Friday, 23 December 2016

Warm up your house this winter!

Winter’s well and truly here, and we’re feeling the chill. There are a multitude of products out there which can avail the cold a little this winter, but we find there’s no amount of blankets that can keep the chilliest houses warm. Central heating isn’t a bad invention either, but for proper warmth that feels natural (and quite frankly nice) there’s absolutely nothing better than a good stove.

Stoves are pretty uncommon in most houses, which means that they’re very sought after. But what do you look for in a stove? There are some of us that prefer the traditional look when it comes to these useful and practical statement pieces, to better match the character of older houses.

As such, manufacturers such as Dunsley Stoves and most particularly their Yorkshire wood burning stove are in high demand. This beautiful stove bleeds character, very solid construction and has a built in thermostat which is designed to directly monitor your central heating temperature and controls the incoming air into the stove in order to regulate just how fiercely the fire within it burns – in order to meet the requirement you place upon it.  

Alternatively, contemporary stoves are a beautiful centrepiece to any modern house. Brands such as Morso Stoves are very sought after, and these brands are but a few of a bigger variety of manufacturers which are known for their absolutely amazing design. These stoves certainly possess the wow factor in their build, quality and their design – and are a fantastic investment and a very real talking point within your home.

Fires Online is an excellent supplier of a number of wood burning stoves, and are truly experts in the field. Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that it’s online – it’s actually another trading handle of the very respected RN Williams of St Asaph, which has been involved within stove supply to the greater UK area for a number of years.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

North Wales Housing Developer Introduces Luxury Help To Buy For Colwyn Bay

Reputable and esteemed housing developers Blue Bay Homes, credited with the fantastic Bay View Development within Deganwy, have announced that their new project- The View By Blue Bay, is subject to the Welsh Government’s Help To Buy initiative – widely praised to assist hard-working members of the public take steps in order to purchase their own home whereas they cannot otherwise due to budget constraints.

The Help To Buy scheme assists buyers whom are buying a new-build home which is up to the value of £300,000, have a minimum of 5% of the deposit price of the property they wish to purchase, can afford the repayments on a conventional 75% repayment mortgage, and are buying the property for personal residence. Essentially, Help to Buy is considered an excellent scheme which can give buyers an initial foot up – whereas normally, even if they can afford a mortgage, the first step is beyond their means.

Wales’ Help to Buy Scheme differs from the similarly titled scheme within England. Unlike the English Help To Buy Scheme, those who are not first-time buyers are welcome to apply for assistance. However, the grant cannot be afforded to those who are buying a secondary or tertiary residence. The point of Help To Buy is assistance toward those that need it, and second and third homes are quite simply not for those in need.

While there are a handful of Help To Buy developments already existing within the North Wales region, finding one as well-connected to major North Wales towns such as Conwy and Llandudno, as well as Rhos-On-Sea and Colwyn Bay itself is a difficult task. These beautiful Help to Buy apartments in Colwyn Bay are quite frankly wonderful.

The View by Blue Bay Homes seems to be enviable for a number of reasons. Great location, Wonderful natural views, and extremely high build quality with a number of bespoke features included in every apartment and house to ensure a buyer’s choice is reflected within the decor.  That, in Help to Buy, is extremely special and not often seen.

The properties are partially furnished at the build, with each boasting a stainless steel oven and hob with a stainless steel and canopy hood, together with a fridge freezer, a choice of high-quality kitchen cabinets with a range of finishes to choose from, an integrated dishwasher.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

6 Kitchen Purchases You Won’t Regret

When buying a new kitchen, it can be hard to separate the extravagant from the necessary when you haven’t had the luxury of trying them out before. Fitted Kitchens Anglesey have put together the must-have items that should always make the list when it comes to your fitted kitchen.
Double oven – At first you may think a double oven is a an unnecessary luxury but we’re here to tell you that it’s definitely not! Many make the easy presumption that the only time they’ll get use out of it is on Christmas day, but when you think of all the items that need different cooking temperatures and times you’ll soon realise how much easier it could be to have a double oven. What’s more, they are usually installed at counter height making inserting bulky trays a lot less tricky. Supervising food is a breeze, without needing to bend down to see how your food is cooking.
Hot Water Tap – A time starved family will be reaping the endless benefits of this handy appliance. Whether it’s for tea and coffee or for cooking, the hot water tap will take away the need to wait for boiling. You’ll have no need for a kettle ever again, which will give your kitchen a much simpler look. You needn’t worry about ridiculously expensive bills as the Quooker tap costs as little as 7p per day on standby.
LED lighting – This kind of energy efficient lighting is becoming more and more popular in kitchens now it has evolved to be warmer and more natural. They’re extremely versatile; allowing you to be  able to spot light an island or highlight a whole wall with rope lighting.
Fridge with ice/water dispenser – Yes, although it seems like everybody has fridge water/ ice dispenser many actually don’t! It’s a modern saviour that offers a simple convenience that makes a big difference. Ice cold filtered Water is served straight into your glass, and then topped up with Ice –great for when you have guests who want to help themselves.
Built In Appliances – If you don’t have the luxury of a utility room, think about having your appliances built or boxed in when getting your next kitchen. This will give a feeling of continuity to your kitchen. Washing machines and dishwashers can easily make your kitchen look a bit messy when you can’t find appliances that don’t suit the look and feel of your kitchen. And after all, you should be able to buy an appliance based the strengths of its ability rather than its appearance, letting you pick an appliance that suits you best.