. Whether you are a young professional, a new family, a couple or anything else there will be a house type to suit you with detached, semi-detached, town houses and all available through Help To Buy Wales.

These new homes are within easy travelling distance of work, public transport, schools and local amenities but the properties are being snapped up fast. The last development by Beech proved extremely popular and already many homes have been reserved from Gwel Y Mynydd, so reserve one soon to avoid disappointment.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Planning Tips for Your Kitchen

Inline Gloss Grey Kitchen
It’s officially the start of the summer season and the school holidays have just begun, making this the perfect time of the year to gather friends and family in the garden and make fantastic platters of food for all to enjoy.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, as this is where friends stand and natter away whilst you cook and pour drinks, families gather to plate up their Sunday roasts and many bake delicious treats.

When renovating a kitchen many of us focus on the style and aesthetic of our space, but not the functionality. This could be things as simple as what spot is best for the fridge or where are we going to place the bin? There are many practical aspects of your kitchen you need to bear in mind when designing your new space.

There are many kitchens in North Wales, the North West and other places in the UK that are featured in furniture showrooms, to provide us with visual guidance on how a fantastic kitchen should look. Here are a few tips to consider:

Breakfast Bar Overhang – Depending on how much space you have in your kitchen, a breakfast bar can be implemented. These are ideal for kitchens that are integrated in the lounge, as they separate it from the living space but provide a seated area to eat or even work. To ensure everyone is comfortable at a breakfast bar, it is best to consider an overhang on your island/breakfast bar. This provides extra leg room which is a must for many.

Dishwasher/Sink Placement – For many a dishwasher is a luxury appliance and their kitchen does not have room for one, but for those who do have one it is important to install it in the right location. Firstly, install it next to the sink to avoid dripping water and grease across the floor as this is more convenient. Additionally, it is also important to place it close by to the sink due to plumbing works.

Recycling & Waste Bins – The location of your bin for general waste should be in a spot that is easily accessible, without the need to walk right into the kitchen. This is to avoid getting in the way of those who are cooking, but so those just walking by can easily deposit waste. If you have recycling bins it may be best to integrate these into cupboards so they are hidden away.

Space – When designing your kitchen, it is advised to leave 1 meter of floorspace between your two worktops. This ensures that if two or more people are in the kitchen at one time, they will feel comfortable enough to continue cooking, prepping or even just standing to talk to others.
There are so many planning tips available and these are starters to consider.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Get Organised for Your Big Move

Moving property and the items from one place to another takes a great deal of organisation, time management and physical strength. Typically you would have a big collection of boxes, fragile items, valuables, heavy furniture and much more. This means hiring a firm from a selection of removal companies in North Wales, the North West or anywhere else in the UK, would be a worthwhile investment for your move.

When it comes to hiring a removals company, price isn't everything. Make sure you get several quotes from various removal companies in your area to be able to compare against one another. This goes for previous customer feedback, the services they can offer and their professionalism.

Always remember to read the fine print on these quotes, as some are subjected to various terms and conditions, but these are not obvious. The last thing you want amongst everything else you have going on during your move is an invoice through the letterbox for an amount much higher than initially expected.

When you are contacting your removal company, you can often be shy of questions to ask, but plan beforehand. Get a list of suitable questions together to hold in front of you, as this way you won’t forget anything. Here are a few to get you started:

-          What level and type of insurance cover is offered?
-          How long has the company been trading and can they supply references?
-          How will you pack and protect my belongings and house?
-          How will the move be carried out? For example, number of days, time of arrival, crew size.
-          What will the security be like if your goods are on a vehicle overnight?
-          Do you have an office or depot I can visit?

It is always best practice to ask as many questions as possible, even when you think you have all the answers you need. Removal companies are in close proximity to your property and all your possessions that you are moving, therefore you want to ensure that you know everything and more about them.

Also remember that starting early is not a bad thing, as you can never be too prepared when it comes to a big move. Take your time finding the right company for you. Gathering a number of quotes from companies can take weeks depending on their schedules, plus they get booked up very quickly.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to Find the Best Builders For Your Project

Alwyn Jones Builders in North Wales
When you are looking for builders in North Wales, it is difficult to find the right one for you. Whether your project is big or small, you need to make sure you have hired the best team in your area for the best possible outcome. In the long run this can be time and cost effective, without the worry of needing to go searching for a new firm.

Below we have some simple steps to consider when searching for your builders in North Wales:

·         Ask the builder how long they have been trading for. It is important to know your builders background before you start a contract with them, as well as a portfolio. Also ask what kind of experience they have in the area you need work with.

·         Check credentials such as building affiliations and trade associations and contact them to ensure they are a bona fide member. Membership of these is sought after and respected and also improves their reputation.

·         Get references. Call past clients and do your research on whether or not they have had a positive relationship with the builders and the reasons for their answers. You wouldn’t buy anything off Amazon without checking the review first, would you?

·         Get a full list of what is covered in the costs and what isn’t. This includes site maintenance, supplies, materials, clearance and anything else you can think of. Get their answer in writing for confirmation and something to refer back to at a later date. Also it would be an intelligent move to get confirmation as to whether planning permission is required, and if they will need to apply for building regulations approval.

·         Avoid VAT free deals – if there’s no proof of payment you do not have a valid contract.

·         Be thorough about the details. The contract should outline what needs to be done, important dates (start and completion), security, safety, cost of work, materials, payment, catering, lavatory arrangements for builders, hours of work and waste disposal.

·         Keep money simple – be straight about it with the builder and have it in writing specifics detailed.
·         Avoid paying cash upfront or a deposit. It should not be needed except in special circumstances. For example, if it is going to take a very long time to complete or if there’s specialist building materials.

·         Guarantees. Are they offering guarantee on a large scale job, if it’s a new build, you’ll need a guarantee on such a property.

·         Is the builder insured? They should have enough cover to protect themselves against property damage and personal and public liability, to protect you and the public in case of injury or harm.