Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How To Cope With Moving Home

Buying A House
Acquiring your new home and starting a new chapter in your life should be a wonderful experience, but the reality of it can be one of life’s most stressful experiences.

The cost of buying property means that it is probably one of, if not the largest purchase you will make in your life. The legal hoops you must jump through to sell and buy a home are numerous and people back out of offers all the time, leaving the other parties in the deal under a lot of pressure.

Finally, if you manage to get everything signed and the property is yours, you still have to pack all your belongings, arrange a removals company, possibly put some items in storage or sell them if you are downsizing and then find place for them in your new house or apartment.

In some cases, renovations will need to be performed on the new property. All in all it’s a challenging experience and don’t forget you have to do it all while continuing to balance your work and family life.

How can you minimise the stress and make buying a new property a joy?

The first step is to get yourself a great estate agent. If they are a high quality estate agent, they will support you through the difficult process and help you each step of the way. Talented estate agents will not only help you find the right home, suitable for your needs, they will assist in the process of your purchase and offer great advice.

A sign to look out for to know you have happened upon a good estate agent is their ability to listen. An estate agent should never try to pressure you to view houses that are completely unsuitable to your specification and desires. This would be a waste of your time. Instead take the time to really talk with your estate agents, explain things as clearly as you can to paint a picture of your ideal home and then if they really listen they should select properties for you that match.

Now it’s important to remember that estate agents have to deal with many clients having unrealistic expectations. Perhaps your dream home does not exist in your budget or chosen area. In return for listening to your preferences you need to listen to your estate agents and ask questions to get great advice.

If you have chosen a good estate agent, together you can minimise the stress of buying a new property and maybe even enjoy it.

How To Find A Good Estate Agent?
•    Reputation
•    Experience
•    Local Experts
•    Customer Service

These traits are a good indication of quality estate agents. Cavendish Residential Estate Agents Cheshire and North Wales are a great example. They have offices in Chester, Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales. They work hard not only to train their talented staff well but also to create local experts.

They choose people who have an affinity with and understand their local area. Buying property is not just about the house itself, it is very much about the location as well. Their estate agents use local knowledge and a rich experience in the property industry to provide the best customer service.

Buying property can be especially tough for first time buyers, however there are schemes like the Help To Buy scheme in place which can help. Simply ask Cavendish Residential about Help To Buy and they can show you properties eligible for the scheme and explain the process.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Obligations for Landlords in Wales

Property Renting
Since November 2015 new laws have been in place which involves new legal requirements for all landlords operating in Wales.

As of the 23rd November all landlords in Wales must now register and register their rental properties as well.

So Who Does This New Law Apply To?
•    Individual landlords
•    Company landlords
•    Anyone who owns a property they do not live in and allows other to live there and receives payment for this
•    If you own a property with someone else one of you will have to register on behalf of the others

What Does Registration Entail?
•    You must provide correspondence information
•    The address of all rental properties
•    You need to pay a registration fee
•    You must update the information on the register
•    If you are responsible for letting or managing the property, rather than using a licensed agency to do it for you, then you must get licensed

How Do I Get Licensed?
To become licensed under the new laws you need to undertake approved training. You can organise your training with Rent Smart Wales or other authorised provider.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Comply With New Regulations?Please be aware that since November 2015 there is a one-year period to allow everyone to get the required training, license and register. After that time if you do not comply with the new laws the local authority can take legal action against you.

Why Has The New Legislation Been Introduced?
This new legislation will hopefully improve management standards in the private rented sector and raise tenant confidence in landlords.

More Advice
If you need further advice on any tenancy and landlord issues or any property matters, contact reputable conveyancing North Wales specialists Swayne Johnsons Solicitors.
Swayne Johnson solicitors in North Wales have an expert conveyancing team and offices throughout the region.