Monday, 29 February 2016

Smart home technology more desired, with emphasis on kitchens

Smart home technology is considered an ‘appealing concept’ as discovered following a recent study by FfK. 

This resulted in almost 80% of consumers stating that they have an interest in how new technology can improve their home. 

While only 10% of people asked said that they knew a lot about smart home concepts, many do wish to adapt some form of it in the near future.

The study found that 43% of ‘leading edge consumers’ are the most likely to buy into new technology, with smart appliances leading the line in the most appealing category. 

From the cohort of consumers, 47% said a lack of knowledge on what smart home technology is was the main barrier for making purchases. 33% said that the main issue was cost and 24% stated privacy concerns being their main barrier.

Smart home technology is difficult to implement, as every home is different – as are the needs of the occupants. Technology inside of the home must be simple and seamless, whereby the home dweller must have the most positive and life enhancing experience possible. Encouraging mass market take-up, manufacturers must communicate the fully realised smart home clearly and convey the needs of its occupants.

There are a large number of inventions and systems that have come about following the arrival of smart home technology, with the likes of clever fridges, app controlled appliances and the ability to make home change settings when you are not even there. 

LED lighting has also played a large part in the development of smart kitchens, of which it has catered for those that need a lighter kitchen during the evening for example, allowing easier cooking.

From having your coffee automatically prepared for you by the time you wake up, to being able to control your homes heating from the click of a button on your mobile, there are many exciting uses ahead that will change the way we enjoy our kitchens in Llandudno.

Greentree Kitchens Llandudno are an expert team of kitchen fitters that can work to ensure you have your ideal kitchen, no matter how big or small it may be. 

Smart kitchens are the perfect way to automate many day to day processes as well as to ensure you have the ideal kitchen upon which you can prepare your food and day to day routine with ease and can be incorporated to your new kitchen North Wales.

Image by 'chalonuk' / Licence

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Deganwy

Bay View Show Apartment
The prestigious town of Deganwy on North Wales’ beautiful coast is home to the luxurious new Bay View Development.

This development has been hotly anticipated and is now fully completed, featuring 22 one and two bedroom contemporary apartments. All are situated in a prime position in Deganwy, overlooking fabulous views of the Marina, Conwy Estuary, Conwy Castle and mountains beyond.

Each of these luxury apartments for sale in Deganwy has access to its own parking space and either a walk-on or Juliet Balcony. They are all finished to a very high standard with designer finishes, a big emphasis on spacious design and emphasising natural light.

The development has only recently been completed but already nearly half of these apartments have been sold! The development has proved extremely popular and apartments are being snapped up very quickly. It is easy to see why with the beauty of this development and its outstanding location in one of the most highly sought areas in North Wales.

If you would like to own one of these stunning apartments we suggest you act fast while some remain available. The Show Apartment is available for viewing every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 12pm - 4pm.

The development comes from the expert minds of Blue Bay Homes. An innovative young firm of house builders who specialise in creating luxury property on North Wales’ incredible coast. Blue Bay Homes’ friendly sales and marketing staff are very knowledgeable and would be happy to guide you through the development and tour of the show apartment. Book an appointment as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the Bay View apartments for sale in Deganwy.

It is fantastic to see talented house building firms, local to North Wales, helping to design beautiful developments that provide more, greatly needed, housing options.  

Friday, 12 February 2016

Building Contractors in North Wales

In 1983 Alwyn Jones Ltd was set up and now spans many construction disciplines. Alwyn Jones Ltd is regarded as one of the top Building Contractors in North Wales and takes on work for households and commercial engineering contracts.

Having completed a diverse range of building projects over the past 28 years, including extensions on residential properties to large commercial and civil complexes, Alwyn Jones Ltd have extensive experience and offers a wide range of services for clients of any size. They have been involved with the residential sector in North Wales since the company began, from New Build to constructing lean-to structures.

The commercial sector has given Alwyn Jones Ltd a lot of experience in North Wales, having constructed a large range of commercial buildings, specialising in Steel Framed Construction they have a Commercial Property Maintenance department, handling the maintenance of a wide range of business properties throughout North Wales.

Their Civil Engineering Department can handle a large variety of civil contracts throughout North Wales and the surrounding area. Their personnel are highly qualified and provide a great amount of knowledge and experience to any project they undertake.

They are also Public Road Works certified, having completed contracts throughout North Wales, such as Access Road Work. They also have skills and expertise in other building and construction areas, such as Waste Water Management, Sewage Works and Sewage Systems Installation and Maintenance. They also specialise in different types of concrete structures, such as retaining walls, tanks and flooring.

There services also include demolition and building conservation, specialising in Building Dismantling and Demolition projects; both small and large scale.

As well as all the services listed above they also offer a complete range of plant vehicles available for hire, as one off or longer term contracts. This service offers the delivery and return of a vehicle by Alwyn Jones Ltd or can be picked up. Vehicles include Small Tracked Excavator, JCB 3CX and 360E in a range of sizes. All vehicles come with fully trained and licensed operators.

Friday, 5 February 2016

How architects are able to convert homes into sustainable spaces

There is a movement in which architects such as Matthew Jones Architects in North Wales and property owners are merging ideas that is allowing gradual conversion of home into sustainable places. The likes of compost bins for kitchen and garden waste that are later used for producing organic vegetable, biological filters for water bodies, rainwater harvesting pits that allow replenishment of water supplies and even reclaimed wood recycled to create flooring and furnishings are becoming more and more common in an aim to increase sustainability inside the home.

When we put comfortable living aside, many people are finding joy in the knowledge that they are adopting a sustainable way of life it is becoming a sought after practice, especially as luxury home owners look to improve their already completed homes. Many larger houses guzzle resources, meaning it can be considered as a very logical thing to do, offsetting some of the power and resource consumptions with its own sustainable processes. Architects are not only concerned with the space in and around a property, but also with the way the property works in regards to such effects as consumption.

Controlling consumption is now a hot topic and popular methods of counteracting large consumption levels include rainwater harvesting and compost bins. You can now treat sewage water generated from your home and recycle it into your home, which saves huge amounts of water. ‘Hydrophonics’ and ‘Aquaphonics’ and landscaping techniques that allow plants to sustain without water and help you grow more in a lesser space. Vertical gardens and pergolas are also great ways of adding to the productivity of your home.

farming spaces that allow fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers to be grown in your own home are very popular techniques that are used by a huge number of people. ‘Regenerative Architecture’ is working on the ‘Kilometre Zero’ concept where everything is generated on site, including electricity and food.

Sustainability in homes might not be a simple over night procedure, but small gradual positive changes in lifestyle through integration of natural elements, while making efforts to reduce or offset energy consumption will allow you to make your home into a sustainable place to live and run.