Tuesday, 31 January 2017

LED Options to Light Up Your Home

LED lighting is not only an incredibly efficient option; it can also add style and a touch of personalisation to your home. Whether you’d like some LED rope lights for the garden, or LED strips to light up your kitchen cabinets, there are a number of possibilities.
Here are a few ideas to inspire you to creatively use LED lighting within your home and garden.


 LED rope lights and LED fixtures are a great way to add soft lighting within your garden. They can be used both decoratively and practically. Placing LED lights along garden paths not only looks attractive, but can also help you to find your way!

LED rope lighting is perfect for draping and wrapping around trees, verandas and sheds. With many LEDs being colour customisable, you can create a colourful yet soft glow to suit the theme of your garden.

LED fixtures can also be used as an effective outdoor light. Since they reach their full brightness much quicker than traditional bulbs, they’re great for when you need to quickly pop outside at night.


 LED strips are commonly used within kitchens to add atmospheric lighting above and below cabinets and shelves. Not only does this look stylish and adds prominence to the areas that you’d like to show off, it also adds beneficial lighting.

Traditional incandescent lighting produces heat when on, and if the lighting is close to food products in the kitchen, this could cause them to warm up over time. LED lights do not produce heat when they’re on, which means the lighting can be used over food products within your kitchen without affecting them.

If your kitchen is a particular colour, LED strip lights can be purchased in a range of shades to suit it perfectly – pink, blue or plain white, the customisation choice is endless with this type of lighting.

Living Area

 LED lighting can also be used to replace the main lighting in your home. The lifespan of LED lights is much longer than traditional light bulbs, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of having a light bulb suddenly burn out on us. This isn’t an issue with LEDs, as they slowly dim over time, giving you time to replace them before they cut out completely.

LED lights also give out more lumens per watt, which means you need less of them to light your room than traditional bulbs. They also use up less electrical power, saving you money on your bills over time.

LED lights can also be added to your stairs, either under the steps or going along the banister. These can be activated through a motion sensor or through pressure from stepping on the stairs, if you feel like being inventive!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Selecting an Oil Distributor for Domestic Heating Oil

Heating oil, which is also referred to as kerosene and burning oil, is used within homes for a number of purposes.

Whether you use it within your pressure jet boiler or to fuel your range style cooker – it’s likely you’ll want to select high quality heating oil. Low quality fuels can reduce the performance of your domestic appliances, and cause issues within your fuel tank over time.

Purchasing oil from a reputable company, such as Quad Fuels, is a worthwhile investment. Not only will you receive a high quality fuel, you’ll also be given expert advice on which fuel is best for your personal requirements.

To get you started, you’ll want to consider whether you require premium or standard grade kerosene. Standard grade, as the name suggests, is typically cheaper than premium grade, however the burn produced from standard grade is less clean.

A clean burn is essential for those looking to avoid inconvenient build-ups of sooty deposits within their fuel tanks. Whilst this may not be obvious the first few times of using standard grade fuel, it tends to build up over months of use.

A bit of soot isn’t likely to cause too much of an issue, but if left, it can lead to blockages and a reduction in the performance of the appliance you are trying to fuel. A professional tank cleaning can be quite costly, but it can typically be avoided through selecting a good quality fuel.

You may have heard of fuel additives. There are a wide range of fuel additives, and they each have different purposes and advantages. Fuel additives for domestic heating oil can extend the lifespan of your fuel, ensuring that your appliances continue to run at their highest performance possible.

Increasing the shelf life of your fuel reduces the risk of fuel tank corrosion, which can occur through the storage of fuel which is past its best. This in turn reduces the amount of servicing your tank will need, saving you money.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Accessible Bathrooms in North Wales

Accessible bathrooms can be quite expensive, and also bereft of a lot of the choice that you tend to have with conventional bathrooms. Furthermore, finding a supplier can often be tricky.

There’s no denying that while of course there’s a market for accessible bathrooms in Conwy– as everyone should have the right to live independently in their own homes – designing an accessible bathroom for wheelchair users can nonetheless be tricky, as not a lot of manufacturers tend to consider the needs of the disabled or those with mobility impairment, let alone the fact that taste and style should apply to this market as well.

It’s undeniably true that the bathroom can be easily considered one of the most dangerous places of all in the home, as of course the tub and the shower can be a very serious danger to those with mobility problems. Falls can be due to small spaces to manuever, bending and lifting required when accessing a bath, as well as the fact that condensation tends to make areas slippery.

RN Williams of St Asaph provide a full bathroom design service, which can take in mind the needs of disabled users, or those with movement impairment. They will consider a series of questions within their designs, such as what bathroom activities require you as an individual to need assistance. It’s one thing stating that those with movement impairment may cause strain for most, but each disability, as well as each person, is a very different thing.  

Your needs will be considered when you have RN Williams design a bathroom for you – not general needs. After all, it’s your bathroom. Should you need medical supplies nearby, RN Williams can provide a series of accessible, simple to use but stylish options to store what is needed in an inconspicuous manner. Whether or not you prefer a bath or a shower will also be considered. Bathrooms without baths tend to look a little empty, but RN Williams’ design team can turn even the most vacant bathroom into something beautiful.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Is It Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

If you’re tired of your kitchen and its layout, perhaps it’s time to update or even completely remodel your kitchen. More than just for aesthetic reasons, remodeling your kitchen might have more benefits than you might have already considered. We spoke to fitted kitchens Bangor suppliers to find out exactly why most people upgrade.

Energy Saving – Incase you haven’t already considered, upgrading your kitchen could actually save you a lot of money. Old lighting and appliances can be expensive to run by today’s standards and if they’re not working as well as they used to, it makes you consider why you’ve held onto them for so long! Most appliances today are A-A+++, which means that they are at their most efficient to run, comparative to industry standards. One of the more renowned advances in lighting are LED’s, which only cost a fraction of the amount of a standard light bulb to run and will last a lot longer.

Lifestyle – The family lifestyle is always changing, and with most people changing their kitchen every 7-10 years, you may not be using in the way you used to. You might now have more children or perhaps they may have grown up and flown the nest? Maybe a change in work schedule means that you have less time on your hands and you need the appliances that can keep up. Well, today's appliances are more efficient than ever and are able to offer you mini, full or even timed cycles to suit your needs. Washing machines are becoming even more intelligent and can offer you a cycle that means you need less drying time or even less ironing.

Remodeling your kitchen means you can completely start afresh and create a layout that works for you right now. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily split your room up to create two different spaces or even open it up to create one large, open and airy room.

Value – Remodeling your kitchen is known to increase your home's overall value. It doesn’t always need to cost you the earth either and if you’re about to move home, the last thing you want to do is install the kitchen you’ve always wanted.  So if you’re on a budget, explain this to your kitchen fitter and they will source the right materials to help you achieve fantastic results.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Modern Day Roof Truss

Many many moons ago, in the early day of building houses, the roofs were constructed flat. As you can probably imagine this was not practical, but people were none the wiser, and it was also the cheapest option.

Needless to say, these very unpractical roofs didn’t last long and started collapsing within no time. Fortunately time has moved, and now when building a house, a roof truss acts as the skeleton of the roof, holding it all in place.

Roof Trusses are essentially a frame that is joined together by steel nail plates to support the shape of the roof. They are generally bespoke products to suit the construction of every individual house. The measurements have to be exact to the size of the roof to eliminate any weak points. It has to be strong and sturdy to withstand the chosen roof covering and strong weather climates.

A Roof Truss consists of three main characteristics:
  • The timber needs to be strong but lightweight, this is achieved by using kiln dried and strength graded timber. 
  • The design has to be 100% accurate and any changes that occur throughout production needs to be clarified with the structural engineer to prevent collapsing. 
  • An engineer is also required to connect the timber as the slightest change within screws, bolts or pegs holding it together could diminish its strength resulting in the collapse of the roof. 

Roof trusses are extremely reliable, but like anything - things may go wrong. Certain measures should be in place to prevent anything undesirable from happening, as the collapse of a roof can have many damaging effects to both the home and home owners.

If the roof truss is exposed to damp over long periods this can cause the timber to lose its strength, even if treated, however this is more common in older properties but something that certainly needs to be addressed if affected.

Another issue in older properties caused by damp is dry rot and insect damage (wood worm) and sometimes joint failure if the trusses have been joined by Mortise and Tenon joints as they can be eaten by woodworm.

When building a house, the roof truss is essential within construction. Make sure you seek advice from a well established, well respected company to ensure you purchase a sturdy roof truss that will be around for the duration.