Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Influential Architectural Styles

Architects in Chester can certainly define their work as an art in the form of the buildings, homes, offices, hotels, resorts and commercial buildings that they design. The imagination, science and technical knowledge involved to create such grand structures should be acknowledged, so we will do just that. There are several different styles of architecture that have influenced the designs of many structures throughout various time periods, so let's take a look at just a few of them here.
  • Adirondack – The rugged finish applied to the structural design of rustic cabins, boathouses and some homes, was first introduced by William West Durant. Dating back to the 1880’s, the design spread from the Adirondack Mountains to the Appalachians and Rocky Mountains.
  • Adam – Renowned British architect Robert Adam gives his name to this Eighteenth Century Neoclassical design that revolutionised the industry with its innovative design. Growing in popularity in the United Kingdom and America, especially between the 1790’s and 1830’s.
  • Art Nouveau Style – Translated from French to mean “New Style”, this form of architecture was introduced in Paris during a revolt against the formal and classical design in the Eighteenth Century. Common features within the Art Nouveau style include asymmetrical shapes, mosaics, arches, stained glass, and decorative surfaces such as curving or floral motifs.
  • Indian – The diverse culture and religious traditions found in India have certainly inspired the architectural designs of their structures and decorate surfaces. Inspired by the Western design form, the style is simple and distinctive.
  • Ottonian – Evolved during the reign of Emperor Otto in the Tenth Century, Ottonian Architecture drew much inspiration from the various existing structural designs such as Carolingian and Byzantine.

  • Victorian – An incredibly popular style of architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria in Great Britain. The design did not keep to traditional architectural methods. It was characterised by decorative surfaces, irregular floor plans, grand scale and overhangs.

Truly Unique Accessories for Your Garden

Summer is the very best time to get out and about in the garden, and also to enjoy doing it. There’s so much pleasure to be had in sorting things out – getting rid of the old, polishing up and revamping a new lease of life from the not-so-old, and of course populating your garden with the new is the highlight of many peoples’ summers. What’s not so great however, is getting the same sort of thing for your garden that every other house on your street has.

It’s very easily done – most garden centres within an area have multiple items in stock all at once, and something which is quite desirable for a garden can often be picked up by quite a few people. This is further compounded by the fact that your friends and neighbours more than likely have the same tastes as you – they know what looks good, just like you do!

Avoiding embarrassing garden accessory duplicates can be easy if you order online – but finding good quality products can be pretty difficult. Something might look amazing on Amazon or on other shopping websites, but when you open the parcel, it can easily be damaged within the post and lose a lot of what makes it such a good buy. There’s also a lot to be said for the fact that a lot of online sellers tend to embellish things in order to make something look better than what it is. A colour correction here, blowing up the size of something there, and you might have something that indeed looks impressive on the website, but when it gets to you it very clearly isn’t what you’ve ordered.

Rest assured, not all online sellers are like that. A good rule of thumb would be to buy British – while it certainly won’t mean that all of the perils of online shopping are averted, it means that a lot of them are taken away. Another is reputation. Greenhouse Staging for instance is a reputable manufacturer of a number of products including Greenhouse Staging (as the name might imply!) as well as heavy duty green house staging which can certainly stand the test of time. Their reviews are universally excellent, and Greenhouse Staging have numerous speedy delivery options which we’re certain will please everyone.

What exactly does Greenhouse Staging have to do with kitting out the garden? Quite a lot, actually. Greenhouse Staging also specialise in the manufacture of bespoke garden products which we’re sure are super-special and very different from absolutely everything else out there. Take their current marine and nautical accessories, for instance. This collection of vintage portholes have been reclaimed from Indian ship yards, which make them authentic and very much one of a kind.

When you’re looking for something which is well and truly unique, lots of garden manufacturers across the country have exactly what you envisioned in mind – so give them a try! You won’t regret it.    

Monday, 7 August 2017

Top Tips For Moving Home

Moving home will inevitably become one of the most stressful times in your life. The amount of time, energy and effort that is required to successfully complete a move is truly staggering. Even with the help of the trusted Removals in Wrexham and the North Wales area, preparations for moving home can still be a daunting task.

But where do you start your preparations? If a friend or family member has recently moved home then the best place to start would be asking them to divulge their highs and lows to see if there are any mistakes you can avoid.

  • First Things First – Write everything that you need to do in a list. Having a to-do list with things that need checking off will prevent the smaller things from being forgotten. This could be bank account details, driving licence or insurance details. All this information could all be jotted down in a single notebook or backed up onto a disc.
  • Changing Utility Companies – Imagine moving into your new home only to realise you forgot to inform your utilities provider of your recent move. Make sure to arrange to have your metres read on the day of moving to drastically reduce the risk of service interruption.
  • Change of Address – Contacting places like your doctor, vet, dentist and solicitor about your change of address in advance will save you a lot of potential and unnecessary stress further into your move.
  • More is More – Having too much packing material is a far better situation to be in. If you total up the amount of boxes that you are going to need, add another 3 or 4 to that amount. There is always a guarantee that something has been forgotten about during packing preparations that you will need to accommodate for. Also, having various sized boxes will help with packing efficiently.
  • Van Hire – Once you have the total number of boxes you need, you will easily be able to determine the size of the van that you will need to hire. You may find that you only need to hire a smaller van than you may have initially thought. Contact your nearest removals company to get an accurate price for van hire.

  • Ask For Help – If you do decide to move everything yourself, do not hesitate to ask for help from your friends and family. Moving heavy boxes can be potentially damaging; to your prized possessions and most importantly to yourself. There is absolutely no shame in needing a hand from loved ones.

Being prepared and efficient when moving to a new home can make the whole process quicker and easier. Having undamaged furniture and hot running water to come home to will surely ease any stress or headaches that may occur.

Friday, 4 August 2017

How To Properly Dry Your Firewood

Choosing wood heat over conventional central heating has never been more easy, or even more worthwhile. With electricity and gas prices going up significantly year after year, (funnily enough, always in winter…) it has never made more sense to invest in becoming self-sufficient for your everyday heating.

Wood burning stoves are a fantastic way to enjoy wonderful heat which certainly doesn’t feel lacking this – wood is a far cheaper fuel than electricity or gas, is in abundant supply, and using wood burning stoves to heat your home is easier than ever before with the innovations which have been forged by a number of stove manufacturers such as Dunsley stoves, Aarrow and Charnwood.

Saying that, every little helps so we have prepared a short guide to help you get the very most out of each log. The best thing is the most obvious, of course. Cutting your firewood 6 months (or longer) in advance can prevent the production of creosote when you burn – something which robs your stove of efficiency significantly.

Did you know that “green” or undried wood contains up to 50% of its weight in water? Your wood burning stove will have to bring this mass of internal water up it its vaporization point before it can even burn the log, so do consider the importance of properly trying out your wood.  

A lot of mistakes rookie wood burners make is not letting it breathe. Dumping wood outside isn’t enough, as the elements can make the wood wet enough to rot. Furthermore, putting it under a tight-fitting tarp isn’t an option. Yes, a tarp might protect your wood from the elements, but it also won’t let it breathe. Consider using a pallet to store your wood, to keep it off the ground, but don’t make the mistake of filling the pallet with wood in a row-to-row manner.

Doing this will mean that the wood simply won’t get the ventilation it needs in order to breathe, and also to dry out. A word to the wise: Using older, ragged tarps to cover the newer ones, and shield the wood from destructive ultraviolet light.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Leaving Property In A Will? This is What You Need To Know

If you’ve ever been tempted to get a DIY will and save a few pounds in the process, it may come back to hurt you later. Professionally drafted wills in Llandudno North Wales have never been easier to get and have never been cheaper.

Most charities such as the British Heart Foundation and Age Concern UK have teamed up with numerous solicitors in North Wales to offer wills which are obtainable at a discounted rate. These schemes are intended to ensure that in the vital matter of what happens when you are gone, disadvantaged people have the same right to draft a will as others.

Dispensing with legal advice in the matter of wills should not be advised under any situation, and a recent High Court case has proved that while DIY Wills do really look quite tempting, there are some legal effects created by wills as legal documents that laymen simply cannot anticipate and cannot protect against.

In the matter of wills, the failure to adhere to certain guidelines can be absolutely devastating. What you leave behind can directly influence the fortunes of those who you love, and no risk can be taken with this. A very recent example of DIY Wills not being able to hold up in court is the story of a woman leaving her estate (worth £437,508) equally to her three sons who were alive when she died.

The woman had five sons total, but two of them died before she did, which left the inheriting three.

An issue arose in her DIY Will when the daughter of one of her sons (which passed away before she did) claiming that she was entitled to inherit her father’s share of the estate. The brothers which were still alive argued that the gift left by their mother would have lapsed upon her son’s death – that you cannot leave someone money or consider them if they are already dead.

It fell to the High Court to decide that while a straightforward interpretation of the will in question supported the surviving son’s arguments, the Wills Act 1837 (section 33) states that inheritance passed to descendants who have passed away automatically goes to their children, should they exist.

The High Courts decided that because there was no mention of the woman which wrote the will wanting the Wills Act to be ignored – that it would apply, and the surviving daughter which was never even named in the DIY Will received her dead father’s share of the will – almost £50,000, and a half share of the mother’s estate - much to the chagrin of the surviving sons.  

Money should not be a barrier to obtaining a will and having a say in what will happen with your assets after you’re gone – and numerous solicitors and charities within North Wales and beyond agree that people should not feel that they have to get a document which does not cover them for the sake of having something, rather than nothing.  

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What Does Regeneration Mean for Housing?

Regeneration is a subject which is frequently spoken of within North Wales, and as such, the region attracts funds (most commonly public money) from the Welsh Government in order to invest within the area. This is achieved through the hire of construction Denbighshire who then undertake varying works in order to promote economic growth within the regenerated region. These works, usually residential or commercial, then contribute toward smaller scale works which vastly improve the quality of life directly in the area and all around it.

Regeneration was not a commonly used term before the late 90s, when it became a leading policy of the New Labour Government which were elected between 1997 and 2010. The emphasis of regeneration was to bring the UK back from the decline throughout varying areas of the UK which had suffered from downscaling of the industrial and manufacturing economy which dated back to the early 70s.

Projects such as the Millennium Dome and the 2012 Olympic Park were both commissioned to stimulate economic growth, and to use vacant and contaminated sites which were seen as holding back the development of the immediate area. However, regeneration is not a term which only applies to larger projects.

In North Wales in particular, regeneration is happening – and the fact it is on a smaller scale than such large projects is nothing to be ashamed of. Regeneration targets what is needed - and in the case of these efforts smaller ways do not mean inferior ways, as long as the regeneration project is right.

This mentality has been played straight with the coastal town of Rhyl, in North Wales. If anything, the regeneration effort within Rhyl has been truly significant and a good guide for the rest of the North Wales region due to the fact that the regeneration works have enabled other works to happen.

Within North Wales, regeneration works have been undertaken for the purpose of securing long-term change by improving places and making them far more attractive to residents and investors - but that is not where successful regeneration should end. Regeneration is best achieved in stages - as the work of local firm Brenig Construction completed in the seaside town of Rhyl has shown.

Their work within Rhyl has been a good example of regeneration via varying works- and a truly successful endeavour.

Their works on the West Rhyl Green Area were facilitated through the demolition of two terraced rows which were considered an eyesore by visitors and residents alike.

This work by Brenig Construction has paved the way for other works as a direct result – the demolition of more abandoned rows of houses to provide brand new housing which is attractive to residents within Rhyl, as well as being ideal accommodation for a starter home.

Furthermore, works on the Rhyl Coastal defences have been part of the wider Rhyl regeneration project, as well as very many other projects.

Regeneration in action can often be caused by a single project, but is far more than merely a single project. Successful projects on a consecutive basis can open up opportunities to continue the work - as well as realising the ultimate aim- creating far more equal communities and places to be proud of.  

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Top 10 tips for choosing the right style carpet for your rooms

Before you jump right in and deck out your home with brand new carpets North Wales, there should be some consideration upon the best approach and your requirements – ensuring you get the most from your carpets for years to come.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right style and fibre carpet for your rooms:

1. Choose the right colour. This might seem obvious, but colours are sometimes different to how they appear in photographs. For this reason, it’s recommended that you either; go and view the carpet North Wales in real life or request samples, which will minimise your risk and ensure you pick the right coloured carpet.

2. Consider the area where the carpet is fitted when looking at price. The amount of wear, footfall and general soiling will vary from place to place, thus ensuring you get more durable carpets for these places. For example, a downstairs hall way will receive much more usage than any of the upstairs. Don’t take the cheapest option here, as it will show wear fairly quickly.

3. Measure your room fully and accurately – including the spaces by doorways and any alcoves in the room. It is fairly common for people to forget these measurements and in turn creates more hassle for them going forward fitting the carpet.

4. Consider carefully your carpet underlay as it influences your carpets overall feel and long term durability.

5. Read up on the carpets care guidelines – some can be cleaned with small percentages of bleach mix, whilst others will lose their colour or stain. Ensure you know how yours needs caring for.

6. Be ready for your delivery or fitting to take place. If you are awaiting a delivery, ensure you have space and the ability to move your carpet rolls around (they can be heavy)!

7. Fitting time – consider who is going to do this… will it be you on a DIY job? Or will it be a professional fitter? You should ensure that you choose someone who will do a perfect job and do your new carpets justice!

8. Ensure the tools are ready for you to do the job (if DIY)

9. Think about the additional accessories required – the carpet underlay, the door trims and the perimeter trims will all be needed to successfully fit the carpet

10. Review your provider and/or fitter… this is the best way to share experience and kind words about anyone that is worthy of it. Many suppliers and fitters earn their reputation this way, so do help them out!

Gaskins Carpets North Wales are a reputable supplier and fitter that can offer you advice and complete carpet fitting with gorgeous carpets.

How to Make Small Kitchen Spaces Work

If you’re looking to upgrade your smaller sized kitchen, you might be finding that you have more of a challenge than everyone else. You’ll want to make it look more spacious, clean and tidy whilst incorporating all of those modern amenities you need to make it a more versatile space. Kitchen designers Rhyl have some tips to help you make the best of your kitchen.
Consolidate – It’s very easy to make a smaller kitchen look untidier compared to a larger kitchen. Of course this is because there is more activity in a more confined space. In an ideal world, you’ll want it to look tidier and to achieve that, you’ll need to consolidate. It means making perfect use of your entire kitchen to create beautifully clear worktops and more open space for you to work in.
Make good use of the wall space – Instead of having cupboards that overflow with all the utensils that you need, it certainly makes more sense to extend your cabinet space all the way to the roof. Older style cabinets will only reach so high, leaving you with plenty of inaccessible wasted space. On the other hand, why not go for cabinets that drop right down to the ground with plinth drawers.
Lighter colours – It’s no secret that lighter colours open up spaces and reflect light. Use this inspiration for your cupboards, counter tops and splash backs to create a more inviting space for you. If you can, incorporate this into your crockery try create the appearance of an uncluttered kitchen.
Multi Use Cabinets & Accessories – Just because you don’t currently have the space doesn’t mean you should go without. Nowadays it’s incredibly easy to incorporate multi use cupboards and accessories that will help you to get the best out of your kitchen. Fold away tabletops, hide away bins and hidden ingredients cupboards are all great ideas that can be incorporated into your kitchen’s design.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

RN Williams – Bathrooms Worth Getting Excited About

What do you look for in a bathroom? For many of us, it’s quality first and foremost. Style and design are also very important factors when you’re looking for a luxury bathroom North Wales, but there’s nothing like a great quality bathroom suite to make us feel at home. Good design and quality are also indicators of whether or not a bathroom you have installed is for keeps, or whether or not it is just not meant to be.

When you’re looking for a luxury bathroom in North Wales, consider RN Williams, a plumbing merchant in North Wales. They have a design service which can assist you with selecting the right bathroom suite, have a range of good-looking shower cubicles in stock, what could quite accurately be called the largest range of fitted vanity furniture in North Wales – and fantastic luxuries like whirlpool baths and steam rooms which can allow you to enjoy your very own spa experience right at home.

RN Williams plumbers merchants in North Wales have everything you need for a fabulous and beautiful bathroom that can truly give you every convenience in order to truly relax and turn bathing into the best part of the day.

From a range of fantastic taps to beautiful, sleek tiles to really finish off what has been created, give them a call. Their design team is ready and waiting to make your bathroom truly sparkle. RN Williams’ bathroom design service will take care of every aspect of the job and truly takes the hassle away from a brand new bathroom – leaving you with the fun parts, the initial choosing of items, and of course enjoying the finished product!

RN Williams are based in St Asaph in Denbighshire, and provide kitchens and bathrooms in North Wales and beyond. Give their friendly team a call today on 01745 582254 to see what they can do for you.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Price Comparison: Fitting Your Own Stove vs A Stove Fitter

Many of us are taking the plunge into purchasing, owning and enjoying our very own wood burning stoves, and a stove can be different things all at once. A good wood burning stove can be the central feature in a room. It can be the focal point – the feature, the envy of the neighbours and of course a very good conversation point. However, decoration of course isn’t the only purpose of a good wood burning stove.

A stove is also a functional piece of equipment. Many of us use stoves alongside our own central heating systems in order to save money every winter when the rough weather comes along. Stoves help in a time of austerity and the rising costs of utilities, and for very many of us, the use of a good wood burning stove means warm, toasty winters instead of cold and miserable ones.
A stove is also a great object to provide atmosphere. You simply don’t get the feeling from dull heat from a series of radiators that you do from a fire radiating warmth across your face and across your room, and feeling cosy can easily be the defining factor in what drives people to buy stoves. Of course, your home is your home and it should be the one place in the world where you can feel supremely comfortable, so this isn’t a bad thing.

But how much will it cost to fit your own stove? Quite little it seems, compared to hiring a professional to undertake the job for you. Hypothetically, say you were to employ a shop fitter, it would likely be around £1500 - £2500, and that’s not even including the stove in question. Were you to apply a little elbow grease, your own ingenuity and of course your own labour, the job would cost you around about £300. That’s an incredible saving, and of course it’s really not that difficult. Fitting your own stove is rather simple, and the biggest headache you’re likely going to experience when doing so is liaising with your local building regulations authority in order to do so.

There are a number of online guides which can help you when it comes to filling out the appropriate forms and showing that you are a competent person to install your own stove out there, so don’t let nervousness get to you. A self install of your own stove is safe, and can help you save a substantial amount of money.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why You Should Choose a Professional Removal Service For Your Home Move

When its time to move home, you can easily be swayed into thinking that it might be easier to take on the removals yourself. When you think about the process as a whole, there are more things to consider than you first thought. Here are just some of the things you should think about when weighing up whether you should use a removal company Chester or not.

Experienced – The first thing you’ll already know is that a removal company is highly experienced in moving your items safely to their new home. They’ll know how to manage you larger items correctly, with the right equipment so that you they aren’t strained.

Insured – Of course, using a professional service will also offer you the piece of mind, knowing that their services are insured. This means that all your belongings will be protected, in the unfortunate instance of damage during the house move.

Cost effective – If you decide to go ahead manage the house move yourself, the likelihood is that you’ll have to hire reasonable sized van to carry all of your items. When you add this up, along with the time and effort to move your items – it can easily turn out to be not worth your while in the end.

Less stress – Moving home is incredibly stressful as it is, without having to micro manage every possession in your home. Hiring house removal companies Chester means that you can sit back and let the professionals manage your move whilst you look forward to settling in to your new home.

Your removal company will come to your home and carry out a survey to understand how much you will have to move on the day. This means they can choose a van size that will mean a single convenient trip and give you accurate estimate of the full cost upfront.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Which Greenhouse Staging is Right For You?

There’s a lot of greenhouse staging suppliers out there. If you’re after the perfect greenhouse staging for plants, be it folding or heavy duty green house staging for sale, there’s so many suppliers – be them giants like B&Q and B&M or even smaller companies dotted around the UK. But what exactly is the best bet for those looking for good value greenhouse staging, but don’t feel like paying through the nose for it?

Greenhouse staging takes on very many shapes and forms as well, so it is imperative to sidestep the offerings from larger companies, and get what is perfect for your greenhouse. Look for a company which makes their own greenhouse staging, as well as those that offer custom offerings to help you truly get the very most out of your greenhouse space without scrimping and without compromise. (after all, if wasted space means that three seedlings cannot fit on your staging, that will mean that three plants cannot go in your garden a little later on!)

Speaking of customisation, look for a supplier which can manufacture bespoke greenhouse staging with customisation options. As the years roll by, you may need more space, or less space, and so being flexible can really be an asset in years to come! With greenhouse staging from certain manufacturers, you can add and remove shelving as needed – without compromising your staging’s strength or durability.

Treating your greenhouse staging is more than likely a task which doesn’t rank high in anyone’s wish list, but you can be pleased with the knowledge that certain greenhouse staging manufacturers do tend to treat their stagings as they are made, which will prevent you from having to do the same thing.

The bigger companies don’t do any such thing, and you’ll more than likely find yourself having to treat your greenhouse staging as soon as you receive and assemble it.   

Friday, 9 June 2017

What the Results of the Election Mean for Property

As the whole of the UK look toward the results of last night’s election, the shadows of Brexit seem to grow ever larger. Insecurity is growing across the nation, and the result of the hung parliament has made people in North Wales and beyond concerned for what is to come. The housing industry in particular has even more reason to be worried. The act of developing housing estates is of course perturbing for most housing developers, as the cost of building has historically gone up, and the skillset required to build houses is often not ideal due to a lack of construction workers across the UK.

Essentially, housebuilders and construction workers are very in-demand, as the youth of today find it an unappealing career choice. And then there’s Brexit. Brexit brings with it further challenges, with the cost of importing materials which will be part of trading with the EU after the UK has formally left – the falling value of Sterling, and of course the recent election result which means that as Brexit talks start, the possibility of the UK being able to negotiate a fair deal have just got slimmer with no certain winner of the election.

So how can the UK housebuilding and construction market stay afloat when it seems that the odds are stacking and stacking against them each day? The answer is ingenuity. The UK has a great reputation across the world for its variety of incentives including BREEAM. BREEAM is the world’s leading standard in sustainability, and focuses on all aspects of sustainable building – whether ventilation, insulation, low impact materials, and flood resilience.

Furthermore, BREEAM has done wonders to help the UK export. There are a number of British housebuilders which have a variety of developments throughout the UK, from as local as Gwynt y Mor – Brand new apartments for sale Rhos on Sea which are built to BREEAM standard - incorporating local supply, local companies and local workers. Politics might be politics, but quality itself always wins out. Jobs can be sustained by investing in the area around us, and taking advantage of local supply in particular.

BREEAM standards are getting more and more important as time goes on, and BREEAM in itself is one of the highest building standards which can allow the UK to continue to export.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to Create a More Environmentally Sustainable Kitchen

More of us are giving a thought to how we are impacting the planet. So much so, new homes are now being built in a more sustainable manner to meet the demand of more environmentally aware buyers. But did you know that a greener kitchen can increase your home’s overall value? This is because more people believe that their homes both hold most value, yet uses the majority of the home's energy.

So how are fitted kitchens North Wales going about this?

LED Lighting - According to a leading UK energy supplier, lighting is our homes second largest energy expense, next to heating. So it makes sense that we use energy efficient lighting, to save us both energy consumption and money.

Sustainable worktops and cabinets – Many fitted kitchen brands today are becoming more environmentally friendly by sourcing their materials ethically. Some wood products might even have the FSC stamp of approval which means that the wood is certified

Energy saving appliances – This one should be a pretty easy feat for any kitchen buyer. Just make sure that your next appliance has an A+ Energy rating or above. This will be clearly labelled on your item before you purchase. Sustainable kitchens are probably the one circumstance where the old works beautifully with the new so don’t be afraid to make a statement here.

Reclaiming special pieces – There are certain decorative items you can give a new lease of life to make your kitchen something special. Lampshades or shelving is an easy way to incorporate reclaimed items which can be recoloured to suit your style.

Grow your own herbs – Your kitchen designer will be able to incorporate features that will help you keep more sustainable kitchen such as the ideal hub to store your indoor herb garden. Or ingredients drawers to keep the food you already have, fresher for longer.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Universal Design and Public Involvement in Construction North Wales

Individual design is seen in many things in modern life. Whether it is something as simple as a haircut, a set of shoes being tailored for an individual, or something else entirely, it is very easy and very apparent to see things being designed for individuals. Take Construction North Wales for instance, having a house designed is often the work an architect undertakes – but for the majority, they elect to live in housing which has been designed for a demographic and an idea – and not for them especially.    

Universal Design is geared toward understanding what people do on a day to day basis, and then deciding the best thing to be delivered at the time where it matters. If you compare a home today to what it was 20 years ago, you’ll more than likely see a few differences, and we’re certain that it isn’t just cosmetic. What is relied upon in a home has changed so very significantly in the form of internet access. Widely named the Fourth Utility, internet access is a must in houses nowadays, no matter where you build or what sort of housing you are building.

What is also imperative is user involvement in the design process. Should a construction firm engage a large amount of people, their own design by that virtue will accommodate a wider range of people than the one which the brief perhaps started with. Take North Wales based Brenig Construction for instance. In a region, North Wales, which historically has had quite a lot of naysayers and objections, even protests – to land development, Brenig Construction involved local people in their build of Penmaenmawr Road in Llanfairfechan.

The properties constructed were affordable housing for the community, to be added onto previous developments, something which typically would invoke ire from the existing property owners. Brenig Construction’s design was universally inclusive, prompting interest in the developments. Furthermore, their work in using sustainable materials sourced only from the North Wales area, supply firms from North Wales only, as well as creating jobs in construction for apprentices.

Universal design and public involvement in which results in far more projects being viewed favourably and far more public demand in builds – and are the starting points to creating communities to be proud of.

Staying Safe Whilst Doing DIY This Summer

Summer is on its way and it’s the best time to give your home a makeover, as we all know it how difficult it can be to motivate ourselves during the colder, darker months.

Lighter mornings and longer evenings means you’ve got plenty of time to get those changes done that you’ve been wanting for a long time.

When it comes to giving your home a makeover you have two options. There’s the option of paying a professional to take care of everything for you, or you can give it a go yourself with some brave DIY.

There are pros and cons to both options, and it all depends on how much of a makeover you’re looking for. If you are planning on going it alone, you’ll need to make sure you have all the right equipment before starting. RN Williams, builder’s merchants in Denbighshire offer a range of tools, materials and supplies for both personal home use and commercial purposes.

When it comes to attempting DIY (especially if you don’t consider yourself a dab hand at it) is to ensure that you take as many safety precautions as possible. Most safety precautions simply take some common sense, but it’s always best to ensure that you tick all the boxes, so here are a few safety measures to keep in mind.

Before starting a job, always make sure you’ve stocked up on safety goggles and dust masks.

You might not notice the effects of dust right away, but prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory problems over time.

If you’ll be using loud power tools, it can help to use ear defenders. Much like dust, loud drilling equipment isn’t likely to affect you right away – but it certainly can over time.
These can be bought from any typical DIY store and are well worth the investment for the sake of keeping your hearing.

Always make sure you’ve got a fully stocked first aid kit which is within easy reach at all times. It’s best to have someone around whilst you’re working on your home just in case any accidents do happen, but if this isn’t possible – keep your first aid kit close to you in case you need to quickly bandage yourself in an emergency.

Make sure to avoid wearing loose clothing or any jewellery which could become caught up in your electrical tools whilst you’re operating them. Those with longer hair should always ensure that it is safely tied back to reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

Once you’ve made sure that you’re in a safe working environment, you can then begin the task you’ve set out to do. Completing a renovation to your home by yourself is likely to save you a great deal of money, as well as giving you a sense of pride (as well as a great looking room!).

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Luxury Apartments in Colwyn Bay with Coastal Views

We all want a home which matches our lifestyle, but it can be difficult to find the right one in the perfect location.

North Wales is a beautiful place which offers spectacular views, but many of those who desire a chic and contemporary property might feel that there won’t be much opportunity for them in this particular region.

For those who enjoy apartment living, you’ll be very pleased to know that a new development of contemporary apartments in Colwyn Bay is going ahead this year. Situated on dramatic cliff tops overlooking the coast, these apartments are the perfect match for those who have luxury and modern living in mind for their new home.

The location of the apartments situates them very close to the North Wales express-way, making your visits to cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Chester an absolute breeze.

These gorgeous apartments have been designed and developed by the prestigious and award-winning Blue Bay Homes. The two-phase development, known as ‘The View’ also features a collection of beautifully designed townhouses – which gained an incredible amount of interest and were snapped up very quickly.

It seems that the main ethos of Blue Bay Homes is to create stunning homes which always offer a coastal view – with their previous development of apartments in Deganwy known as the Bay View also receiving a great deal of positive attention.

It’s expected that The View apartments will garner just as much interest as the townhouses did, thanks to their contemporary design and their panoramic views of the nearby coast. Those who are lucky enough to own one of the apartments from The View can experience picturesque sea views from their living room and bedroom, as well as their own balcony, every day.

The surrounding location offers plenty for its new residents to do, including opportunities for fine dining, sailing and a variety of outdoor sports. The nearby towns of Conwy and Llandudno are excellent places to visit for food and drink and of course, a spot of sightseeing if you’re new to the North Wales area.