Thursday, 27 August 2015

Professional & Fully Qualified Painting & Decorating Contractors in North Wales

Painting and Decorating Contractors North Wales
Pro Paint is a company made up of quality services, fantastic results for any project and a number of fully qualified and highly experienced painting and decorating contractors in North Wales.

Since they were established in 1987, the company has gone from strength to strength with an ever growing client base and strong relationships. They have completed internal and external work in a variety of areas, from domestic properties through to large multinational contracts locally, nationally and internationally.

Their services range between domestic and commercial from houses, flats and new builds to offices, shops, factories, banks and much more. No matter what type of project you request; domestic or commercial, Pro Paint’s quality services are able to get the job done to highest standard of finishes.

Their complete range of services includes:

All aspects of painting undertaken by Pro Paint’s painting contractors include paint systems such as the Dulux exterior Weather shield paint system.

A full and comprehensive range from woodchip to Muraspec is covered, with no restriction to what they can apply.

All types of spraying undertaken by Pro Paint and these include, but is not exclusive to masonry, fire protection paint and many other spraying effects.

Fire Protective Paint
Pro Paint offer this service and can supply this type of paint from half hour up to 1 hour protection, all at very competitive prices.

In addition to their great selection of services on offer, Pro Paint cover a variety of working locations including private dwellings, commercial, new properties, building trade, insurance companies and local authorities.

Additionally, Pro Paint are proud to be Dulux and CHASaccredited as well as part of the prestigious ‘Investors in People’ scheme. Therefore you are guaranteed a professional and high standard service with unbeatable results from their team of painting and decorating contractors in North Wales. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It’s Not Just a Door: Get to Know Which Door Is Best for Your Dream Kitchen


Lacquer remains one of the top choices when it comes to luxury kitchens, despite there being an advance in cheaper materials which imitate it. Its high quality and luxurious professional finish is what justifies the cost of this material. Lacquer doors have numerous coats applied to them, yet all vary from one another depending on whether they have been treated on one or both sides. However, it is not a material which is easily restored due to the multitude of colour choices available and the intense shine it provides. Incidentally, this type of door is available in matt, metallic, sating and other finishes and is scratch-resistant which provides an additional quality feature.


Specialists and kitchen fitters in Llandudno know how to tell a lacquered door from a laminate one, but do you? Laminate doors’ side edges are banded with more or less discretion, however new laser band machines that manufacturers are beginning to use, make it harder to spot the difference. This is especially difficult to try and differentiate between a lacquered gloss and a high gloss laminate, where the latter has been manufactured using this new equipment. What is certain however is these materials, which are available in a variety of finishes, are resistant to abrasion and knocks, plus they are proving to be less prone to scratches than lacquer.


Due to the manufacturing process, the edges of polymer doors are coated in such a way that they closely resemble lacquered doors. However, some say that polymers suffer from too much heat and age which makes them the less popular door type to opt for when designing your kitchen.


Acrylic doors are better known by some as super high gloss laminates and have the appearance of glass. The benefit to acrylic doors as opposed to lacquered for example, is they are very easy to maintain which makes for an ideal door choice for your kitchen. The downfall to this type of door however, is the range of colours available is limited. These doors are manufactured by adding a layer of acrylic film to layers of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS); a polymer thermoplastic with a good impact resistance, which is relatively rigid, lightweight and can also be moulded. They are then assembled by thermo bonding onto an MDF panel.

If you have any questions regarding the types of doors available, you can contact your nearest kitchen showroom in North Wales such as Greentree Kitchens, who are more than happy to assist you with your queries. You can contact them by calling 01492 585 477 or email: