Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Why You Should Replace Your Old Doors

A major home improvement upgrade that you may want to consider is replacing your current doors with Chester based home improvement specialists. It is incredibly common for people to feel hesitant when installing new doors because of the expense, however, when the all the benefits are taken into account, people often begin to lean towards the investment. The list of advantages from installing new doors is quite substantial, and it is certainly worth looking at in some detail.
Replacing the doors of your home improves the overall appeal of the property, simply because a new product that is out on display is far more attractive than an old, worn feature that has clearly received little to no care or attention. A brand new door breathes freshness into you and your family’s daily lives. The same old features that are on show and seen on a daily basis often become stale or boring to look at.
Not only are the aesthetics of your home drastically improved, but the overall value of your property will increase also. A major selling point of any home is the exterior, and an unappealing exterior will definitely influence the potential buyer. If said potential buyer sees what they assume is a well-looked-after property, they are more likely to invest, as they assume the rest of the house has been equally maintained.
If you have a family that you care for, a new door will improve the security and make your home an even safer place to be. The more modern doors are designed from materials that are far more durable and secure, keeping everyone inside from harm's way. These durable modern doors are also more energy efficient than older models, saving you money overall on various energy bills.
Energy efficiency is a key factor for helping the environment, and anyone wanting to do so will be happy to know that replacing your doors is fantastic for environmental conservation. If you have a home that is less harsh on the environmental resources then it will only continue to increase in value.

So if you were thinking about potentially making improvements to the doors in your home, then consider the many benefits and choose to have them installed by home improvement specialists in the Chester area.

Friday, 6 October 2017

3 Significant Architectural Landmarks in Cheshire

In regards to history and architectural landmarks, architects in Cheshire have delivered some of the richest throughout the United Kingdom. With preservation being high on the agenda for the local council, many listed buildings throughout the area are still in top condition and attract plenty of visitors throughout the year.

Here are three of the most aesthetically pleasing places that architects in Cheshire have designed and constructed, providing the area with famous landmarks that are consistently popular with sightseers and tourists.
1. Chester Cathedral - The Chester Cathedral is a phenomenally grand structure in the heart of Chester and was founded as a Benedictine Abbey in 1092. The building is dedicated to Christ and the Virgin Mary. The original construction of the church was built in the Romanesque and Norman style, with parts of this still visible today.
A more gothic style was introduced during 1250, which took round 275 years and still remains as the structure we see today. The plan is to bring a celebration of God’s presence in the world by offering the community worship and prayer, and to ensure the survival of the fantastic structure.
2. Walton Hall and Gardens - Walton Hall is a country house that can be found in Warrington, Cheshire. It has made the National Heritage List for England and has a Grade 2 listed building status. Built in 1838 for the benefit of Sir Gilbert Greenall by the architect Edmund Sharpe, the grounds are open to the public and offer a range of family friendly entertainment such as crazy golf and a children’s zoo.
The main house is built in brown brick with stone dressing and a slate roof, with 2 1/2 stories and two bay windows, and three pinnacle octagonal buttresses. A rather aesthetically pleasing feature is the clock tower to the west which has four stages to it, with the top stage containing the clock.
3. Chester Rows -The Chester Rows truly have to be seen to be believed, as there is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. They consist of walkways at a first floor level at which there are entrances to several shops and premises. The unique shopping experience dates back to the medieval era when the city was a bustling market town.

The Rows would have mostly given access to living accommodation during the medieval period, with the front door leading straight into a large hall or living area. However, one of the earliest known shop fronts is found at the Three Old Arches. The front area of the shop is made out of stone, and is more than likely the earliest identified shop front in England.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Boost in Hiring of Architects In Cheshire

Various news stories that have circulated recently have suggested a great surge in the national economy, the highest for many years, with all facts pointing towards greater development for housing, fantastic news for house prices of many home owners and those looking to purchase property, or perhaps have one designed using architects in Cheshire.

In the economic crash of 2010 and subsequent recession, the property and architecture sector was the first major casualty with various figures dropping drastically, with the stock market adjusting poorly, due to many being unwilling to invest with such a fiscal imbalance, forcing the property market to slump to an all time low. However, this particular market sector looks like it may be the first to emerge from the other side of these current economic difficulties, scathed but improving in time.

This growth is partly down to the newly-released Help to Buy scheme which has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced in the United Kingdom. Though still in its initial infancy period, Help to Buy has achieved a significant amount already for new home owners, with it set to provide first time buyers with the financial backing where otherwise they would be on their own to provide the funds or qualify for a mortgage. Reduced rates and new homes being developed have seen an increase in interest which is only set to expand further into the start of 2018.

Another intriguing system being attempted by the government to make improvements is within property demand, beginning to take shape with the idea of buying a house for just £1. Architects will be excited to start work on renovating some of the rundown houses which have been sold off on the cheap to reinvigorate demand.

Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent were hit hard by the negative financial climate with many households being vacant for many years after. With so much money freed up where it would have been spent elsewhere, such as on the bulk of the property deposit, potential home owners can now invest that money into renowned architects in the Cheshire area, who will certainly be able to take that budget and transform a property into someone’s dream home.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Searching For a Reliable Architect in Cheshire

Architect Anglesey
You may be considering building an extension your property, if so then you will more than likely need an architect in Cheshire to help plan and ensure that the project you have in mind is designed efficiently, planned thoroughly and undertaken in a way that suits your budget.

Reasons To Hire An Architect

·         An architect will guide you through the project, from the initial meeting, to the final stages of the project.

·         The architect should work to budget as often as physically possible. However, you should accommodate your budget for unexpected costs.

·         The architect will design your home or office space to take advantage of the natural environment, whilst using new age architecture and construction techniques that minimize energy usage and incorporate ‘green’ methods.

·         Choosing materials and finishing’s that are appropriate, durable and meet the brief should be guarded by the architect, ensuring you get your desired effect.

How To Find A Good Architect

·         Ask friends, family, business associates and anyone else for their experiences and knowledge of architects.

·         Search the internet and directories to find the different firms in your local area, as well as some further afield.

·         Make a list of the architectural firms that you like the look of. Your next step is to look for testimonials, reviews and a portfolio of work to get a better idea of each architect.

·         Contact your top choices by phone or email to arrange an interview, you should hopefully have a better idea of which two or three may be most suited. You may even have a clear favourite by now.

·         Once you have spoken to them all, enquired about prices, operations, processes, price and anything else, you should hopefully have a clear idea about who will be taking on your project.

By asking these questions and follow this advice you will hopefully have employed the perfect architect for your project, which will in turn leave you with an invaluable satisfaction towards your newly renovated home or property. Architects in Cheshire will work to deliver your project on time, on budget and to a high level quality that they would expect as if it were their own project.

Quick Questions For A Potential Architect

architects gywnedd
You may have reached a point where you are unhappy with your current home. You may not have enough space, or you may have ideas about expanding a specific room simply to enhance your property and increase its value. So it is absolutely essential to create a structured list of questions to ask yourself and to ask architects in Cheshire and surrounding areas when considering a major home improvement.

  • How realistic is my requirement?

  • Have you undertaken projects similar to my project?

  • Could you show me a portfolio of work similar to my project?

  • Do you have any client references and testimonials I could see?

  • Is my project something your firm would be passionate to complete?

  • What challenges could you see during the completion of my project?

  • Could you give me an estimated timescale?

  • At what point would I get to see design work?

  • What will I be expected to do during the project?

  • Will construction be disruptive towards me, the public or environment?

  • What input do you have with construction? Would I deal with you or the contractor directly?

  • Do you incorporate “green” or sustainable design methods?

  • Do you integrate low or no cost “green” strategies into your projects?

  • How do you determine your fees?

  • What is included into your basic service and do you have any additional fees?

  • If the project is changed in anyway throughout the process, will there be additional fees?

What can also be incredibly beneficial, and happens to be completely free of charge, is to ask friends or family for references/experiences with local firms, and browse their portfolio/website, and then you should get a very good idea on whether this architect is suitable for you. We hope this has been of use to you on your search for an architect in Cheshire.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

It’s Never Been Better To Buy A Wood Burning Stove

Energy prices have gone up yet again – making the fourth consecutive year that heating prices have gone up significantly just when it is needed. It could be considered that few things in this life are ever actually certain – Death, Taxes, and rising energy bills come winter time.

The British public start to grow accustomed to such affairs, but the feeling of being ripped off certainly isn’t going anywhere. For instance, the last three months of 2016 saw power prices at the highest levels they had ever been for two years, and recent reports have indicated that energy prices in Winter 2017 look to be even higher.  

There is a way to not be beholden to the price gouging of energy companies. Investing in a good wood burning stove is an excellent option – and lots of people and households across the UK have each taken the plunge, as heating has become quite the financial burden for very many people. Don’t be under the impression that a wood burning stove carries no costs whatsoever – the stove itself as well as installation is certainly an investment which is comparable to the costs of getting a boiler.

Branded stoves are always the best option for reliability and safety, and there are a number of online retailers which offer fantastic deals on stoves of all make and model. Fantastic online discounts, as well as less running costs mean that wood burning stoves are so much easier on the wallet to run, the investment will pay off in no time at all.

How much money can be saved depends on how far you’re willing to go. While purchasing pre-treated logs as fuel will still work out (far) less expensive than electric and gas heating, even more money can be saved should you buy unseasoned logs for even cheaper, and let them sit for a year before burning them.

Even with chimney sweep fees factored into the yearly costs of running a wood burning stove, there’s still so much money to be saved, as well as the opportunity to stick it to the greedy energy corporations which take advantage of so many people year upon year.

Which Wood Burning Stove Is Right For You?

When you purchase a wood burning stove, there are so many choices along the way. One of which is style, and look. Unlike a traditional boiler, a wood burning stove is a house centrepiece, something which can proudly be displayed in your favoured room and also a talking point. Therefore, it is important with the design of wood burning stoves that they are timeless – and will last for years upon years to come.

Given that it’s absolutely imperative to get the style of your wood burning stove correct, many customers have questions when it comes to ensuring that their stove will go the distance throughout the years and years of which it will last their homes. We’ve prepared a small guild in order to help you get it right when it comes to the aesthetics of your wood burning stove.

If you live in a traditionally styled home, it’s really a no-brainer to think that you would need a traditionally designed wood burning stove in order to compliment the surroundings, rather than detract from them – especially if you’re going for a traditional look throughout your house. Your wood burning stove will resemble stoves from the first half of the 20th century, but they’ll nonetheless be filled with modern, up to date technology which guarantees excellent efficiency and the very best views of your nice, cosy fire. An excellent example of this is with Villager wood burning stoves.

Should you live in a more modern house, you might be more inclined to go for a modern wood burning stove. Modern wood burning stoves such as offerings from Arada wood burning stoves will be perfect for those who are seeking to make a real statement with their stove.

Saying that, there really isn’t any hard or fast rules to making a room look fantastic with a wood burning stove. You can quite happily put a stove with modern aesthetics into a traditionally designed house, or even a traditional stove into a modern house. Should you appreciate a mix of the two, there are brands out there which can cater to what you have in mind. Take Yeoman wood burning stoves, for instance. With elements which are no doubt traditional, as well as modern, clean lines – Yeoman stoves can give you the very best of both worlds for your house.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What’s Involved in a Retrofit?

Construction North Wales and beyond’s most challenging task, believe it or not, isn’t the creation of brand new buildings. Construction in North Wales is mostly based upon the challenge of retrofitting existing buildings and existing architecture in order to provide a better building in general, while keeping true to the history, aesthetics, and the feel of the building.

Take Brenig Construction, a well-respected construction company which is based in Colwyn Bay. Their recent work on retrofitting Canoflan Marl – a facility which enables young adults to learn daily living skills to help them live independently has been cited as a large success, though it wasn’t without challenges. Canoflan Marl in particular had been abandoned for the last decade, which meant that the years of disrepair and the additional problems associated with such had meant that the retrofit was a difficult one.

The difficulty of Canoflan Marl meant that a one size fits all approach simply could not be taken with regard to the retrofit – and Brenig Construction had to take on a number of factors with regard to it. Basic works included putting the building into good repair and devising the means to ensure that problems associated with the building’s state, such as damp, were overcome to grant the building an acceptable standard of energy efficiency. It should be noted that in all retrofits, the fabric of the building is vital when it comes to retaining heat.

Buildings with an existing problem with damp are 30% less energy efficient than buildings which are dry, and Brenig Construction, with Canoflan Marl, had works to do before they could even proceed with their retrofit of the building’s facilities. It was attention to the building and the standards behind the building’s facilities – such as energy efficiency, sustainability, wellness and BREEAM which allowed Brenig Construction to then work upon the original task of updating the Canoflan Marl facility in order to provide the services to the community of which it was built for.

Among the many types of retrofit project throughout the UK, they have a reputation for being executed badly, with long delays, completion times, and having a reputation of having the additions as part of the retrofit “tacked on” to existing problems. Brenig Construction have bucked the trend with their work on Canoflan Marl – and look to provide more retrofitting projects within North Wales and the North West of England.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The View - New Jewel on the Cliffs of Old Colwyn

Blue Bay Homes are heading a new project - ‘The View’ which is positioned on the precipice overlooking Old Colwyn and Colwyn Bay. These contemporary and luxury homes boast dramatic sea views. A lot of excitement has been generated from this project as it is on the peak overlooking the bay of Colwyn, with panoramic views far off into the Irish Sea.

This space is of significant emotional importance in the minds of locals. This characteristic outcrop is well known in the area for its commanding position high above the bays, visible from any point for miles.
This stretch of North Wales coastline can easily be considered one of the most breath-taking in all of Europe.

Being constructed in the site of the old famous ‘Hotel 70 Degrees’. This was a landmark building and incredibly famous for its view of the scenery. After this building was cleared after being left derelict for some length of time. The Conwy civic council said that this was one of the greatest locations in all North Wales and demanded something special
This is where the fabulous Blue Bay Homes ‘The View’ project came into conception. Rows of luxury townhouses and apartment with the brilliant scenery at the doorstep.
Coastal apartments north wales have been constructed with serious consideration to the environment, appreciating the prominent place which is visible for miles around it is imperative that this project was also aesthetically pleasing to onlookers.
Another aspect of the benefits of living at ‘The View’ is the sheer ease of access for a commute to the express way and therefore the greater area. This means one can be within reach of Bangor, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester very easily.
Those with romantic ideas of living in a house built on a Cliffside, atop a naturally formed tower can have those dreams finally realised.

Why should you have to sacrifice either luxury or outstanding natural beauty, when it’s in our view that you can have both. Anyone seeking access to some marvellous apartments with unmatched sea view and modern living amenities. An apartment of this calibre is more affordable than you first might think, as this is covered by the welsh assembly government's Help to Buy Scheme.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Civil Engineering Projects in North Wales

Civil engineering is engineering in application with the public sector. This includes services like waterworks, power, security and much more. North Wales’ natural build up presents many opportunities as well as challenges that must be addressed by civil engineers. It could be said that engineering is the attempts of man harnessing the raw power of nature to aid the flourishing of life on earth.

Gwynt y Mor

The tallest wind turbines ever are off the coast of North Wales, producing clean renewable energy. What could be considered as a massive step forward in innovation worldwide. Gwynt y Mor is internationally the second largest wind for that there is.

Dolgarrog Power Station

The power station in Dolgarrog is another example of renewable energy in North Wales, this hydro-electric station is the oldest in Wales, and after a long and storied career it seemed like this operation was finally to come to an end. However, this was not to be, thanks to a +£7 million investment into refurbishment the life of the plant. This includes the installation of new concrete bases, including the application of cable ducts and earth rods. The team at north wales civil engineering firm Alwyn Jones were in charge of this project along with much more.

Reinstatement Works for the Coed-ty Reservoir
The Coe-ty reservoir is an important source of water for the surrounding areas and beyond. The reservoir has had overflow systems built into it to deal with such a result. The force of this river at its full flow was enough to destabilise the integrity of this system. As a result, Alwyn Jones were contracted to remedy this situation by instigating the repositioning of several boulders which were in the path of the drainage system.

Brenig Construction Company

Because of Rhyl and the Vale of Clwyd’s challenging position on the coast of Wales, modern coastal defence infrastructure is integral to the continual security of life there. This includes Concrete repairs, breaking out and construction of new leading and the beach. The removal of promenade railings and carrying out concrete repairs, and preparing for new marshal barriers. Replacing the original coastal defences with fresh up-to-date ‘redi-rock’. This is a huge leap forward for coastal defences in the area. Brenig Construction Company were responsible for this.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Find The Architect Who Is Right For You

You may have come to realise that you would benefit from adding an extension to your property. There are various reasons that make home owners consider renovating their home; simply for extra space due to a growing family, or a desire to increase the overall value of the property. Whatever the reason, hiring architects in Cheshire to design and help with permissions to get your ideas off the ground and completed as quickly as possible.
The services that an architect can provide their clients are truly invaluable. A respected and experienced architect will take you through every aspect when designing, taking the surrounding buildings into consideration with a long term perspective on the whole project. There is always someone available to take charge of a situation that may be daunting or confusing to the client, such as acquiring planning permission. A skilled architect will ensure that everything is going to plan at all times, and if something isn’t, an alternative option will be presented immediately.
Working Alongside You
The architect is working alongside you, so you will be informed throughout every part of the design process. The budget that you provided will drive the architect to achieve you desired results via materials, workers, and resources that fit your budget. Costs can be reduced in the long term by adding contemporary energy reducing “green” home attributes.
Finding An Architect
A larger architectural job may require you to search further afield, but a relatively small project would suit a firm more local to you. A good place to begin your search for a renowned, reliable architect would be to ask a member of your family, or a reliable friend. They may have prior knowledge and experience with hiring an architect, and could potentially point you in the right direction.
If you are able to decide upon a small selection of architects, consider organising a phone interview or meeting in person, with a set of questions ready to ask and discuss. This can give you an early idea of their demeanour and allow you to make a decision quicker. Once the decision has been made, organise the creation of a contract and to have a solicitor look it over for extra precaution.
Architects in the Cheshire are renowned for providing the area with expertly designed buildings that boost tourism and the economy.

Why Modern Homes Need Roof Trusses

A substantial amount of buildings are now considered to have rather outdated roof designs. Modern homes benefit far more from the installation of bespoke roof trusses.This is mainly due to the roof being flat, which can acquire a variety of issues from natural environmental causes, such as a heavy collection of rain.

The construction of flat roofs was incredibly cheap for customers, which is what made them so popular at the time. The construction methods for roofs on modern homes and buildings are taken far more seriously nowadays and are built to last. The weather in the West is unpredictable, with the possibility of rain, cold, heat, and heavy winds, which is why timber is used for its strength and durability in harsh weathers.

A reinforced timber structure is a far more superior method of construction that protects you from environmental damage. It does not matter what type of home you have, the truss structure is specifically designed to fit the dimensions of your roof. The main structure construction usually takes place in the warehouse belonging to a bespoke roof truss company, and only requires delivery upon completion, followed by attaching the truss to the roof.
A timber truss is the very foundation of the roof that other roofing materials are placed upon. The robust strength of the timber will bring invaluable protection to your home and will have zero chance of collapsing. Any home owner will want a structurally sound and cost effective design that keeps their families secure.
Having a reliable company that specialises in the design and construction of bespoke roof trusses install an aesthetically pleasing truss will certainly be a significant improvement to the value of your property, and to the general atmosphere within your home. Your family will take great pleasure in enjoying the visual benefits of a bespoke roof truss, as well as the protection that they bring any home.

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Importance of Modern Kitchen Improvements

A large majority of kitchens in Anglesey and the surrounding North Wales areas may have been neglected over the years by homeowners, and will have certainly not been updated in quite some time. The kitchen is largely considered one of, if not the most important room in any household, and understanding the importance of having an updated, modernised kitchen is essential.
A new kitchen that has been designed effectively can considerably improve efficiency with cooking and cleanliness. Designing a modernised kitchen is not just for acquiring a new aesthetic, it is crucial for making your kitchen work a lot easier. The technological advances in more recently released appliances not only provide a sleeker look to your kitchen, but will dramatically improve efficiency. Innovations in cooking appliances and equipment can reduce the time it takes to prepare and cook food, losing absolutely no quality in the dish that is being prepared.

You definitely do not need to have an extensive budget to make effective, modern-looking improvements to your kitchen. It can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint with a modern colour scheme that transcends your kitchen through to the 21st Century. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket for expensive surfaces, as there are affordable laminate countertops that can easily replace your old work surfaces and gives your kitchen a well deserved facelift.
Tiling is another inexpensive way to add some new life to your kitchen. However, it is vital to choose the right tiles that work with the space available. For example, lighter tiles create a spacious atmosphere and are a great way to get a fresh, innovative feel for your kitchen.
There are a wide variety of other options available to you for effective improvements to your kitchen that don’t cost a small fortune. It can be as simple as adding various house plants to window ledges and shelves, or acquiring new crockery and dish sets designed for modern kitchens.

The idea is to create a theme in your kitchen, using the smaller things as a foundation that is working towards the overall look and feel that you want and can easily afford. You won’t have to suffer financially, and you will now get a satisfaction from working in your kitchen that is simply invaluable.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Making The Most Of A Small Greenhouse

In today’s culture of healthy eating and clean living, the importance of good food has never been more important to the consumer. In the winter, it can be very difficult to source the sort of produce which is considered part of eating well, and there’s no simpler way than growing it yourself. Sprouting your own seeds and growing your own crops is a great way of ensuring that you can get a year-round supply of greens.

Saying that, even the hardiest of vegetables simply won’t do well in Winter without the aid of a greenhouse. There are a number of greenhouses which are for sale across the UK, and they come in all forms – large, small and inbetween.

Should you have a smaller greenhouse (or even space in an allotment), it can be somewhat stressful to think of where exactly your soon-to-be crop is going to go.

With this in mind, it really pays to invest in good greenhouse staging solutions, which include heavy duty green house staging, potting benches and more. Greenhouse staging is purpose built shelves which provide storage space for trays of seedlings through to giant pots, and can be a real lifesaver when it comes to growing lots of plants in a very small space.

Put simply, repurposing old pallets or bits and bobs from around the house might be all well and good to people who garden as a hobby, but if you’re looking to get the most out of every single seed you plant and produce a year long supply of fresh greens, you’ll want to make sure that conditions good – and that you can adequately organise your crops with the usage of folding or heavy duty green house staging.

Growing your own greens saves you time, travel costs and also shopping bills – as well as provides you with a great source of pride and the confidence that you really are eating well. You grew something from a seed, you’re more than aware of what exactly has been done to help it grow – and you’re also saving a ton of money at the same time.

It’s pretty well known that the food industry certainly doesn’t make it cheap to eat well, and investing in a greenhouse, adequate greenhouse staging and spending 5-10 minutes per day producing your cheap and simple to grow foods can help you eat well, for far less money than what you’d hand over on a typical week’s shopping.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Planning for Self Storage in Crewe

Self Storage Crewe
It is important to enquire and to plan before you dive right in to booking a storage unit in one of the Self Storage Crewe facilities. It is very for you to receive professional advice from experienced employees at one of the storage facilities, on how much space you will need for whatever you are intending to store, along with other tips and tricks they may have for effective storing.

Another important factor for booking and using a self storage facility is efficient planning ahead of time. Make sure you acquire the correct sized boxes and packing materials, such as bubble wrap and strong tape. This can make your life and the storage process drastically easier.

By doing this, you are enabling yourself to get this job done in a quick, efficient and safe manner for loading and unloading your belongings. If you prepare yourself as thoroughly as possible for each part of the process, and what exactly you require from your storage, you are able to keep your time and costs down to a minimum.

With time frames and costs in mind, it is worth knowing exactly how long you will be away for, or how long you will need your items safely stored. It will also benefit you to have an estimate of how much space you will need. This will help determine the size of the container required, and reduce the risk of your renting a container larger than necessary.

If you foresee yourself needing a long-term arrangement, then it would be beneficial to gather the exact dates to avoid any money being spent on any excess time.

To ensure your plans and ideas can work effectively with the storage company you are working with, you should check their policies and availability to avoid the risk of any issues.